That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Eric's Buddy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1998 on FOX

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  • Eric's Buddy

    I don't know how I missed this series when it originally was broadcast!

    It's now my favorite sitcom and actually search the schedule to see when these are televised and make an "appointment TV" to see them.
  • this was really funny

    Eric makes a new friend, and Hyde and Kelso do not like him, Hyde because he is rich, and Kelso just does not want to lose Eric. Eric and his new friend spend a lot of time together, and all is well, until his friend tries to kiss him. Turns out his new buddy is gay and he thought Eric was. Can they put this behind them and remain friends?

    Funny episode. When Eric's friend kissed him, I was ready to start laughing uncontrollably. Just because I did not see the 'he's gay twist, and it caught me a little off guard. The last few minutes are kind of boring but the first half was pretty decent, I would say, so overall my final grade is going to be an A- or so.
  • Eric has a new friend and Steven and Kelso can't stand it. Steven doesn't like him because he's rich and Eric doesn't give him a ride home anymore because Buddy has a Trans Am. Buddy makes a move on him.

    Eric has a new friend and Steven and Kelso can't stand it. Steven doesn't like him because he's rich and Eric doesn't give him a ride home anymore because Buddy has a Trans Am. Kelso, on the other hand, seems like a worried spouse. Eric starts to feel uncomfortable around him however when Buddy makes a move on him. Buddy apparently thought that Eric was also gay. And Red makes his first sale. before writing this review, i laughed just at the title becasue this was hilarious...buddy thought eric was gay and tried to kiss him and he was so paranoid after that..laughing out loud as i speak
  • Homosexuality in the 70s.

    This episode was actually pretty revealing cause homosexuality in the 70s, was a bit not common or so I thought, that really went there. I like how Kelso & Hyde act like total spouses of Eric, that is just hilarious, I love the end when Eric kisses Donna, and it looked liked Eric kissed back when Buddy kissed him, that was something I pondered about, that must of been a very awkward ride home and Hyde still likes Donna as he hints at the end, and Donna looks okay with it, the end was really funny, and Red's plot line, hilarious, trying to sell something, very funny.
  • Eric starts hanging out with rich-kid, Buddy Morgan. They develop a good friendship until Buddy busts a move on Eric.

    Just like the whole sexism storyline, every show has one of these storylines, too: a plot about one or more of the characters being gay I don't want to get into further detail about this, because people will just say I'm disrespectful of gay and or bisexual people, and lesbians. But this episode was kind of uncomfortable to watch because I hate seeing horrible things like this happening to Eric. It's good he decided to be friends, at least, with Buddy Morgan in the end, but that kiss was just too much. From Hyde and Kelso's standpoint, they get upset that Eric is not driving them home in the afternoons, and they freeze their...butts, off, but hey: maybe they should walk. Maybe Eric's tired of driving them around. Maybe they should get their own driver's license and their own car. Why not? They don't have the money? Well maybe they should get a job! In the end, this was probably one of my least-favorite episodes in Season 1.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik meets his lab partner who has a nice car and he starts to spend alot of time with him and his other friends get mad at him for leaving them at the school and then they spend more time togeather and they think he is distiching them till buddy makes a move on erik and erik get creeped out and then still remains friends with buddy and donna and hyde want to know if he is gay . this was a good ep and it had some funny parts in it
  • Hey Buddy!

    Eric has a lab partner named Buddy. Buddy has an amazing looking car that attracted Eric. They become close friends.

    Hyde and Kelso hate that they are friends since Eric left them at school because he went on a ride with Buddy. Jackie likes that Eric and Buddy are friends, she is infact proud of Eric for making the clique jump. Donna on the other hand doesn't really have an opinion. After watching a movie, Buddy makes a move on Eric. Eric then finds out that Buddy is gay They still stay friends, but not as much as before.

    Meanwhile, Red is taking advice from Kitty on how to sell stuff.
  • A hilarious episode.

    This was the funniest episode in the first season of That 70's Show. Who would of thought that popular kids could be gay? I didn't... until this episode! It totally blew me away. Now I think that every popular person is somewhat homosexual. Good writing, acting and overall another great installment in the lives of the Basement Gang.
  • Erics "Buddy", Buddy

    The thing I found most entertaining in this episode was the fact that Eric, who spent most of his time with Buddy was oblivious to the fact that he was gay whereas Fez who'd barely met the guy was positive that he was.

    The laughs are non-stop with scenes such as Jackie's lecture on the school groups and Hyde and Kelso being left outside school without Eric, Kelso being so scared that he thinks they should check the school morgue.

    Overall, the episode is very entertaining and explores an issue that most shows didn't at the time which really makes the sitcom stand out.
  • An episode about homosexuality, before Will&Grace made it just another thing.

    Good episode shows a new friend of Eric's, Buddy Morgan, the rich, popular kid hanging out with the Gang but particularily with his new science partner Eric, and basically monopolizes all of his time. Unbeknownst to Eric, Buddy is actually trying to make a play on him, awhich is revealed in a very awkward moment.

    Also, Red gets a job at Bob's bargain store, and doesn't do a good job at first, until Kitty helps train him, resulting in another Red/Kitty horndog moment, which would culminate in one of the best episodes ever later on during the season.

    Overall, a great installment dealing with a widely talked about issue. The kiss has lost it's impact over the years during the run of Will & Grace which features a homoerotic frenching every second episode between both homosexuals and heterosexuals, but it's still a great episode all around.