That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 12

Eric's Stash

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2000 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- Kitty changing the subject when Eric asks her if he was an accident, Laurie telling Eric that Kitty and Red sued the condom factory, Fez saying that he hated Eric when Eric said he could not be a suspect in the theft of his money, and then Fez saying he was sorry and he loves Eric, Kelso freaking out on Jackie (There is no 'u' in teamwork!),"How could such a sad thing happen in such a fun place?", everyone knowing where Eric hid his money, amongst other things.

    good episode. the only thing that might lower my score was I was pretty sure it was Red who took Eric's money, and then at the end when it was revealed it was in fact Red, made it seem kind of predictable to me. But the rest was nice. Lot of funny parts, i thought, so my final grade is an A+

  • Eric's secret stash of money is missing and he suspects that Hyde stole his money

    I thought that this was a great episode of "That 70s Show". It would've been excellent but two things kind of ruined it but I'll get to that at the end of the episode. It was funny that Eric put his stash of money in the "Candyland" board game which everyone already knows that's where he keeps his money. Eric's stash of money goes missing. First, he goes to Laurie and asks her if she took his money but Laurie said "no" and then Laurie gets Eric convinced that Hyde took the money so Eric now suspects that Hyde took his money. Kelso's fantasy when he wins Mr. Dairy King or something like that was absolutely hilarious and really made me laugh hard. Kelso pushing Jackie to get her prepared for the beauty pageant was very funny. OMG, this quote also made me laugh hard... Jackie says "You guys, guess who is going to be the next miss beauty queen?" and then Fez responds "a cow". The very end with Jackie clog dancing at the beauty pageant was very funny. My score was just a little low because I didn't like how Eric accused Hyde of stealing his money and that Red was the one who stole Eric's money the whole time... like Eric said to Red, Red could've told Eric about it because a father doesn't steal money from his son or daughter. Overall, a great episode of "That 70s Show". 8.5/10
  • good episode

    in this episode we learn that is been a year since the events of the first episode. A crazy thing of this episode that we learn that Eric keeps all of his money in a freaking Candyland box and everyone knows of his Stash. Then someone steals all of his money it his own fault to keep it in other place like in Monopoly or the bank and we learn that it was Red that took Eric's stash and puts it back. You know my little sister saw this episode and she started putting all of her money in her candyland game box crazy
  • eric's stash

    "Maybe you hid it in Chutes N' Ladders?"
    "No, I checked."

    Interesting episode of That 70's Show. This was when the show was still finding itself, as they were unsure of how fast to take the Donna and Eric relationship (unfortunately, they had them talking in a car every single episode which proved to be boring.) and the show was still looking for its niche.

    You did not have the lol moments you often do with That 70's Show, but you did laugh here. It was just that this felt more like a Season 8 episode (when the show was terrible) than a Season 2 (when it was good) one.
  • Eric loses the money from his Candyland stash that he plans to use to buy a gift for Donna on the anniversary of their first kiss. Meanwhile, Kelso tries to help Jackie prepare for a beauty pageant.

    The one year anniversary of the night Eric and Donna first kissed (back in the series premiere) comes around and Eric plans to buy Donna an expensive piece of jewelry that I believe costs about sixty bucks. He has the money saved up in a stash in his Candyland game box. He's supposed to be hiding it, but pretty much everybody knows where he keeps his money. Eric falsely accuses Hyde of stealing the money. I'm with Hyde, and agreed that the accusation was ridiculous. Hyde may backstab Eric a lot, but only because he's a guy, and all guys his age do that kind of thing. But he wouldn't take money from Eric, even if he is poor. In the end, Eric doesn't find his money in time and has to give Donna a bunch of crappy flowers. She thinks they're awesome, like any girl would, but then when she sees the thing Eric was going to buy for her if he had the money, heck with the flowers! I want jewelry! Eventually, Eric finds out that Red stole the money to pay for part of the new water heater that was shown in the very beginning of the episode. Then Red makes Eric feel like the criminal when he scolds him for accusing Hyde. Meanwhile, Jackie has entered a Wisconsin beauty pageant, and Kelso wants Jackie to win, just so he can get closer to other, hotter girls. Fez is committed to helping Jackie, though, and is more of good use to her than Kelso is. In the end, we never find out if Jackie wins the pageant, but she is shown taking part in an awkward dance on stage as she shows off her talent! NOT.
  • The anniversary of Eric and Donna's first kiss has come.

    It is the anniversary of Eric and Donna's very first kiss, and Eric wants to buy Donna something very special, so he looks into his very special ('secret') Candy Land money stash. But, he discovers that all of the money that was in it when he last checked is now gone. At first, he suspects Laurie, but, he discovers that it can not be her, Kitty tells her that Laurie steals from her, not Eric. So, there's only one person in the house that Eric can suspect - and that is Hyde. Eric asks Hyde, and it causes a fight to break out between them. It turns out that Red stole all of the money for his new water heater.

  • Eric brings up the past...

    I like this episode because Eric brings up the past in which Hyde tried to steal Donna last year, & I liked how that fit in to this episode, It's easy to blame Hyde because of that reason. The B plot was really good, I like how Fez was comforting Jackie, & just when he thinks he is going to date her, she says "I love you" to Kelso. Back to the A plot, the ending was heart warming, Red's tough love saved their friendship, also when he's in the car with Donna & they're fighting for the watch, that was a powerful scene, a great episode.
  • Ah, the Candyland stash

    This episode is brilliantly written as it has very entertaining plots and even a moral at the end which I usually dislike but was pulled off well in this episode.

    Eric's aim to buy Donna a fake jewellry item and Red's ignorance as to borrow Eric's money without telling him was pure hilarity and the circle was great with Fez's line "Ooh, a mystery. Is Fez a suspect?" and Hyde pointing out Eric's obvious accusation.

    Everyone knowing where Eric's stash was is hilarious as is the revelation that Eric was an accident as evilly revealed by Laurie.

    Kelso and Jackie preparing for the beauty pageant was also very entertaining but not nearly as good as te Candyland plot.
  • Eric suspects Hyde of taking his 'secret' stash of money until he finds out Red had taken it to pay for a new water heater. Eric learns about trust between best friends.

    Eric's Stash is precisley why i watch this show, for the friendships. Eric learns about trust between friends, once again from Red's words of wisdom. When Red says that Hyde is Erics best friend you can tell that it has pulled on a heart string. Eric feels extremely guilty for blaming Hyde. Hyde then says some wise words that would always trigger forgiveness

    Hyde: 'Look man you can either forgive me for what happend with Donna or you don't, but you CAN'T keep holding it over my head!'

    This really touches Eric and when he says he is amazingly sorry Hyde being the friend he is forgives Eric and they are back to best friend basis. Eric really does learn about trust between 2 best friends.

    This episode is amazing!! I loved it!!