That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 12

Eric's Stash

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This is the one-year anniversary of Eric and Donna's first kiss, which dates this episode one year from the pilot, That '70s Pilot.

    • Laurie: So, Kelso tells me Hyde tried to steal Donna last year. Is that true?
      Eric: No. I mean, well... he tried but he didn't succeed.

      Hyde kissed Donna while the gang was at Jackie's ski cabin in the first season episode Ski Trip; Kelso, and everyone else, found out about it in Halloween, earlier this season.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Jackie Blue (1974) by Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

  • Quotes

    • Jackie: Michael is gonna be my pageant boy!
      (everyone snickers)
      Hyde: Pageant boy!
      Kelso: Jackie, I am not a pageant boy, I'm a beauty coach!
      Hyde: Yeah, that's a lot better, Kelso.

    • Kelso: Hey! Jackie, let's get to work!
      Jackie: Well, Michael, we've already done a lot. I mean, I decided on this dress, and Fez is gonna do my hair.
      Kelso: All right, but I-I'm gonna tell you something, Jackie. I've seen pictures of his people, and they aren't pretty.
      Fez: Bite me, pageant boy.

    • Fez: So, Eric, which rat bastard…do you think stole your money?
      Eric: Well, I mean, it's anyone's guess. For all I know, I mean, it could be
      someone in this very room!
      Fez: Whoa-ho-ho! How exciting. A mystery. Is Fez a suspect?
      Eric: Yeah, probably not, Fez.
      Fez: Why not? I can be evil! I hate you. See? (long pause) Oh, Eric, I don't hate you, I love you, I'm sorry!

    • (asking Jackie what she'll accomplish as Miss Dairy Princess)
      Kelso: Burn! You just lost, lady!
      Jackie: Well, Michael, I was thinking!
      Kelso: Oh, really? Well, in 1974, Miss Alabama started thinking. Do you know where she is now? Alabama.
      Jackie: Eww!

    • Donna: So Jackie, does the winner get a scholarship or something?
      Kelso: Psst, who cares? College is for ugly girls who can't get modeling contracts.
      Donna: No, college is for women who don't wanna marry the first idiot they meet, and squeeze out his bastard moron children.

    • Jackie: Oh my god, you guys! Guess who's gonna be in the Miss Dairy Princess Pageant?
      Fez: Oh, I know! A cow?

    • Eric: So, guys. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Donna's and my first kiss. And, just for that I'm gonna give her something really special.
      Fez: You've been trying to give her that for a year, and so far...

    • Eric: Oh, hey, here comes a dumb question. Uh, I wasn't a mistake, was I?
      Kitty: Oh, for... for... Okay! Who wants some cocoa?

    • Kelso: Hey, you know what a funny word is? Pickle-Weasel!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Eric: This is the best water heater ever! God bless us, every one.
      Red: You know why Tiny Tim walked with a crutch?
      Eric: 'Cause he had a smart mouth?
      Red: That's right.

      Eric's line, "God bless us, every one!" is the famous last line, spoken by Tiny Tim, in the novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, written in 1843. Tiny Tim walked with a crutch, but was always optimistic in the face of hardships.