That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 12

Eric's Stash

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2000 on FOX

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  • Eric loses the money from his Candyland stash that he plans to use to buy a gift for Donna on the anniversary of their first kiss. Meanwhile, Kelso tries to help Jackie prepare for a beauty pageant.

    The one year anniversary of the night Eric and Donna first kissed (back in the series premiere) comes around and Eric plans to buy Donna an expensive piece of jewelry that I believe costs about sixty bucks. He has the money saved up in a stash in his Candyland game box. He's supposed to be hiding it, but pretty much everybody knows where he keeps his money. Eric falsely accuses Hyde of stealing the money. I'm with Hyde, and agreed that the accusation was ridiculous. Hyde may backstab Eric a lot, but only because he's a guy, and all guys his age do that kind of thing. But he wouldn't take money from Eric, even if he is poor. In the end, Eric doesn't find his money in time and has to give Donna a bunch of crappy flowers. She thinks they're awesome, like any girl would, but then when she sees the thing Eric was going to buy for her if he had the money, heck with the flowers! I want jewelry! Eventually, Eric finds out that Red stole the money to pay for part of the new water heater that was shown in the very beginning of the episode. Then Red makes Eric feel like the criminal when he scolds him for accusing Hyde. Meanwhile, Jackie has entered a Wisconsin beauty pageant, and Kelso wants Jackie to win, just so he can get closer to other, hotter girls. Fez is committed to helping Jackie, though, and is more of good use to her than Kelso is. In the end, we never find out if Jackie wins the pageant, but she is shown taking part in an awkward dance on stage as she shows off her talent! NOT.