That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 21

Fez Dates Donna

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2001 on FOX
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Fez Dates Donna
Fez and Donna pretend to date so Caroline will leave him alone, but she stalks him anyways, until Fez tells her he doesn't like her any more. Bob reads the deed to his house and discovers that he owns half of Red's garage but Red sets him straight by turning the deed around and proving him wrong. Eric and Hyde have a pool going on when Kelso and Jackie will fight.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Favorite episode of Season 3.

    This episode is plain hysterical. Since my favorite recurring star on That 70's Show is Crazy Caroline, I love when she lashes out, it's so funny. And I loved to see a couple that I haven't seen before, Donna & Fez! I love when Caroline is stalking them & their kissing & having fun. I also love the B plot where Eric is walking around as a "bachelor" with no pants on is also something you can laugh at. The C plot where a pool is going on & it goes to drastic measures made me laugh. Finally the D plot where Bob thinks he owns some land of Red's but really the map was upside down. There is no dull part in this episode. It is flawless.moreless
  • Fez as Ricky Ricardo

    The best scene in this episode would be the 'I love Lucy' dream. Fez plays Ricky Ricardo (Actually, Wilmer Valderrama learned English from 'I love Lucy' reruns.) and Donna plays Lucy. Ricky comes home and sees Lucy all covered in molasses because she was making molasses cookies for her band. And as Ricky hugs Lucy, they both get stuck together. And the doorbell rings, and it's Red and Kitty as Fred and Ethel respectively. Ricky tells Fred that they're both stuck together in molasses so Fred gets them unstuck. And Lucy lands in a bowl of flour that Ethel gives Lucy for her cookies and she cries like Lucy.

    Another good part of this show is that Eric Forman is in his underwear most of the time.moreless
  • A lot of great plots

    Crazy Caroline stalks ex-boyfriend Fez while he pretends to be dating Donna: hilarious plot!

    Eric living the bachelor life by talking to himself and boycotting pants: hysterical plot!

    Bob moving stuff into Red’s garage since it’s “technically” his property: entertaining plot!

    The gang doing pools to see when Kelso and Jackie would fight next: very amusing plot!

    The ends to each of these storylines are also very funny, with the revelation that Bob was reading the map upside down, Kelso wanting to be a part of the pool and Red being the winner, Donna simply saying “Fez doesn’t like you” and Caroline giving up and Eric deciding to stop his bachelorhood and watch a ballerina movie.

    Overall, there are no dull scenes in this immensely humorous episode full of laughs, insanity and twists.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Red explains to Bob he actually owns a part of his property, Bob tells Red to leave, and Red stops at the front door, meaning this part of the house belongs to him. However, as seen from the outside, when people go over to Pinciottis', they walk around the house, so the front door is actually the furthermost part of the house from Formans' property. There's no way Red could have owned just this part of the property without owning the entire house.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      I Only Wanna Be With You (1976) by The Bay City Rollers;
      Strange Magic (1975) by ELO.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Bob: I'm looking at a deed to the property and the map shows that I own a couple feet of your driveway and a little bit of your garage.
      Red: How'd you like to own a little bit of my foot in your ass?

    • Donna: Alright, enough. Caroline, Fez doesn't like you any more.
      Caroline: Is that true Fez?
      Fez: Yes.
      Caroline: Then I guess we are over. Okay, enjoy your movie. (bumps into Eric on her way out)
      Eric: Ow!
      Caroline: Sorry! Hey Eric, looking good! Call me!

    • Red: Bob, that's my stuff! You put the heck back my stuff.
      Bob: Sorry Red. It was in my part of the garage.
      Kitty: What are you talking about? (to Red) What is he talking about?
      Red: Kitty, let me talk to him. Bob? Get the heck out of my garage.
      Bob: Fine. (moves over to Red's workbench)

    • Fez: Caroline, I was just offering my girlfriend Donna a sip from my straw. We don't care about germs because she had her tongue in my mouth.
      Caroline: You know what I think? I think this is all an act. I don't think you two are dating.
      Fez: Well maybe this will convince you. (grabs Donna and tries to kiss her) Come on, Donna, put some leg into it! (Donna pushes Fez away)

    • Jackie: Come on Michael, Lets go somewhere where our love is accepted!
      Eric: While you're there, you might want to check out the monkey cages.

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