That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Point Place, Wisconsin; Saturday, 1976; Afternoon; Eric Forman's Basement. The gang is hanging out in the basement while Eric makes a crank phone call to have 100 pounds of manure delivered to his Phys. Ed teacher's front porch. Kelso, who has been reading the paper, excitedly tells Eric that The Omen is playing at the drive-in, and that means make-out city for the two of them, as horror movies really turn-on girls. Red comes downstairs and tells Fez that his homestay parents want him to come home.

[Opening credits.]

In the Forman's kitchen, Red is reading the newspaper. Kitty comes in, quite upset. She has a Cosmopolitan magazine, and tells Red that she just took the "How Spontaneous Is Your Relationship" quiz that she took in it, and they only got 3 out of 10. And she cheated. Red notices that Kitty's pouting, so he suggests that they do something different like going out to dinner, but then suggests the same place that they always go. This upsets Kitty even more.

At the Erdman's home, Mr. and Mrs. Erdman sit on the sofa and talk to Fez about the gang of ruffians that he's hanging out with, and the music that he's been listening to. He holds up a KISS Destroyer album cover and calls it the devil's music; Fez tells him, "Oh, no, it is Eric's." The Erdman's play the album backwards and Mr. Erdman claims to hear the words, "Devil love me. Devil lives," on the album, but Fez tells him that what he heard, in his language means, "I want to sex your monkey." This upsets the Erdmans even more.

In the Forman's kitchen, Eric and Donna are talking. Eric asks if she'd like to go to a movie with him; she says yes and suggests All The President's Men. Eric says he's heard that's not so good, and suggests The Omen. When Donna asks if that's playing at the drive-in, Eric pretends not to be sure about it, but finally says yes, it is. Donna reluctantly agrees to go.

[Scene change: a scene from the movie The Omen]

On the Forman's porch, Jackie and Donna discuss Donna's upcoming date with Eric. Donna explains that she wants to have a physical relationship with Eric, but she doesn't want it to be public or tacky. Jackie says that she understands; that everyone wants their first make-out to be someplace special, like Ireland or Disney World. We then get a split screen of Jackie and Donna discussing the date on one side; Kelso and Eric discuss the same thing on the other side. Their ideas about what's going to happen. Donna asks Jackie to come to the movie with them; Eric tells Kelso not to come, explaining that having Kelso there with Jackie would be like competition, because the two of them have done it a million times. Donna tells Jackie that she wants them there so that she can talk to Jackie, because Jackie and Kelso have done it a million times. Jackie denies this.

In the Forman's livingroom, Red sits and watches tv. Kitty comes downstairs in a lovely red dress that says, "Look at me! Notice me!", but she says it's too fancy for Phillies, their regular place. Red tells her that they're not going to Phillies, they're going to The Lion's Head, a much fancier place. Kitty's very excited by this change in plans.

In the Forman's basement, in the circle, Fez tells the guys about what he heard on the record when it was played backwards. Hyde tells him that it's not the devil, it's Congress. Fez tells them that he's starting to hear the devil everywhere, and Hyde starts speaking unintelligibly while Eric makes funny faces at him. Hyde, using a 'devil-voice' tells Fez to worship Satan, but first to get him a cherry pop.

[Scene change: A flower-power flower, with a dynamite-like wick on it, burning down. It explodes on the screen.]

At a busy restaurant, the hostess calls out customers' names. Red and Kitty enter, looking confused. They ask her what happened to The Lion's Head, she tells them that it burned down five years ago. Red and Kitty discuss whether they should stay or not -- this isn't the type of restaurant they'd had in mind, but they decide that it's definitely different, and it might not be so bad. They put their name on the waiting list and are told it will be about 2 hours before they get a table. Red gives the hostess twenty dollars to find them a table more quickly.

