That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 7

Fun It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on FOX

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  • Funniest episode in the series!

    This is exactly why I watch this show! I laughed until I couldn't speak. Eric is gone in Africa. Eric, Donna, Hyde, Jackie, Fez, and Randy are bored. They decide to prank Fatso Burger. They conclude that they will steal Fatso the Clown. Later, Kitty comes down into the basement and discovers Fatso after seeing the news. Hyde explains that there is nothing to do in this town. They then try to return Fatso the Clown to Fatso Burger. It's the best episode in the 8th season. It may be the best there is. You must see this episode.

    Whether it's Bob getting into an argument with a ceramic clown, Jackie's irrational fear of clowns, Red pretending to care about the stolen clown or Fez making out with the Fatso clown, this episode is bound to turn your clown upside down. I'll try to go through the rest of the review without using the C-word again, but I'm not making any promises.

    Anyway, a whole episode based around Fatso is hilarious, and everyone's reactions to the gang's latest rebellions were hilarious, though some jokes seemed familiar, for instance "righty loosey, lefty tighty" has been done in Scrubs, but of course this is still a standout episode, considering Eric and Kelso aren't in it, and as Hyde sums up, the whole episode turned out to be quite a waste of time, until their vandalism object was destroyed. Either way, I managed to get through the whole second paragraph without saying clown. Aw, dammit. Foots in asses!
  • Another funny That 70's show Adventure!

    I love this episode- Its one of my favorites! "FUN IT" is a classic example of why I watch this show. With all of the gang involved, this episode gets extra hilarious. when Donna, Eric, Randy, and everyone else get totally bored out of their minds, they go to Fatso Burger. Then, the group decides to take on a Fatso clown heist – the clown head at the drive thru of fatso burger- when they are outraged at not being able to have their rights to two ketchup bottles at their table! Things get even better when everything go horribly wrong, like anticipated- After all, its was RANDY KELSO who made up this ingenious plan to strike back at the Fatso Burger manager... we all knew what was coming. The plot of this episode in general was very comedic, and so is the little skits they put in it- how Jackie is attacked by the clown head that haunts her at the end of the show, how Fez pickles Donna, and how everything just back fires! Definitely worth watching.
  • The gang decide to steal a statue of Fatso the Clown! 'Nuff said.

    This is one really funny episode of the final season of the show. Some people might not find the final season of That 70's Show funny at all, due to the new guy, Randy. I say, SO WHAT?!? I can handle almost any new character that debutes on a game, movie, whatever. If they don't agree with my opinion, T.S. Anyway, the gang decide to have fun by stealing the statue of the Fasto Burger mascot, Fatso the Clown. Jackie did not like what they did because she has a fear of clowns. Kitty hears what had happened and she is really disappointed. Red sees the gang with the statue, but he isn't mad at them; in fact, he thought what they did was good, since he never liked the statue. Kitty sees the statue and orders them to put it back. I like this episode because it reminds me of my sister, Candi; she's afraid of clowns like Jackie.
  • Very funny

    I thought this episode was great! Lots of good jokes, I laughed out loud a lot more watching this than I have in a long time.

    The new guy is starting to fit in a little better too.. I'm actually starting to like him a little! I don't really miss Eric and Kelso as much as I thought I would either, the show still makes me laugh, and that's what's important, I guess! I hope Eric and Kelso come back for the finale, though.

    Anyways, I loved this one. That whole clown thing was just really funny to me. Everyone did a great job.. fun fun fun!
  • This is rather a flashback into the good old show, rather than tribute.

    Oh, my, god. I just LOVE this episode! Obviously, this was the second best Season 8 episode. The gang tries vandilizing. Yup, the same ole' thing they did last 7 years ago!

    I think Fez sets the record for us fans, that we hate Randy too.
    "Boo Randy, Yay Fez!"
    And, really, the whole Fatso the clown talking thing was just funny, I kept laughing for about 10 minuets.

    There's even more, thanks to Blonda Donna. Yah! With the "Pickle Attack!" and the "This Frekin' rocks!" and the "I'm keepin' the nose!" Funny, funny, Donna!

    About the only thing that ruined to score was that Randy was the one who suggested it. I mean, could it be Fez, because- well, Randy just is too- normal for this!

    Overal Score;
  • Very funny episode, which means very good!

