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    I had not felt there was really a need to post forum rule before, but a couple of users have made it painfully obvious that this is needed.

    This site is owned by CNET; they set the rules and you agreed to those rules when you signed up here. It's your duty to know what those rules are. I have no intention of telling you in small words what those rules are.

    Read the Terms Of Service. (see message #2 for TOS)

    Read the Terms of Use.

    It is also up to you to follow those rules; it's difficult to follow them if you don't know what they are, and that's why you should read them.

    I did not make these rules. If you don't like the rules, fine... but don't complain to me about it. Don't complain about me enforcing the rules either. I really doubt that would carry any weight with either the site moderators or the CNET staff, but you're more than welcome to complain to them about me if you really want to.

    There are a few things that are not specifically covered by the TOS, so I'll deal with that here:

    Game Threads
    Are NOT allowed. Any game threads will be locked/deleted as soon as I see them. I originally had no problem with game threads, but,... a few users abused that to the point of ridiculousness and ruined it for everyone. The TOS leaves game threads up to the discretion of the individual show editors, and that means it's my choice. And my choice is: NO.

    Information that can be found elsewhere on this site
    These threads are NOT allowed. What I mean by this is that anyone who starts a thread asking "When is the next episode?" or "How many times did ~this~ character appear?" can expect that thread to be locked/deleted. This information is available in the episode guide. There are pages and pages of information here. Please use the episode guide information.

    Likewise, starting a thread to announce something that was published in the news months ago, without starting some discussion about it is also NOT allowed. However, since I'm feeling generous, threads asking "What episode did ~this~ happen in?" will be allowed. I realize that there are (or will be) 200 episodes. So if you want to know which episode was the first one where Jackie broke up with Kelso, or something like that, that's fine. You can start a thread to ask.

    Doubtful Situations
    I will err on the side of caution. I had previously been giving the benefit of the doubt. That is no longer the case. If something looks iffy, and could go either way... I'll assume the worst and lock/delete it.

    These rules are not open for discussion.

    Thank you

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