That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 22

Eric's Corvette Caper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on FOX



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    • Eric: Oh my God, what have I done?
      Hyde: Well, you're using your dad's dream car to get with a chick who would otherwise never date you.
      Eric: Well when you put it like that, it just sounds right.

    • Leslie: Eric, I'm starting to think I might like you.
      Eric: Really?
      Leslie: I'm not sure though. I think I have to drive the car some more.
      Eric: Oh. Well, I'm starting to think I might let you drive the car.
      Leslie: Really?
      Eric: I'm not sure though. I think we might have to make out some more.

    • Hyde: Forman, I can't believe you're actually gonna take out Red's Corvette.
      Fez: Yeah, and I can't believe you're wearing brown shoes with a black belt. That's just tacky.

    • Leslie: So, what kind of engine is it in this thing.
      Eric (pretending he knows about car engines): Oh, it's a... it's a multi... piston... 200. That's ah... twice as powerful as the.... 100.

    • Leslie: Hey! It's Uh-bla.
      Eric: Yeah, um... I'm going by Eric now.
      Jackie: She doesn't care what your name is, Eric. She's a cheerleader.

    • Fez: Oh Leslie Cannon, nicknamed "the Cannon". Why? Because she always shoots Eric down.
      Hyde: Man, you were so in love with her. Remember the 7th grade, when she asked your name, you got all panicky and said: "Uh.... bla...."
      Kelso: Yeah, and then she called you "Uh-bla" for, like, the next 2 years. That was awesome.

    • Kitty: I don't understand, the invitation says "the 29th."
      Red: Kitty, that says "the 23rd." I have been telling you for months that you need glasses. You know, one of these days you're gonna wander off and fall into a hole!
      Kitty: What hole? Where are these holes?
      Red: They're everywhere. You just can't see them 'cause you need glasses!

    • (Donna and Jackie sneak into Casey's room)
      Kelso: Am I dreaming?
      Jackie: Yes, Micheal.
      Kelso: Are we gonna do it?
      Jackie: Yes, Micheal.
      Kelso: Okay. Donna first.

    • Red: A fire is no excuse for a joyride!

    • (after turning on the radio and realizing that Eric drove the car)
      Eric: And I'm grounded.
      Red: For a month! Why did you do it?
      Eric: To impress this ... cheerleader...
      Red: No kidding? Well, make it 2 weeks. So ah, you gonna see her again?
      Eric: Well, can I have the car again?
      Red: Oh.... She's THAT girl. I know that girl. (pause) Stay away from that girl!

  • Notes

    • Originally the song "Feel Like Making Love" (1975) by Bad Company played during the scene where Eric and Leslie are on a date in Red's car. For syndication the song was removed and replaced with generic music.

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