That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Eric's Burger Job

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1998 on FOX

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  • Eric gets a Job!

    So, to get money, Eric searches for a job and the gang follows along. They end up getting an interview for Fatso Burger, the local burger joint. Eric is the only one that gets the job.

    The Job occupies all of Eric's time and doesn't let him spend time with Donna, when on the verge of quitting, Red says that "Only Quiters Quit" which makes him not quit. Then the gang decide to host a party because Donna's parents are away for the weekend, but Eric can't make it because of Fatso Burger, Donna visits him and he decides to quit.

    Special Guest Star: Donny Osmend
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik wants to get a tast of the work force and so he goes looking ofr jobs meanwhile donna is going to be home alone with her little sister. well she is 14. well anyway she wants to have erik over alone to spend some time with him thing is he misses all the signals becasue he wants to work. and so the job ends up eating up all of eriks free time and he does not spend much time with donna and so he decides to quit his first job at the end of th ep. this was a good ep
  • Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger, but it soon becomes a negative effect on his relationship with Donna.

    Most of the gang is 17 now, except for Jackie, who is a sophomore. It's that time where the guys should start looking for a job now. Eric needs the money more than anything - he needs it for gas money, and well, he's how everybody gets everywhere, since he's currently the only one who drives and has his own car. So he and the three other guys apply for jobs at Fatso Burger. The management for the restaurant is associated somehow with Jackie's father, and Jackie is upset when the fast food business chooses Eric instead of the other three guys; her boyfriend, Kelso, especially. Red thinks it's good for Eric that he got a job. Kitty doesn't. In my opinion, I think it's great that Eric got a job. He needs the money, so I think he has the right to get the job. Meanwhile, he has to work so much that he hardly has any time to spend with Donna, who is throwing a party at her house with the gang while her parents are gone on vacation. She invites Eric, but he politely declines, because he has work. Boy! Eric needs to skip work once in a while! If I was him, I'd just...say, well, hell with work! Why work when I can fool around with the hot neighbor girl while her parents are gone? And then, there is an occasion when she asks Eric to see if a bikini she bought fits her, but he still has to decline because of work. How lame! I'd skip work, or at least decide to be late! Donna is hotter than she is given credit for; it's mostly by Jackie, but whatever. So Eric eventually quits the job when it becomes too much on his social life, which is a good decision, if he wants to have hope with a relationship with Donna. But, by the time he gets to her house, Bob and Midge come back early; if I were him, I'd be pissed. That would have to be aggravating, to Eric. FINALLY! I have quit my job! Now I have time to spend with Donna alone! And then her parents are there. *bangs head against brick wall*
  • Eric gets a job.

    This episode was simply amazing. A classic because it develops in the Donna/Eric relationship, everyone already knows that Donna likes Eric so this episode was pretty much Donna trying to get his attention, but he can't fulfill anything because he has to work, my favorite scene is when Donna asks him to go to all sorts of places but he rejects him cause of work. Another memorable moment is when Jackie starts to pay attention to Kelso's idiot remarks, on how he is a doofus. I love when he puts the needle in the water bed from his toga & dis inflates it, and then the goodnight scene at the end, so sweet! Amazing episode overall!
  • Eric is desperate to find a job in order to get some money in order to have some fun. He gets a job at Fatso Burger but soon realizes that he'd rather be with Donna than serving burgers to the people of Point Place.

    This is a great episode because it shows the relationships of two couples. Eric realizes that he really likes Donna and regrets not being able to attend her party and because of that he quits his job. It also shows the relationship of Kelso and Jackie. Jackie finally discovers that Kelso is a Dofus and she still feels the same way about him. This is a great episode that shows what it may have really been like for a teenager to work at a fast food place during the time. The writing during this episode and the entire first season of the series was execellent and was really missed later on in the series.
  • FunnY with a capital Y!

    Every young man remembers that time he worked in a nice old little fast food restaurant and the lovely words of "Welcome, how may I serve you." Well for Eric Forman, it was a different story.

    Donna's parents are leaving the hosue for the weekend and Kelso convinces Donna to throw a party. Although Donna does not want, she goes with it and hopes that Eric will come. Wric finds a job at Fatso Burgers and had to work late the night of the party. He manages to make it when it's late, but runs into Donna's father and makes up, IMO a very great excuse. Funny.
  • Eric's first job and Donna's little sister.

    Eric gets his very first job. Working at a Fatso Burger, Donna says that she wants them to spend time with each other, but Eric is too preoccupied with his job. Speaking of Donna, Donna's little sister Tina makes an appearance in this episode, and it's the last one she makes. But Fez hits on her. By the way, she's like 14 years old. Freaky, I know. Well it was worth a shot.
  • Eric gets his first job

    This episode was very entertaining especially the comparison between doofus (Kelso) and Diligent (eric) and one of my favourite scenes in the first few episodes where all the applicants answer the questions in hilarious ways, Hyde's comments being very humerous.

    This episode also shows how Eric can cope at work and delves further into the possibility of an Eric and Donna relationship.

    It also shows Jackie's realisation that she "is in love with a doofus" (guess who!).

    This episode involves all of the characters, even Donna's sister who we never see again and Fez trying to hit on her.

    Overall, the episode is pretty funny but nothing compared to the one following it.
  • More development in the E/C relationship and a look into how 'toolish' fast food place employees can look.

    Eric secures a job at at Fatso burger being the only remotely competant applicant out of the four. Donna decides to throw a party while her parents are gone. This episode marks the only time we ever see Donna's little sister, (fun fact: a later episode would actually ask the question "what ever happened to Midge's daughter").