That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Eric's Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 1998 on FOX

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  • Kitty throws a "suprise party" for Eric.

    It takes many shows a few years to really hit their stride and start banging out quality episodes. Not just the show, but the characters hadn't hit their stride yet either. After a strong pilot that set the tone for the legendary series, the second offering was incredibly weak and boring. Kelso was the only character that was funny and was enough to save the program from complete disaster. His interpretation of Laurie insulting him was a classic moment in the show's history.

    This weariful installment was horribly written and nothing but pure rubbish, or as British TV critics would say, "trite". It is amazing how That 70's Show evolved into a strong program after putting out shows like this. While all of the characters were well cast and several would later go on to successful careers, nobody could've expected any stars to be created when this episode first aired in 1998.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of that 70s show eriks birthday is today and his mom is trowing him a surprise party and he does not want one . but his mother insists and his sister lorie is coming home to spend the day. and danaa does not know what to get erik for his birthday but she gets help from jackie and gets him a candle while they plan the party and he gets 8 track player and at the end after the parents go to bobs house erik gets his gift from donna and they guys are waiting for erik to get a kiss from her. this was a good ep
  • Eric's Mum throws a party for him, even though he dosen't want one.!

    So, it's Eric's Birthday and Kitty is throwing him a party, even though Kitty dosen't tell him that she is, but he repeatedly tells her that he dosen't want one. So then Eric goes out for breakfast the day before and his parents ask him what he wants for his birthday, and he says a casette player for the car, and he tells them NOT to get him an 8-Track, they take the wrong message. Then Jackie and Donna discuss what Donna is going to get Eric for his birthday, and she says that she is going to get something special, and Jackie finds out that Eric kissed Donna, then She says to get him a scented candle.
    So, at the party, Kitty and Red get Eric an 8-Track, and Hyde gets him Casette's. So the parents go over to Bob's and Donna gives Eric the candle, and the rest of the gang hide and want him to go for it.
    That is about it.
  • Eric doesnt want a surpise party but guess what he gets one anyway!

    Erics seventeenth birthday is coming up and kitty really wants to surprise him but eric thinks diffrently.Meanwhile jackie finds out about the kiss donna and eric shared after the concert as seen on the pilot.Laurie, erics atractive sister comes to visit and kelso cant keep his eye off of her.Too bad laurie doesnt think the same way.Erics birthday comes up and he gets the unwanted suprise bithday as well as a unwanted 8 track player for the vista cruser.Meanwhile kitty gets worried about her "baby boy" and it takes kitty to get drunk to stop worrying. At tne end of erics birthday donna gets eric a romantic candle thus concluding the birthday.
  • While Eric wants to celebrate his seventh birthday in peace, Kitty gives him an unwanted surprise party, and an unwanted 8-track player.

    This episode was good, but quotes in the future can be misleading. I do remember Eric sometime saying his birthday is in March, but this episode is recorded so close to the end of 1976, so I'm confused. But enough about that; Eric is celebrating his 17th birthday! Of course, he claims and MEANS what he says: he is too old for a surprise party, and doesn't want one. He tells his mother that, but she just ignores him. Red, her husband, even agrees that Eric is too old for a party. But she ignores him, too. She also ignores Eric, again, when he says he wants a cassette player for his car, the Vista Cruiser; not an 8-track. What does she get him? An 8-track. While Eric is dealing with 'all that crap', Donna, who remember, kissed him on the hood of the Vista Cruiser after the concert, is killing herself over what she should get for Eric's birthday. Soon, Jackie convinces her to get Eric a scented candle. Why? It's practical and romantic! Duh! Red takes Kitty to the Pinciottis' house while Donna privately gives Eric her gift. As soon as Eric starts to 'make a move' on Donna, or so it looks, drunk Kitty comes through the driveway, knocks over a trashcan, and embarasses Eric, as usual. Turns out the two can't get any privacy, as in the end, are being spied on by Hyde, Kelso, Jackie and Fez, and they know it; so they don't do anything. That we know of, though. In the end, I think Eric enjoyed his birthday. We see that he got a little closer to Donna, which is good; even though he wasn't able to kiss her with an audience. Honestly, the episodes in That '70s Show keep on getting better and better, if that is even possible. This was the second of about two hundred great ones.
  • But it's still good, none the less.

    Poor Eric. Anyways, it's 2 days before Eric's birthday, and Kitty REALLY wanna go make a birthday bash. But, guess what. Eric dosen't like it! But, time after time, it happens. Crud. BUT, the parents had to leave alone, making Kitty all worried. That's where my favorite part (Kitty pretending to be the kids) is just.... it made me laugh out loud! And next thing, Donna starts to buy a scented candle for Eric.

