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Do we REALLY like Jackie with Hyde?

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    [41]Mar 20, 2009
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    i loved jackie and hyde and the thing is just like in season 7 hyde asked eric what he thought about him and Jackie an d he said before Jackie Hyde was just some pissed off guy in FOrmans basement but after they had a rekationship he seemed................ happy life maybe he did change from the origional one everyone fell in love with but he changed in a sorta positive way i mean i loved him the entire show long but after he hooked up with Jackie he was different he was a guy that wes actually n touch with hs feelings he never expressed them in front of others but he made heart felt decisions and honestly became deep and kinda thoughtful but not really he setteled down more and honestly became a more mature person i mean we fell in love with the bad boy Hyde but the newer one was honest to the people he (secretly) cared about and just over all the perfect guy for Jackie smart, sensitive, thoughtful, caring, and hones but still sort of a rebel but not totaly ompleatly like he used to be but now he was evn more suitable for a girl ad relationshi than he used to be overall i luv Jackie and Hyde
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    Do you really wish that Jackie had ended up with Hyde?
    Yeah I actually do. At first I was thinking how Hyde ever became Jackie's boyfriend but then as I watched some of the Season 7 episodes, I really began to like seeing them together.

    Do you really ship Jackie/Hyde?

    Do you just want Hyde to not end up alone?
    No. He wouldn't end up alone anyways.

    Is it because you think Fez can handle being alone better than Hyde can?
    Not really a good reason.
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    [43]May 18, 2009
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    They are my favorite couple on the show i have got to say...they are the underdog couple and they balance each other out. I love them....I think that Jackie should have stayed with Hyde! Jackie and Hyde=LOVE
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    + my favorite episode of the Jackie & Hyde relationship was when they went on their 1st date. that was so cute.

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    [45]Oct 9, 2011
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    Jackie and Hyde were cute, because, as they say, opposites attract. She was the princess, and, well, he was the "frog". He didn't care about money, except for making it, and he didn't like country clubs and proms and she did. It was cute though, when she thought it cool to date "the bad boy".

    Jackie and Kelso are the most annoying couple, because, let's face it, they're both annoying. I don't blame her for ditching him (several times) because he cheated on her. He ditched her the last time.

    Jackie and Fez are cute together. I knew it since that Roller Disco episode, they go together like bread and butter.
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    [46]Oct 15, 2011
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    I didn't like them together when it first happened, but as season 5 progressed they grew on me. Like other people said they did bring out the good in each other (and some bad). They made a good beta couple IMO and that surprised me. By season 6 I was just as invested in them as Eric and Donna. I would have liked Hyde and Jackie to end up together, but I could understand why they broke up in the middle of season 7. Hyde wasn't sure he wanted to settle down and Jackie did. It was becoming a bigger issue, so them breaking up made since. When they got back together I was happy, but in the grand scheme of things that was pointless. Season 8 they broke up in such a stupid way when they already laid down a good reason for them to break up in season 7. I thought it was stupid to bring them back together just to break them up like five episodes later. What I got was how in the first episode of season 8 that Hyde still seemed to love Jackie, but after Sam comes he acts like he is over Jackie.

    I needed more time to see Fez and Jackie before I can make a call on them. The series has shown moments that made me think Fez and Jackie would be good together in earlier seasons. She's always had a sweet spot, but I felt season 8 made too many jokes on how Jackie went from Kelso to Hyde and how characters, Donna, the therapist, and even Fez questioned if it was genuine. Hell the very last circle Kelso and Hyde even joked about how Jackie was passed around. I half expected them to tell Eric to watch out since he was the only one left.. I think since it happened in the end of season 8 there was no time to disprove that. In a lot of ways Fez felt more like the rebound guy than Hyde did when he and Jackie got together in season 5 to me. I think Fez and Jackie has the potential to be good, but there wasn't enough time to explore it.

    I liked Jackie with Hyde. I wanted them to stay together. I felt their break up in season 8 was bad and that if they did not want them together that they should have just kept them broken up in season 7, with them wanting different things and not the Kelso/stripper thing.

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    [47]Dec 10, 2011
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    I might of just liked Hyde. I liked Hyde and Jackie better than her and Kelso because Hyde wasn't as much of a pushover as Kelso was. He taught Jackie to grow up and stop thinking about herself as much.
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    [48]Feb 21, 2012
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    I love Jackie. And she was best with Hyde. Kelso never really loved or cared about her. Not like Hyde did.
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    Whether or not we really like Jackie with Hyde (although I do), they very much belong together and it makes sense. They simply deserve each other; both characters are generally jerks to other people. So, it makes sense for Jackie who's full of herself, annoying, and high maintenance to be with Hyde, the guy who hates relationships, puts everybody down, and barely wants to care. And vice versa for Hyde. So they get what they deserve. It just feels right. Its poetic justice.

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