In the Forman's driveway, Eric and Donna are getting into the car to go to the drive-in, but Donna is trying to stall. She suggests making their own popcorn, but just then Jackie and Kelso show up. Eric glares at Kelso and tells them that he and Donna are going to the drive-in, and Jackie takes that as an invitation and tells Eric that she and Kelso would love to go, keeping her promise to Donna. Eric is angry with Kelso and tells him that "this isn't what we talked about at all!" Kelso just tells him that he's sorry, and he'll try to take it slow so that Eric can keep up.

At the restaurant, Red and Kitty are seated at their table. Their waiter comes over and suggests the salad bar, which Red has never heard of. When it's explained to him, he gets angry, asking why they would come to a restaurant to make their own salad. The waiter, trying to make the best of a bad situation, tells them that it will be worth the trip. This upsets Red even more. Kitty unsuccessfully tries to calm him down. They end up leaving without ordering.

At the drive-in, Donna comments that the movie even sounds gross, and Eric tells her that it's not the movie. Jackie pops up from the back seat and starts talking to them, trying to keep her promise to Donna. Donna sends Eric and Kelso out to get popcorn and tells Jackie that she didn't bring her to the movie so that she could suck Kelso's face off. Jackie apologizes for not being a very good friend and promises that there'll be no more making out. Eric and Kelso come back to get money for the popcorn; Donna tells them that she doesn't want any. Back in the car, Kelso immediately tries to start making out with Jackie again, but she tells him no. A scary scene comes up in the movie and both Jackie and Donna scream, then dive down into the seats of the car. Kelso gives Eric the thumbs-up, then starts making out with Jackie again; their feet are in both Eric and Donna's faces, so Eric and Donna leave the car.

At Phillies, Red and Kitty sit at the counter, talking. Red says that he's going to order the ham instead of the salisbury steak. Kitty seems resigned that things in their relationship are going to remain routine.

In the Forman's basement, Hyde explains to Fez how he can sneak the devil-music past his homestay parents: by putting the Alice Cooper album into a Pat Boone album cover.

Red and Kitty are driving home from the restaurant. Red apologizes for the evening; Kitty tells him that it's ok, and at least they tried, but it's inevitable that they would slow down at their age. Red, not wanting to face the inevitable, turns the car, and as he speeds off, he tells Kitty that the night's not over.

At the drive-in, Eric and Donna are lying on the hood of the Vista Cruiser, talking. The car starts rocking back and forth as Jackie and Kelso continue to make out. Eric starts to make conversation, then suddenly kisses Donna passionately. They make out and roll around on the hood of the car until Donna falls to the ground. Everyone else at the drive-in starts honking and jeering at Eric. Donna stands up, takes a bow, then Eric grabs her and the both fall to the ground, making out, in a very public, tacky way.

We see the exterior of a car, the window covered in steam. A hand comes up and slides down the interior of the window. A police officer raps on the window with his flashlight. The window unrolls, and we see Red and Kitty in the car. The police officer is surprised that the people in the car aren't teenagers; Red lets the officer off with just a warning, telling him that he should "go bust some pot-smoking teenagers, before I give you a good adult-size kick in the ass." The officer leaves; Kitty is impressed by Red's behaviour. They continue to make-out.

At the Erdman's house, Fez and Hyde sit on the sofa wearing headphones and singing along with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly, and holding up family-oriented album covers. Mrs. Erdman enters the room, and they switch to singing "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" by BJ Thomas. She smiles and leaves. They go back to singing along with Iron Butterfly.

In the Forman livingroom, Red sits in his chair, alone in the dark, smoking a cigarette and looking extremely pleased. Eric comes in through the kitchen door and Red asks him about the movie. When Eric tells Red that he doesn't know how the movie ended, Red tells him, "Thatta boy." As Eric starts to go upstairs, Red tells him to be quiet, as Kitty is very tired.

[End credits: Kitty and Red are in the kitchen; she's pouring coffee for him; they have a humdrum conversation about their evening last night. The action changes, moving backwards, and there are now supertitles in which Kitty tells Red that he's an animal and he tells her that she's a vixen. Kitty says that she's hungry for love, and Red tells her to set the table, calling her a cowgirl.]

Of note in this episode:

Red smokes.
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