That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 9

Eric Gets Suspended

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1999 on FOX

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  • superb


    what i liked- kelso trying to get jackie to get in his van, "And the best part is, they're not blind! Get it? Blind? Aw, screw you guys, that's funny (i laughed really hard at this. more proof that Fez is awesome), Eric trying to convince Red he does not smoke, Fezin thehottub with the girl,amongst other things.

    decent episode. the only thing keeping it from being a perfect score was the end credits, when Jackie told Kelso to get in the van, and he refuses, and instead of fighting him over it, she drives off, making him chase her. I just found that really obnoxious and it is a reason i do not like Jackie a lot. The rest was fine though, so A- or so is my final grade

  • Overall great but not the best episode of Season 2

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "That 70s Show". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great. Fez's quote "Aww screw you, it's funny" was hilarious. I thought that it was also great that the amazingly beautiful Melissa Joan Hart guest starred in this episode as Mary. I laughed a few more times but I forget about the rest of the lines. Jackie and Kelso's argument was very annoying and just stupid... it was kind of a waste of my time. I also hated how Laurie told Red about Eric being suspended because he was smoking (which he really didn't smoke... he was just holding the cigarette for Donna). I hated how Red blames Eric again for the him smoking when Laurie was smoking and Laurie also keeps encouraging Red to punish Eric. Ugh, gosh... I want to punch Laurie so bad because she drove me crazy. I also hated how Donna didn't even appreciate Eric covering for her about the cigarette. Bob saying Eric was a bad influence on Donna also made me mad. Donna telling Red and Kitty that she was the one that was actually smoking at the end of the episode was good to see. Overall, a great episode but it could have been better and Laurie mainly ruined my score. 8/10
  • Eric gets suspended after getting caught holding one of Donna's cigarettes.

    This episode was a downer. Since when did Donna want to start looking cool? She's already one of the hottest girls at high school, even hotter than Jackie, and should know that. But first, she fails English - her own language. Then Eric sees her smoking. He holds her cigarette for her while she does something but gets caught holding it by a teacher and takes the blame for it, which Donna, at first calls Eric stupid for doing it and isn't appreciative. Eric has to deal with punishment from Red. The worst thing: he is forced to smoke a whole pack of cigs from Red, even though he keeps telling him he doesn't smoke. Donna finally tells the truth, thank God, to both Red and Kitty, and Bob and Midge, but not soon enough to make Eric smoke all of those cigarettes. In this episode, I really hated Donna. It was so unrealistic that a smart girl like her would fail a seemingly easy class and then start smoking. I mean, where did THAT come from?
  • Donna... this is the only episode in the series where I HATE her.

    Donna is really annoying in this episode. She's terribly, terribly annoying. She's smoking, it's typical teenage rebellion. And I can't believe that Eric took the rap for her, well, I guess I would do it for her to. I mean, I guess I also know why Donna was so bad and rebellious in this episode. I guess it's because of Bob and Midge fighting at home, so she wants their attention, so she acts out. She's still just, extremely annoying though. Red and Kitty are really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, funny, though. But, they're always really funny. Haha.

  • Melissa Joan Heart guest stars!

    This episode is amazing because there in school for once, finally they show an episode that revolves around school. It's so sad that smoking is Donna's cry out for help but she should of appreciated what Eric had done for her. Laurie encouraging Rd to ground him as usual, then Eric has to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes, it totally sucks that Eric got blamed again when Laurie was the one smoking, Melissa Joan Heart guest stars! She is amazing in this episode, how she acts all Christian. The C plot was okay, Jackie & Kelso's lame argument again, a high point in That 70's Show!
  • Eric gets suspended

    Jackie and Kelso's petty fight over the stuffed animals in Kelso's van was a hilarious plot ("Jackie, get in the VAN!") and has a classic Kelso moment where he breaks it to Jackie without hurting her feelings:

    "I don't want your stupid things in my cool van"

    his excuse being "I didn't say you were stupid - just everything you like!"

    Hyde and Fez double dating was hilarious with the few switcheroos, Hyde regretting his decision later on. Fez has some great lines in this episode such as "Once again american custom screws the foreign guy".

    Eric getting suspended, Red's hilarious response to his smoking and Laurie's "smoking liar" tattling were all great parts of the major plot and of the episode.

    All of these plots combined into one deserve nothing worse than a perfect score.
  • Eric gets suspended for holding Donna's smoke, Hyde and Fez double date, Jackie and Kelso fight over stuffed animals......

    This is a great early episode. But I think that they continue to make great shows and think that last season, their next to last season, was one of the funniest seasons on the show's history. But there are a lot of---as Red calls them---DUMBASSES who do not like the recent seasons. The series just keeps getting better and better.
    Donna decides to smoke, but Eric gets suspended for holding her cigarette. Red and Kitty do not believe that Eric does not smoke, until Donna tells them the smoke was hers.
    Hyde and Fez go on a double blind date with two girls from another school. It is Fez's first official American date, but Hyde tells him that American custom dictates that Hyde gets the blond. But when she does not seem to be the easy one, he offers to trade with Fez. The other girl is rebellious like Hyde, but wants to stay in school to fight the system from the inside. So Fez gets a little action in the blond girl's hot tub.

    There is no 360 in this episode, so only a 9.9.
  • A great episode from the glory days of this show.

    This is the perfect example of this show when it was good. The show was actually about something back then: Eric's coming of age in the 1970s. This particular installment finds Eric doing something noble for Donna. No good deed goes unpunished and so Eric is suspended and doesn't even have Donna's graditude. Still, he has clever writing and brilliant acting from Topher Grace going for him. Eric always has the perfect thing to say and delivers it perfectly.
    All of this is done with wit and classic gags and fantacies. All of the relationships in the show are at their best. Eric and Donna are just begining to define their relationship, Kelso and Jackie engage in their petty squables, and Red shows warmpth underneath his tough love. This is just an example of a classic sitcom that works. The characters are well defined and situation is compelling.