    I just wanna tell you, that Eric thinks his birthday present is Donna- naked! No, seriously! That was an EPIC WIN!!

    Anyways, the storyline is bland, but it was they did an awesome job configuring some humor to it. Overall, it's cool.
  • Eric's birthday is Eric's in with Donna.

    I felt like I needed to review this episode because it was a big step in the Donna & Eric relationship. This pretty much the rundown. It is Eric's birthday & Donna is wondering what to get him. While Hyde, Fez & Kelso are wondering what Donna is going to get Eric & their thinking it's sex. My favorite part would have to be when Jackie is coaching Donna about the candle. And after Donna gives Eric the candle, she gives him that stare, I laughed until I cried. Oh and when Kitty & red interrupt when their holding hands, that sucks for them. A great second episode.
  • As Eric tries to tell his mother for no surprise birthday party and for a cassette player, he only know what's to come.

    Ok my summary is bad, mainly becuase I can't summarize such a great episode. This could of been the pilot and been just as good. If someone was to plainly ask me to describe this show, I would tell them to watch this episode. It's funny, thought provoking, romantic, and seams into the innocence of adolescence. I just saw this episode yesterday and was happy to be part of it. I own the first seven seasons on DVD, but that isn't the point. Episodes like this got me into the show, and made me happy to watch it. Like I was peeking into somebody else's teenagehood and wanting to be part of it. I could say, and my friends would agree, that I'm very much a modern day Eric Foreman, amd maybe that too is where I connect with this show. I laugh harder than anyone with Red. He's so much like my dad, it amazes me. Anyway, this episode goes into Eric's birthday. It shows the coming of a new day while his mother gives him breakfast in bed and his father tells him to mow the lawn. There are classic moments, besides that one, in here too. Like Eric's sister and her actions, Donna wanting to give Eric her gift, Donna and Jackie's talks, and especially Eric's erotic dream. This a classic episode and one of my personal favorites.
  • Eric tells his parents not to throw a birthday party for him and he tells them he does not want an 8 track player and Kelso flirts with Laurie while still with Jackie and Eric gets what he didn't want for his birthday.

    I really ebjoyed this episode. There was not one thing about this episode that I didn't like.This what a great 2nd episode.All of it was funny. Eric's Birthday and the Kelso/Laurie stuff was hilarious.Everyone did a great job acting and playing there parts.All in all this was one of the best episodes in season 1.
  • A great transitional episode to the rest of the series

    Not one of the best episodes (only including the Kutcher and Grace era)a very slow story line about Eric's birthday. This episode is really a transitional espisode for the series because its setting the stage for what the series is going to be about. it shows the longing that Eric has to prove to his friends that he is not a little boy any more and that he is a man and he begins to get away from is sufficating mom and strict father, which is what the series is about in a nutshell and of course he gets a lot of help from his friends.
  • Hapopy Birthday Eric!

    It's Eric's birthday and he specifically asks his mother for no surprise party. She denys that she will be throwing one for Eric, but it is completely obvious that she has a prty planned for Eric since she is a very bad liar. Red trys to convince her not to give Eric a party, but she still denys. In this episode, Eric's older sister, Laurie, comes back from college and Michael Kelso has a huge crush on her and for some strange reason thinks that Laurie likes him. During Eric's party, the grown ups leave and Kitty gets drunk. Donna gets Eric a scented candle for his birthday.
  • A classic of "That 70's Show.."

    This episode definitely mark the great continuity of That 70's show... Eric does not wants a birthday party, and Kitty says he will not do anything for him, but is extremely obvious that she is going to throw a party for him, later the day of the party arrives, and Kitty asks everyone except Eric to come up, Eric wants to escape but Red forbids it, later all the adults of the party get away from it, and so does Eric's sister, Laurie, to whom Kelso seems to have a crush on, and Donna tries to give him the perfect gift... and thanks to Jackie, they are candles.
  • A great second episode

    This is a good episode to follow the pilot with some great lines and the obvious fact that there would be a surprise party as much as Eric complained against it.

    I also like the fact that he got the very present he didn't want which made his birthday all the more better.

    Red blocking Eric's escape was a hilarious scene as was Kitty's imagination that Eric's party could go crazy, Fez being a terrorist and kids "not using a coaster!!!"

    This birthday episode is even better than the pilot and goes further into the relationship-to-be between Donna and Eric.
  • Every boy's frustration.

    Great episode, there wasn't a time when you didn't just want to yell at Kitty to take her party and shove it up her ass.

    Eric constantly trying to escape the party clutches only to be cut off at every turn is great stuff, and there's another moment which further develops the potential relationship between Eric and Donna. Good stuff.