That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 2

Eric's Depression

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde, Fez and Kelso come in and tell Red and Kitty that they're going to Funland today and thought that it would be good for Eric to go with them, since he's upset about his break up with Donna. Red and Kitty are surprised by this news, which leads to a discussion of just who dumped whom. Everyone seems to agree that Donna dumped Eric, with only Fez saying that he heard that Eric dumped her. In Eric's bedroom, Eric is lying in bed listening to the radio play sad songs. He changes the station, but that only gives him a different song (Donna, by Richie Valens, 1959) to listen to. He knocks the radio off the table, breaking it, but it continues to play. [Opening credits.] In Eric's bedroom, the guys come in and tell Eric that they're all going to Funland today. He says that he's just going to stay home; they pull him out of bed, but he just gets back in and pulls the covers over his head. He tells them again that he's not going; they say that's fine, they'll just stay in his room. They all sit down on his bed. They try to talk to him, but he says that he doesn't want any conversation. Hyde gives up and says that they're going to Funland without him. Fez tells Eric that he's glad he's not coming, because he'd just suck all the fun out of Funland. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty tells Red not to ask Eric about the break up, that he'll talk about it when he's ready. Eric comes in looking terrible, and Red immediately tells him that he looks like someone who's just been dumped. Kitty asks if he wants to talk about it, but he doesn't. She tells him to eat, so he pours himself a bowl of Alpha-Bits and takes a spoonful. He looks at it, and it has spelled "Donna" on his spoon. He heads back upstairs; after he's left the kitchen, Kitty tells Red to talk to Eric, saying that she can't do it because she has no experience in being dumped. At Funland, the guys and Jackie come through the gates. Jackie tells Kelso that they all have to stay together, reminding him that he always gets lost. Woofy the Funland Dog comes up and talks to them, distracting them from their conversation, but Hyde yells at him and so he leaves. Jackie turns to tell Kelso where they should all meet if they get separated, but he's gone. Fez suggests that they could show a picture of Kelso to people to see if anyone's seen him, and pulls a picture of Kelso out of his wallet. In the hallway outside Eric's bedroom, Kitty tells Red that he has to talk to Eric. He doesn't want to, but finally agrees. In Eric's bedroom, Eric is back in bed with the covers pulled up; he tells Red that he's not in the mood for conversation, but Red doesn't care, and starts to tell the story of Larry 'No Foot' Mulligan, who had no feet. Eric doesn't see the point of the story, so Red explains, "You've got both feet. Now get up and trim the hedges." At Funland, Fez asks a mime if he's seen Kelso; Hyde comes up and shows Fez a t-shirt that he bought that says "Funland University" on the front and "FU" on the back, but Fez doesn't understand why Hyde thinks it's funny. Jackie comes in and tells them that she can't find Kelso. Woofy the Funland Dog appears again with a Barbershop Quartet, and when one of the gang asks what time it is, the Quartet starts singing. Hyde is disgusted, and leaves. After they've gone, Kelso comes in and sees the Quartet. He asks them what time it is and they begin to sing again. Kelso loves it. In the Forman driveway, Eric is trimming the hedge while Red stands by and watches him. He's moaning to Red about his break up with Donna, but Red isn't really interested. Red tells him that there's a gopher in the yard that they could trap and kill. In the Pinciotti backyard, Donna is raking the grass. Bob asks her if she wants to talk about things; she says no, then starts telling him how Eric pushed her and tried to define their relationship and wasn't happy until he had a ring on her finger. Bob is uncomfortable with this, so just tells her to take the bags of leaves out when she's finished. He goes in and she picks up the garbage bags; she meets Eric at the garbage can. All Eric has to say to her is "Hey", which makes her angry, and she calls him a dillhole and leaves. [Scene change: Eric jumps up and plays air-guitar.] In Eric's bedroom, he's back in bed again. Red comes in and asks why he's back in his room, then tells him that it's time to leave for work, adding that Eric doesn't have to worry about the gopher in the backyard, because it's as dead as Eric's relationship with Donna. At Funland, Jackie is yelling at the guys for having fun while they were supposed to be looking for Kelso. Then she sees the Funland Princess and runs off. The guys follow her, walking by a Lost & Found kiosk. Inside the Lost & Found Kiosk, Kelso is eating an ice cream cone with two kids. He's talking to them, but the kids are making fun of him and repeating everything that he says. He tries tricking them by saying, "I'm an idiot," but the kid just says, "You're an idiot." [Scene change: Eric and Donna jumping towards the camera.] In the Forman kitchen, Red tries to cheer Eric up by mentioning the new cashier at the Price Mart, asking Eric if he thins she's cute, but Eric's not interested. Kitty tries to help him get over things by giving him pimento loaf, but when Eric looks at it, he sees Donna's face in it. He leaves the kitchen; Kitty asks Red if he's been trying to help Eric and Red tells her that he yelled at Eric all day, and he just doesn't know what else to do. Kitty asks him about his first time being dumped, and Red remembers sitting in a car, wondering why the girl dumped him. At first, he's taking it well, but then he begins to cry. He tells Kitty that he took it like a man. At Funland, the gang comes out of the House of Mirrors. Woofy the Dog comes up and tells them that it's closing time and they have to go. Jackie doesn't want to leave without Kelso, but Hyde points out that he should be able to make it home on his own. At a bar, Red and Eric sit at the counter and drink beer. Red tells Eric about his first break up, telling him that it hurt like hell, but he took it like a man and didn't cry. He adds that there were times that he thought that the pain would never go away, but eventually he thought about the girl less, and then finally not at all. He admits that that made him sad too. Red tells Eric that he'll give him a few days to do whatever he wants, just to stay in bed, or watch tv. Eric thanks him, then adds that Donna didn't break up with him, he broke up with her. Red doesn't believe him. [End credits: Kelso is getting a ride home with the mother of the two boys that he was in the Lost & Found with. The one kid asks if Kelso is going to eat his ice cream, and when Kelso says yes, he spits on it. Kelso spits on the kid's ice cream and the mother stops the car, ordering him to get out. Kelso tries to tell her that the kids started it, but she doesn't care, and leaves him on the side of the road.]