    The guys doing silly things. I know I'm repeating myself, but this is what That '70s show should be all about. IMHO series 5 and 6 were boring, as they were too based on relationships, and the characters which were not involved in them were doing mostly nothing and almost forgotten. On the contrary I really like these few new episodes, where all the characters (probably just because there's one less now, without counting the various samantha - will she ever be back?, brooke, etc...) take part in the events and are all very funny. I wish the upcoming episodes will just be as good.
  • The gang steal a clown in order to get fun...

    Well, this episode was really funny and I think that it was not that bad but I don't think that it was that great either, I think that it was just fine and I think that even tough Season 8 is completely ruining the general idea and the good concept we have of this series, this episode was not THAT bad, but I still believe that they could have done it better, well the case is that I think it was okay, it didn't bore me, it was alright.
  • Ok Randy has to go!

    I've given him a chance! (6 episodes to be precise) but I'm afraid that I can't stand Randy any more.

    He's everything Eric is not. He was able to get the car from Red with ease. (That's not supposed to happen!) I know Fez is uncomfortable with him around and so am I!

    It has lost a bit of its class without two major characters, but there is enough there from Hyde, Donna and the others to keep me entertained.

    There were some good points in this episode though. Jackie's running battle with clowns was great and that final scene with her dreaming was hilarious.
  • Fez and Bob were hilarious, the rest? Eh.

    Like I said, the argument between Bob and Fez at the drive through was easily the highlight of the show. You can tell that the show has lost some of it's spark without Eric and Kelso. Even thugh Randy is the new guy, they should really be focusing their efforts on Jackie, Fez and Bob, who easily carry the show.

    All in all, an fair episode, not bad, but noticably the worst of the season so far.
  • Fez and Bob were hilarious, the rest? Eh.

    Like I said, the argument between Bob and Fez at the drive through was easily the highlight of the show. You can tell that the show has lost some of it's spark without Eric and Kelso. Even thugh Randy is the new guy, they should really be focusing their efforts on Jackie, Fez and Bob, who easily carry the show.

    All in all, an fair episode, not bad, but noticably the worst of the season so far.
  • 807

    Entertaining, if anything else. I must say this isn't an awful installment to the season. It was just an entertaining half hour, that gives you some laughs from time to time. But of course we've got the same season eight annoyances.

    Is Laura Prepon for real? I wonder what was going through her mind when she was reading the script. I really lost respect for Laura Prepon in this episode, she was just disappointing, and the fact that she was running around like an out of character idiot was extremely annoying. And how come no one else is noticing how ridiculous the characters have become? Watching the first episode of That 70s Show, you wouldn't think of Donna as someone who would want to kidnap, would you?

    I'll have to admit, this episode was one of the better episodes of season eight, but we've got Randy who is especially annoying in this episode, and then we've got Jackie, afraid of clowns? Come on, That 70s Show, you can do better than that. When Fez threw the pickle on Donna's forehead and everyone laughed, I felt like the audience was forced too, it was not funny at all.

    The good thing about this episode, is that it was entertaining and funny in small doses, but that's about it. Season eight continues with it's normal mediocrity.
  • If this episode was a horse....

    Allright, first off I want to say I've been a big fan of this show since the start. I look forward to downloading every new episode off the internet and have em' all on disc, well almost all. O.K. that said, this was the absolute worse episode ever. That Randy character is totally worthless for starts and getting him this involved in an episode was a very bad move(it's just a bad casting decision is what the prob is here. He must be someone in management's relative). The sad thing here is, Randy is not the major problem with this episode. The script is the worse ever, the characters are all apathetic, and the plot in and of itself has no bearing of resemblance to anything previous to this. The exchange between Fez and Bob is the one redeeming point, in all fairness, but it can't save the episode (this is the only reason I gave it a 0.7). I don't know if they fired the writers and just told the actors to "roll of the cuff". Everyone is looking just too old and they really seem like they aren't even trying anymore. It's sad. If the episode was a horse, I'd shoot it. I guess there's something to be said for ending a good thing while it still is.
  • The gang goes to a burger store and Randy supposedly becomes anitiated through stealing some clown head.

    This episode showed how bad this show has become Donna acted like a moron instead of the cool girl and too much was playd off of jackie being afraid of clowns. Randy doesn\\\\\\\'t fit into the group he doesn\\\\\\\'t have any distiguished qualities. Donnas the cool chick, jackies the bubblegum, kelsos the looker, hydes the anarchist, erics the average guy who everyone mooches off of, and fez is the foreign guy. Randy doesn\\\\\\\'t fit at all, and he makes corny jokes.