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FOX (ended 2006)

wow, the new series really aint great

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    ok, im from the uk but i couldn't wait any longer after hearing the negative comments (plus, the uk probs wont get it til like q3 2006 at the earliest imo) about the show so i downloaded the first 6 eps

    but anyway, its goin really bad

    I think the new credits could have been really cool with the orignial 6 but now it looks quite rubbish with the guy who plays randy trying way to hard to look cool (while hyde does it effortlessly and fez is characteristically wierd).

    Randy is in general a rubbish character which isnt the fault of the actor (though hes certainly not as good at acting as topher!), its mainly the faults of the writers for some really lazy character design. Theyve just looked at the other three guys, found what they though were the appeals of them all and then amalgamated them into one character. This sounds great but it makes him too perfect, he always knows what to say, he doesn't seem to have any weaknesses and hes just settled right into the group which sucks, he should have been hazed or something.

    anyway, beyond randy, hyde and jackie are never on screen together any more and I think that they really need to get together, even more than donna and eric do. Sam is just annoying and all of her bits so far seem really boring. Fez is trying really hard (and this is more through wilber trying to make the character work) but because hes got much more exposure than before, he becomes a bit annoying! I was watching the end of the episode where he won the bike and randy tell him (it had to be him), that it had expired. When prancing about and laying into randy, you can see him tyring hard to get the laughs, yet it just really wasn't funny, too obvious.

    I dunno what they can do to fix it though. Bringing back topher and ashton is probs too much to ask but having at least one of them back for the second half would be good! Maybe sam and randy dieing like charlie did (he was annoying but would have been better than randy) in a freak joint accident would be cool.
    a dream sequence would suck but if they have another series then id welcome it. and i hope they do have another series to reclaim its glory. Topher and ashton owe another good seires to the show for all that its given then. I dont know but i think only danny could have been this big if he hadnt done the show. Kelso was the perfect foil to fez becuase thye were similar so bringing him bakc full time and having fez and him on screen more would work. donna should never get with randy, that would be the worsyt thing ever
    and yer hyde should get bakc with jackie
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