That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 9

Forgotten Son

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2001 on FOX

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  • Red picks Kelso to be stockboy for the PriceMart commercial leaving Eric stunned, Kitty and Donna become friends which makes Eric uncomfortable, and Leo, Hyde, ans Fez go on a shopping spree

    I thought that this was a great episode of "That 70s Show". It would've been an excellent episode but one thing ruined my score which Kitty and Donna and not even caring what Eric thinks of it and feel uncomfortable seeing them spend time with each other. I just felt like both Kitty and Donna were careless but it was nice that Kitty decided to stop spending time with Donna when she sees how uncomfortable it makes Eric. Eric decides that Kitty and Donna should be friends as long as they don't talk about Eric which they do. That was Eric/Donna/Kitty plot I was talking about right now. Eric/Red/Kelso plot was very funny when Red picked Kelso to be his stockboy for the PriceMart commercial. Kelso's ideas for the PriceMart commercial was absolutely hilarious. Red picking Eric as stockboy towards the end of the episode was good and the stock PriceMart commercial really had me laugh hard with both Red and Eric in the commericial. Eric/Red/Kelso plot was very funny but I think Hyde/Fez/Leo plot was funnier. Hyde/Fez/Leo plot was about when Leo has the money that he inherited from his uncle so Leo, Hyde, and Fez go on a shopping spree. The ending of the plot was hilarious when Leo just had a sweepstakes the whole time and didn't have money. It was hilarious when Leo said "So, where's the money?" and then Fez responds "There is no money you son of a b**ch". Overall, I didn't enjoy the Eric/Donna/Kitty plot too much but the other two plots made up for that so this was a great episode of "That 70s Show" because of those two other plots. 8/10
  • 409

    A great episode of That 70s Show that offered us a lot of fantasies, and just hilarious moments. We've got a lot of great Eric & Jackie interactions, and this episode made me realize that they really deserve more scenes together in the show's run. They're the most likable, and they're just absolutely hysterical together.

    As opposed to Kitty & Donna, who's interactions were lacking. They bounced off of Eric's one liners, and the scene at the very end, was funny but not quite the best thing about the episode. Kelso was definitely the highlight of the episode, with his interactions with Red, and his ridiculous Travolta impression.

    So who else loved the dressing room montage? Definitely the best scene of the entire episode. The twist at the end was unpredictable, but really, who really thought that Leo actually inherited one million dollars from his uncle? Fez was also particularly funny with the cockatoo. Overall, another great installment of the best season of this show.
  • Kelso the Stockboy

    I missed the episode where Midge actually leaves but this seems like a good follow up episode, with great scenes and plots, whether it be Leo being rich, Kitty and Donna bonding or Kelso being in the stock boy video.

    Kelso feeling that he needed to act, like Travolta, no less, is hysterical, as is him trying to come up with a background for his “character” which easily makes this my favourite plot of all three funny storylines.

    Donna and Kitty bonding was very good because it shows that Donna still has a mother figure next door, even if it isn’t the real thing, and Eric’s jealousy is what makes this plot very funny, his paranoia that they tell embarrassing stories about him and look at naked baby pictures both being amusing additions to this episode which shows that each plot in this episode is entertaining and true to the characters, making this a great instalment to That 70’s Show.