That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 14

Eric's Hot Cousin

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2002 on FOX
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Eric's Hot Cousin
Eric' cousin Penny, whom he used to tease unmercifully when they were younger, comes for a visit, and she's...grown some. All the guys are infatuated with her, much to Donna and Jackie's dismay. Jackie and Donna try to be hotter than Penny, with disasterous results. Kitty, feeling like she's not needed, wants to get a pet.moreless

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  • WHY?!

    First off, To the other people who reviewed this, KILLL YOUR SICK FUCKING SELVES! "This episode was so amazing because it deals with taboo & incest" NO IT'S NOT! NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT! " It was very funny when Eric's cousin Penny lied about her being adopted and when Eric was about to have sex with until Penny lied and said that she wasn't adopted" NO IT WASN'T! YOU ARE A STUPID ***! (Also, you FAIL at grammar!) "Don't you hate it when the cousin you used to always pick on comes back hotter and more flirtatious than ever, causing you to think very bad thoughts about said cousin? No? Well, you should talk to Eric Forman" NO, IF THEY SAID "NO" THEY SHOULD KILL THEM SELVES AND THEN THEY'D GO TO HELL! "not a bad episode" YES! IT! IS! "considering how disturbing the plot could have been" No, not could've been. IS! Overall, This episode is sick and wrong! Eric loves Donna, not Penny! Even if she WAS adopted, It'd still be sick and wrong! Because they may not be related to you by genetically, They are still related to you! (Legally) Being adopted doesn't make it not sick! And you still go to jail (and hell) for it! But THANKFULLY, Nothing happened! What the fuck were they thinking with this episode?!!!!!!moreless
  • Eric's hot cousin Penny comes to visit

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It would've been a 10 but the ending ruined it which I'll tell you by the end because I have to explain the plot to all of you. Eric's hot cousin Penny comes over the visit but Eric and the gang didn't expect Penny to be HOT and all that. She wasn't that hot to me but she was kind of pretty. I loved the subplot a little more though when Kitty needed something to accompany her such as a pet. Kitty wants to get a pet cat but Red doesn't like to have cats in the house so Red buys Kitty a pet goldfish. The subplot was absolutely hilarious with Kitty and the pet goldfish especially when Kitty was talking to the goldfish and you can see her huge head through the glass bowl. It was very funny when Eric's cousin Penny lied about her being adopted and when Eric was about to have sex with until Penny lied and said that she wasn't adopted. Red and Kitty think that Eric is nasty. It was absolutely hilarious when Eric said "I was sleepwalking" and then Red responds "I will be sleepkicking in your @$$". Eric calling Donna "Little Red Riding B**ch" was hilarious. The only thing I didn't like was the ending when it was just Penny's prank all this time but it was hilarious when the gang was taking pictures of Eric running in his underwear. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" except for the ending. 9.5/10moreless
  • "Little Red-Riding B****!"

    This episode was so amazing because it deals with taboo & incest, well not really but Eric was thinking of it which was also going on frequently in the 70's. Anyways I like A plot waaay better, Donna & Jackie try to be more attractive than Penny so they try to get a tan, I love how their slapping each other & Jackie was just like Penny.; The C plot was also laughable, how Kitty got a fish & purposely flushed him so she can get her job back. And when Red & Kitty caught him with his underwear was hilarious or should I say man panties.moreless
  • Naughty thoughts a-brewing!

    Don't you hate it when the cousin you used to always pick on comes back hotter and more flirtatious than ever, causing you to think very bad thoughts about said cousin? No? Well, you should talk to Eric Forman, founder of the club that nobody in their right mind would join. If he won't speak, you can always see the tape that his mates made of him completely embarassing himself when he finds out his crush is not adopted while making a move in front of his parents no less!

    Kelso had some great lines in this episode, especially in the 360, and while Kitty getting a pet (not the cat she expected) wasn't quite as entertaining, it is an important plot as she rejoins the hospital.

    Overall, not a bad episode, considering how disturbing the plot could have been.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Stranglehold (1975) by Ted Nugent;
      I Am...I Said (1971) by Neil Diamond;
      Golden Country (1972) by REO Speedwagon;
      Fox On The Run (1974) by Sweet.

    • When Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Eric are outside playing basketball in the scene after Eric hugs his cousin, watch above the basket just after Kelso scores. A boom mic can be seen just above the rim.

    • When Kitty asks Red for a cat Red is reading a copy of Time magazine. He closes the magazine and puts it down on his knee while he tells her why he doesn't want a cat in the house but in the next shot the magazine is back in his hands and open to where it was before he closed it and put it down as though he never did it.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Jackie and Donna have burned themselves)
      Jackie: Did you call me stupid?(Jackie hits Donna)
      Donna: Ouch! (Donna hits back)
      Jackie: Ouch! Lobster-face! (Jackie hits back)
      Donna: Ouch! Little Red Riding Bitch! (Donna hits back)

    • (Eric is looking at Penny's chest)
      Penny: Peterson's auto shop.
      Eric: What?
      Penny: Peterson's auto shop. That's what my t-shirt says. I noticed you're trying to read it.
      Eric: Yes, yes I was. I kinda have a passion for t-shirt logos.

    • (Eric is looking at Penny's chest)
      Red: Eric... do I have to tell you to stop staring at your cousin?!
      (Eric tries to look away from Penny)
      Red: Stop staring at your cousin!!

    • Eric: May I have a moment alone with Penny?
      Red: No, I'm not raising any 'flipper' grandkids!

    • (talking about Penny))
      Donna: Whore!
      Jackie (thinking Donna's talking to her): Slut!
      Donna: No, her.
      Jackie: Oh. Yeah, Whore!

    • (making a lame excuse)
      Eric: I guess I was... sleepwalking.
      Red: And I'm just sleep-kicking your ass.

    • Kelso: Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a perm. Hyde can I get the number for your guy?
      Hyde: I don't have a guy, dumbass. This righteous moss is a gift from God.
      Fez: God gave me a perm too, but he hit me below the belt.

    • Jackie: How dare she come to our town and try to out-hot us.
      Donna: I know. I mean, we don't go to her town and try to out-whore her.

    • Kelso: I've heard of kissing cousins but have you ever heard of doin' it cousins? Cause that's what I think Forman should be shooting for here.
      Eric: Kelso I appreciate the advice but your solution to every problem is do it with her.
      Kelso: Well it worked with my old science teacher. C minus!
      Eric: Well unfortunately Penny is my cousin. That be like looking at my mom and thinking "Hey baby how...", I'm just gonna stop right there.
      Fez: I've thought that about your mom but I didn't stop right there.

  • NOTES (2)