That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 25

Eric's False Alarm

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on FOX

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  • Eric confronts Donna about Casey.

    This episode was so sad! Well not the first 18 minutes, but the last ones were. Eric confronting Donna about Casey took courage & it was nice of Hyde to pull the fire alarm all night. Then when Donna hugged him & pulled away, Eric pulled her back, that was such a powerful scene. I like the B plot in which Kelso stalks Jackie & when Jackie finds out, Kelso starts working there, then the kids ride the train by itself, that was hilarious, I liked the C plot, Bob wants to get married to Joanne! That was so funny when Kitty got her feelings hurt just because Joanne called her a stranger. An amazing 3rd to last episode till the finale.
  • Casey and Donna get a motel room

    This episode was pretty funny, especially Fez's inability to keep a secret and Leo in the honeymoon suite but it's not one of the best episodes in the series.

    Red and Joanne's disagreement about marriage brought in a few funny moments but wasn't that good of a plot, and Eric jealous was dealt with pretty well but my favourite plot is Kelso stalking Jackie because he's hung up on her kissing the cheese guy, a recurring plot that's come up quite a lot in season 4.

    Overall, this episode is a good one but not anything fantastic, with a few great moments and a couple of dull ones.
  • Good Episode!

    This episode was pretty good. We see Kelso acting extremely jealous towards jackie and eric acting jealous about Donna. It had a lot of humor and good Bob moments. Kinda felt sorry for the fool. Unfortunately this was Leo\\\'s last appearance until like 3 season\\\'s later, it was defiantely an episode leading to the big finale!
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