That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 12

Fez Gets the Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2001 on FOX
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Fez Gets the Girl
Fez has a crush on a girl but is too shy to approach her, so Donna sets them up together. Donna wins two tickets to see Led Zeppelin in concert but Eric can't go because he has to work so she gives one to Fez and the other to Caroline, the girl that Fez has a crush on, because Kelso, Hyde and Jackie keep fighting over who she's going to take. Eric is named Price Mart employee of the month and it goes to his head. Laurie uses Kitty as a hair model and Kitty doesn't like the job she did but won't tell her because Laurie wants to quit already after only two weeks in beauty school.moreless

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  • name that song

    Does any one know the name of the song that was playing while fez and caroline were at the led zeppelin concert holding hands at the end?

    Thanks i would really appreciate your help When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum.

    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum.

    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum.

    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum.

    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum.moreless
  • Meet Caroline from Sacred Heart. She's your pure and remedied next door neighbor.. who happens to _____. Stay from caution, as she _______ to your love life.

    Well, now that you gotten your dose of spoliers, let's try to concieve this episode.

    Okay, so Fez has this kinda problem. With Caroline. Does she liek him? Does he care? Well, here's the answere to bothL yes! Recent polls show that local resident Donna Pinciotti gave up her concert tickets for these two! It appers that the competitors, Michale Kelso, Steven Hyde, and Jacquelin Burkhert has dispised it. I, for one, LOVE this kind of inmetation.

    In other news, the Forman residence has gotten in battle. Pricemart employee family Red and Eric are fighting for Eric's time there, and this reporter thinks it's just pretty. The only thing I really didnt care about is daughter Laurie's new salon look on her mother, Kitty. Terribly wrong. Shouldn't be in this episode.

    Perhaps, there is peace. But, for now, laugh at it.moreless
  • Caroline, one of my favorite guest stars is introduced to the series.

    Donna has two tickets for a Led Zeppelin concert, but Eric won the title as employee of the month at Price Mart, recieving a small raise, and he won't go with her because he has to work that night. Donna decides that she does not want to go, and she gives the tickets to Fez, and a girl, Caroline, that appears to like Fez, and it looks like Fez likes her as well. They go to the concert, and are together all night. Eric obsesses over his job at Price Mart.

    Allison Munn is great, I love her on That '70s Show because I love her on What I Like About You.

  • My favorite guest star is introduced!

    Crazy Caroline (Alison Munn) is amazing on That 70's Show that's why I love the episode so much. Her craziness is apparent in this episode. "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" She says that in the stall. It's so nice of Donna giving up her tickets to Caroline & Fez, I also love how Jackie, Kelso & Fez fight over the tickets. Caroline & Fez were hooked up. My favorite part is when he tries to talk to Caroline & he drops the fries, that was so funny also when he starts dancing with her in his imagination. Crazy Caroline is great, bottom line!moreless
  • I loved this episode!

    Fez has a big crush on a girl but cant talk to her. Whats new? Donna says she'll help him, but it ends in disaster when Fez pulls a not so smooth move...I thought it was wierd when we realized Caroline liked Fez! Also it was funny when Caroline said quote: "I gotta go...use the...banyo...*walks into stall* STUPID STUPID STUPID!" That really made me laugh...and I dont do that a whole ton when I watch that seventy's show. But in a conclusion, this was a classic, funny downright good episode with lots of slapstick humor. I love this episode so much!moreless

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    • Kitty: Red, would you like to be a hair model?
      Red: Kitty, I would like to have hair, period. But I don't, so no.

    • Laurie: Cosmetology is too hard! I'm quitting.
      Kitty: Laurie, don't you think I wanted to quit nursing school a hundred times? The first time I put in a catheter, it broke off.

    • Kelso: Jackie, why do you wanna go anyway? You hate Led Zeppelin.
      Jackie: I never said I hated them, Michael. For your information, I think Led is HOT!

    • (after Eric said he can't go to the Led Zeppelin concert)
      Donna: Eric, it's okay. I knew you weren't gonna go. You're a really responsible guy. I love and hate that about you. Well, since, uh- Since Mr. Smock here is being all logical...I guess I'll have to take one of you losers.
      Jackie: Take a loser where?
      Donna: Zeppelin!
      Jackie: Zeppelin? Oh, my God! That's a band, right?

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    • (Kitty's hair is a frizzy afro)
      Bob: Hey there, Harpo, where's your horn?
      Kitty: Bob, are you making fun of my hair?

      Bob calls Kitty "Harpo" and asks about her horn. This is a reference to Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers, who had frizzy hair, and used a horn to communicate.

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