That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 22

Eric's Drunken Tattoo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2001 on FOX



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    • Red: Look Dave, I'm real sorry. I didn't realize how sick a band-aid would make you.
      Pastor Dave: Well, thank you for your belated honesty. But the doctor said I had food poisoning from an under-cooked sausage.
      Red: Food poisoning? Why, that's Kitty's department.
      Kitty: I have never under cooked a sausage in my life. I have a system; it's fool proof.
      Red: (smugly)Hey, Kitty. It's okay. We all make mistakes.
      Kitty: (flustered) I... Vince Lombardi is over rated! That's right! He is over rated!
      Red: Ignore her! She's hysterical!

    • Leo: Ok, guys. I don't have any beer. I hate alcohol, and I won't have it in my house. So, we're gonna have to drink sake instead.

    • Leo: Dude, Debbie is gonna be real happy about this.
      Eric: Who's Debbie?
      Leo: Hello? Your girlfriend, Debbie? Jesus...
      Eric: Leo, her name is Donna.
      Leo: Oh... I can fix that.

    • (suspicious that Eric has read her diary)
      Donna: Did you read my diary? I won't get mad if you did.
      Eric: Yes...
      Donna (shouting): You sneaky little dillhole!

    • (Kelso is talking in his sleep)
      Jackie: I love you, Michael Kelso!
      Kelso: I love you too, Jackie.... Onassis.

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  • Allusions

    • Red: You're a Packer man?
      Pastor Dave: I bleed cheese!

      Green Bay Packer fans are known as "Cheeseheads" and often wear large foam triangles of cheese on their heads at the games to show support.

    • Jackie: Gong him, gong him! Yes!

      Jackie is watching The Gong Show, which ran from 1976 to 1980. It was a half-hour talent show where panelists could hit a gong to stop the performance of bad contestants.