That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 22

Eric's Corvette Caper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman driveway, Kelso comes running in and tells the guys that Leslie is going to drop Jackie off after cheer leading practice. Hyde comments that Eric gets tongue-tied around her, and remembers how Eric couldn't say his name the first time that he met her; she still calls him 'ah blah'. Kitty and Red come out with suitcases, heading out to Kitty's high school reunion, but the suitcases won't fit in the Corvette's trunk. Kitty says they'll have to take the Toyota. Jackie and Leslie come in; Leslie calls Eric 'Ah-blah'; Eric tells her his name is Eric. She likes the Corvette, saying it's hot. Hyde and Kelso think she's hot. She asks who owns the car; Eric says it's his dad's, and then adds "...tough luck that it's mine," when Kelso kicks him. She asks about the engine and Eric can't answer, and makes up some vaguely car-sounding jargon. She tells Eric to take her for a drive tonight, and to pick her up at 7. She leaves, Eric asks what he's done; Hyde tells him that he's using his dad's dream car to go out with a totally hot chick who would otherwise never date him.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Eric and Hyde jumping in the air.]

In the Forman driveway, Red gives Eric the keys to the Corvette, but tells him that he's only getting the keys so he can move it if there's a fire. Red says that he'll know if the car's been moved; he's noted its exact position and he may have set a few booby-traps.

In Casey Kelso's bedroom, Kelso is spitting in Casey's socks. Donna and Jackie come in and ask where Casey is; Kelso says he's out of town, and punched him before he left, which is why he's spitting in Casey's socks. Donna's upset that he didn't tell her he was going out of town. Jackie starts looking around his room, picking up a magazine; Donna tells her to stop snooping. Jackie "accidentally" knocks over a pile of stuff and looks through it while picking the things up. Donna knocks over a pile of books, and starts looking through them as well.

In the Forman driveway, Eric is getting ready to go out; Hyde and Fez come in and Eric tells them that the odometer is busted and that's a sign from God that he should steal the car. He's found all of Red's booby-traps, and also noted the exact position of the car, so he can return it the way that it was, and Red will never know that he took it.

[Scene change: Eric lies on the floor, smiling up at the camera.]

In the Corvette, Eric and Leslie are parked. He turns on the radio, and stretches and puts his arm around her. She kisses him, then asks if she can drive. Eric says he doesn't know, so she kisses him again. He says yes, she can drive.

At the reunion hall, Kitty tells Red to be nice if the Miller twins are fat, but he should say nothing if they're still thin. They open the door and go in, but it's not her reunion. She pulls out the invitation and says that the invitation says the 23rd, but Red says it's the 29th, and she needs glasses.

In the Pinciotti backyard, Donna and Jackie are unhappy about not finding any information about Casey in his room. Donna feels guilty, and says that she has to do her chemistry homework, then realizes that she left her books in Casey's room. She says that she can't go back or else she'll look like a goob, and Kelso will tell Casey. Jackie says that they'll just sneak in later on tonight and get her books.

At the reunion hall, Kitty is phoning Eric; Red doesn't want her to - he wants to be able to catch Eric in the act if he's doing something wrong.

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde and Fez are making muffins and drinking beer. Fez imitates Red, asking "where are my muffins, dumb ass?" The phone rings; It's Kitty, and she tells Hyde that the reunion was last week, so they're coming home and he should tell Eric, adding that it's important. Hyde says yes, hangs up, tells Fez and says that they have to hurry up and finish Red's beer.

In the Corvette, Leslie is driving really fast and Eric's nervous. He asks her to slow down. She does, which relieves Eric, but then she goes off the road into a ditch.

[Scene change: Eric falls towards the camera.]

At the side of the road, Eric comes out of the trees with the hubcap, but lost his shoes. Leslie doesn't seem too upset, but says "sorry" as she puts on some make-up. Eric says that he might be in the clear because there aren't any scratches or dents on the car. She wants to drive again; Eric says they might have to make out some more, and she kisses him.

In Casey's bedroom, Donna and Jackie sneak in and get Donna's book. Kelso is in the bed, and wakes up. He asks if he's dreaming. Donna says yes he is; he asks if they're going to do it. Jackie says yes. Kelso says, "Okay, Donna first."

In Eric's bedroom, Fez asks what it was like to kiss Leslie; Eric says it was great. Hyde tells him that he's a god; Eric says that he has to wash and wax the car but it'll only take an hour and he'll do it in the morning. On the way out of the room, Hyde tells Eric about the phone call and that his parents will be home in 40 minutes. Then he says he's just kidding, they'll actually be home in 20 minutes.

Fast speed scene: Eric, Fez and Hyde cleaning the Corvette.

In the Forman driveway, Eric double checks the car, and decides that everything's fine. The guys leave the garage when they hear Red and Kitty coming. Red and Kitty come in, and Red checks the car, saying it's safe and sound.

In the Forman basement, Fez heads for the door to go to the candy shop; Kelso comes running in and tells the guys that he had one of Casey's dreams because he did it with... then he sees Jackie and Donna. Jackie wants him to finish his sentence, so he says "with a hat on, and it was really hot." Fez says everything's hotter with a hat on. Donna asks why Kelso was in Casey's bed; he says that he likes to skank up Casey's bed when Casey's away. Jackie asks about the dream, if anyone else was there. Kelso says no, but keeps looking at Donna.

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde comes in and tells Eric that Red wants to talk to him outside. Eric thinks that he's been caught, but Hyde tells him not to worry, that it's not about the car, then tells Eric that he's just kidding, it ~is~ about the car.

In the Forman driveway, Red tells Eric that he knows that Eric didn't take the car because he stuck a hair across the ignition; Eric pretends that he's surprised. Red says that he can trust Eric and will let him drive the car. They get in, and when Eric turns on the ignition, the radio blares. Red tells him that he's grounded for a month. Red then asks why he did it; Eric says he did it to impress a cheer leader; Red reduces the grounding to two weeks, and asks if Eric's going to see her again. Eric asks if he can borrow the car again; Red says that he knows that kind of girl and Eric should stay away from her. Hyde calls out from the kitchen door that Kitty wants to talk to Eric about why he drank all of Red's beer. Eric tells Red to make the grounding a month.

[End credits: In Casey's bedroom, Jackie sneaks in and wakes Kelso up, he asks if he's dreaming and if they're going to do it. Jackie says yes to both, and he asks where Donna is; she attacks him.]