That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 6

Eric's Panties

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2000 on FOX

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    "Whatever you do Donna, avoid the rope in the middle of the room"

    This is the episode that actually introduced me to watch this amazing show. Coincidentally the first episode I watched was "Donna's Panties" but that didn't really get me in to this show immediately, but when I watched this episode I was hooked.

    I would have to say that this episode contains it's best fantasy on That 70s Show. In which Donna reminisces if there have been other girls... other panties. Panties flying everywhere, it's that kind of humor and reaction times that make this show great. Basically Eric's lab partner, Shelly, becomes interested in him. Eric finds it strange that Donna isn't jealous, but Donna starts to wonder if it is something to worry about when she finds panties in Eric's car! Fez & Kelso did great in this episode as well, great as supporting characters and another classic That 70's Show quote is in this episode: "Tater Nuts! Tater Nuts!" Meanwhile Red has high cholesterol, so he's forced to eat heart healthy food. All the while Laurie, Hyde and Kitty are all enjoying REAL food. At the end: big twist! The panties were Midge's panties! She had sex with Bob in Eric's vista cruiser! There were many fun fantasies in this episode such as Kelso and Fez thinking about the cotton panties, Eric and the panties, and a mud fight between Donna and Shelly. This was That 70's Show at its best. Contained amazing elements to make one of the best episodes in That 70s Show history.
  • Eric's Panties

    "Eric, you are a God!"

    Very enjoyable episode of That 70's Show here tonight. We saw Eric in the lead role with a woman being attracted to him. This obviously led to some funny behavior from the protagonist, as anyone who watches 70's knows that this is a rarity.

    Kelso and Fez contributed here as key supporting characters, and that is when they are at their best. Episodes with Fez as the center of attention never work and yet the show tried it on multiple occasions.

    A lot of quoteworthy lines here and definitely one that ushered in the "new" era of That 70's Show.
  • Eric's new, hot lab partner is smitten with him. Eric gets bothered when Donna isn't worried about her taking Eric away from her, but changes when she finds mysterious panties in the Vista Cruiser.

    Eric's got a new, very attractive lab partner. He knows that she thinks he's very, "groovy". (That word is too Brady Bunch, isn't it?) Anyhow, Eric has no feelings for her as of now, but still likes to see Donna get jealous that he's spending a lot of time with another girl, but gets bothered when he thinks she isn't worried at all. But cool, calm, and collected Donna soon turns the other way around when she finds panties in Eric's Vista Cruiser. While Hyde, Kelso, and Fez are giving Eric more respect they've ever given him in his life, he spends a bunch of time trying to explain to Donna that he has no idea whose panties those are, and how they got into his stationwagon. The major scene of the episode, that was featured on a "Like Your Friends, Only Funnier" commercial advertising the show on Teenick / The N: Donna, followed by Kelso and Fez run into The Hub, where Eric and his lab partner are working. (They had just made out, against Eric's will, before Donna entered the building) Donna screams out, not caring about the crowd at The Hub, "Whose panties are these!?" to Eric. He explains that they don't belong to his lab partner's, but Donna's not convinced. That is until her very attractive mother, Midge, runs into The Hub, collects the panties, exclaiming, "Donna, those are my panties!" and Kelso and Fez respectively bow down to Eric. (Of course, Eric didn't have sex or anything with Midge, she and Bob just did it in the Vista Cruiser, trying to find more ways to be creative) Finally, Eric and Donna are able to settle things, as we, thank goodness, see the last of the lab partner. Kinda hated how Eric tried to make Donna jealous in the first place, but it was wrong to assume that Eric had done "dirty things" with his lab partner, by Donna.
  • Eric nearly cheats on Donna.

    Eric is glad to have a hot new lab partner. And, he thinks that Donna will be jealous, but it turns out that Donna has complete trust in her boyfriend Eric. Hyde, Kelso, and Fez say that this means that Donna is giving Eric the ' okay ' to cheat on her. Eric considers it, but he decides not to. But, Donna finds a pair of panties in the Vista Cruiser and thinks that Eric is cheating on her. But, it turns out that it is really Midge's panties, and her and Bob were in the Vista Cruiser togehter.

    Love this episode!

  • Hilarious.

    This is why I watch this show. My favorite line from a fantasy sequence on this show - \\\"Panties! Glorious panties!\\\". Shouldn\\\'t have pulled that rope. And the heart wrenching tale of Tater Nuts, a wise man who once said \\\"Know thy self\\\", perhaps the funniest running joke in That 70s Show history. The ending is really surprising, with Midge claiming ownership of the panties in question. It turns out Midge and Bob borrowed the Vista Cruiser for a little \\\"excitement\\\". Kelso and Fez think that it was Midge and Eric, and begin bowing - classic. Also, when Jackie finds out whose panties they are, something impossible happens - Midge is not the dumbest one in the room. Excellent episode.
  • Panties! And more panties!

    Part of me watches this episode and says, "Great episode."
    The other part of me watches it and says, "Wow! That is a hell of a lot of panties! Where did they get them all? I hope they were clean."

    The reason that this episode is good is because when Donna finds the panties, you know that Eric wasn't the one doing it in the car (because that's something that Kelso would do, not Eric) so you have to wonder who they belong too. At first I thought it was Kitty, and then Laurie but I'm glad I was wrong.
  • One of my favourites

    This episode is hilarious with brilliant jokes including Michael “taternuts” Kelso, Red’s diet and Hyde seeing him sneak food and, of course, Hyde sticking cheese under the seats of the Vista Cruiser.

    The panty imagination scene was hilarious as was Kelso and Fez’s reaction when they find out they are Midge’s panties and Eric wanting Donna to be jealous.

    The whipped cream circle was hilarious and well written with both visual comedy and great quotes aswell.

    Overall, both of these plots are great with side-splitting side jokes aswell as ones to do with the plots and this proves how hilarious That 70s Show is.
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    This is easily one of the best That 70's Show episodes ever. Everything in this episode was great, especially the Tater Nuts storyline.

    When Donna started to wonder if Eric was cheating on her with his lab partner, Jackie says one of the funniest lines in the episode, "I mean, all guys cheat, but I never really thought of Eric as a guy. Yeah, he's like a really masculine girl. Kinda like you!"

    With the Tater Nuts story, Kelso slips on some mashed potatoes at lunch and racks himself on a pole, in which everyone calls him "Tater Nuts". When the guys are in the circle, Hyde says the best line in the whole episode, "Forget it Forman, you're not a cheater. Wise man once said, 'know thy self'. That man's name...was Tater Nuts!"

    Easily one of the top episodes in the series.
  • Eric has a slutty lab partner, and Kelso encourages him to cheat on Donna. He tries to make Donna jealous by spending a lot of time with his lab partner. She starts to get a little jealous, but becomes outraged when she finds a pair of panties in Eric's c

    This episode has to be one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen! It has a funny plot and it has lots of funny quotes! Tater nuts is one of the funniest names as well. I also liked how Kelso got the name.

    "Kelso was running across the cafeteria, and he slipped on some mashed potatoes. Then he went sliding into a pole with his legs spread. Everyone started to throw their darrots at him and started yelling 'tater nuts! tater nuts!' It was awesome!" -Donna

    Then, I also liked how Eric was trying to make Donna jealous, and all everyone else's quirky comments. I'd watch this over and over again!
  • Tater Nuts, Tater Nuts, Tater Nuts!!!

    Eric gets a hot slutty lab partner, and is miffed when Donna is not jealous when she sees them together. Instead, she is eager to tell him about how Kelso earned the nickname Tater Nuts earlier that day. But she gets really jealous when she finds a pair of panties in Eric's car. When she confronts him with them at The Hub, Midge storms in and says they are hers, which causes the guys to bow at Foremans feet. But Midge admits she and Bob had sex in the Vista Cruiser.
    Red goes to the doctor and finds out he has high blood pressure, so Kitty puts him on a strict diet and tells him no more beer. He sneaks a burger and fries and Hyde catches him.

    The 360 in this episode is a classic. They are passing around a can of whipped cream. Everyone in the circle keeps calling Kelso Tater Nuts, which really pisses him off.
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