That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 1

Garage Sale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1999 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- red and kitty being high (midge and bob were high but surprisingly, not really that entertaining whilst being so), fez kissing jackie and jackie telling donna that it was the best kiss of her life, the scene where eric and hyde scold red after selling the vista cruiser, hude's 'lesson' being that he can get away with anything, amongst other things.

    good episode. It was really funny to see Red and Kitty high. The plots weren't very interesting, but the reason my score is perfect is because this episode is just really funny. Fans should like it, I imagine. A+ episode.

  • A nice Season 2 means this is gonna be awesome.

    In this episode, Eric and family are having a garage sale. Eric, despises his life-line, has not decided to go with Donna to see. Hyde, however, plans to make some browinies (HIGH brownies). But, when Red and the other grown ups eat them, things get tricky, as he sells Eric's car. OOHH!

    Meanwhile, Fez has thought Jackie has loved him, so, he tries planting one on her, which leads to Kelso punching him (I thought Fez's freeze powers was awesome) Eventually, this happens, that happns, and blah blah blah, eric has the Vista Cruiser back.

    I actually love this episode. This, I could recite through my sleep. hee. Thanks.
  • Season 2 Premiere

    Definitely an overrated episode of That 70s Show, the best episode ever? I don't think so, but nonetheless this was a really hilarious and memorable episode. There's a first time for everything, Eric & Donna's parents get high accidentally. This was one of the first sitcoms that have ever had a situation like this, getting high on weed brownies. This is repeated on many sitcoms later on, but I think this episode changed television to be honest, that's why it's probably known to be one of the best episodes of That 70s Show.

    Hilarious all the way through from Red selling the vista cruiser to all the parents in the circle, this was a hysterical episode. Fez kissing Jackie was also very funny, Jackie's first signs that she might like him is definite development and it was a nice tie in with Eric & Donna in the end.

    A very special episode of That 70s Show that was hysterical, memorable, eventful and just an amazing way to kick off season 2.
  • great episode

    now this episode had very funny movements. it starts off with a garage sale were hyde sells special brownies" which contain the source of the doing the circle. thats right Hyde put weed in it man. meanwhile Fez think that Jackie is in love with him. It was so funny when Fez kisses Jackie and Kelso punches him. And the funny think of this episode that Eric and Donna's parents ate the Weed Brownies and did there own Circle LMAO! it was so funny and Red sold Eric's car and bought up Peter Cottontail that was so funny Hoping down the bunny tail Easter is on it's way LMAO!
  • The Best Episode EVER!

    Red and Kitty hold a Garage Sale to get some money so they can support the Forman family. Kelso, Jackie, Donna and Fez goes to the Movies, that's when Fez kisses Jackie because he thought Jackie was flirting with him. Hyde makes "Special" brownies for the Garage Sale, even though Eric asks him not to.
    Hyde leaves some special brownies in the oven accidently, and Kitty pulls them out from the oven and gives them to Bob, Midge, Red and Herself. Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge get High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The next scene is Kitty, Red, Bob and Midge in a circle. Where Red accidentely sells the Vista Cruiser. So, Red, Hyde and Eric go to get it back, even though it takes them a while to get it out of Red. Jackie then Says to Donna that the Kiss with Fez is the Best she's ever had. Kelso goes to Fez and straightens things out and Eric gets his car back.
    The credits are Red and Kitty eating a whole table full of food, until Red says that Hot Dogs would be great for dessert.
  • Nothing really special in this episode...except for the fact that ERICS PARENTS GET HIGH AS A KITE

    This episode was hillarious. Reds losing his job and the gang sets up a garage sale.But meanwhile kitty tells hyde to help and he helps making SPECIAL brownies which i think you know whats in it. Hyde notices he hasnt made much money because he didnt sell alot of brownies because he accidently left in kittys oven which eric and donnas parents eat the "special" brownies and they end up getting high lol. If this wasnt bad enough red ends up selling the vista cruiser to an unknown man.Eric,hyde and red take back the cruiser and in the end hyde doesnt even learn a lesson lol
  • Hyde contributes to the Formans' garage sale by cooking up some "special brownies", which are a success until Red, Kitty, Bob, and Midge get a hold of them. Next thing you know, the Vista Cruiser has been sold for $200!

    This was a great way to kick off the new season. We already know because it was mentioned so many times in Season 1, that money is tight around the Forman household. So hopefully a garage sale can help the family out a bit. Kitty says that Hyde's smile is enough contribution to the family already, but Red quickly says it's not. Then Kitty proposes that Hyde can sell lemonade, or even better, have a bake sale - with brownies! And not just any ol' brownies, but "special" brownies, which has the "special" ingredient. "Love!" Kitty exclaims. The guys agree but everyone knows the brownies are a lot more special than that. The brownies are a huge hit at the yard sale, and in the family! Red, Kitty, Bob, and Midge get a hold of them and chow down. Red, who because of the brownies, gets high, and sells the Vista Cruiser half-headedly for only $200. And now it is Eric and Hyde (starring as Red and Kitty) giving Red the talk. Hyde tries to calm Eric down (like Kitty to Red) but Eric's still furious. So he and Hyde make Red remember who he sold the car to. They go to the apartment building of the buyer, and turns out that they easily get the "piece of crap" (as the daughter of the buyer calls it) back, but they do have to return the check. Meanwhile, Kelso, Jackie, Fez, and Donna go attend a movie at the theater called "The Goodbye Girl". Eric and Hyde have to miss it because of the yard sale. While Kelso's interested in the movie, Fez tries to make a move on Jackie, who he thinks likes him after she gave him a compliment earlier. ("You are SO funny!") Fez gives Jackie the best kiss of her life, only to be punched in the face by Kelso seconds later. Back in the basement later, Kelso and Fez make up pretty quickly. All-in-all, this was a great episode. Everybody's happy again. Eric has his car back. Fez kissed a girl. Jackie had the best kiss of her life. Kelso thinks that this is the end of Fez hitting on Jackie.
  • Special brownies. LOL!

    Wow. This is one of the best episodes of That '70s Show. I loved it so much. Red, Kitty, Midge, and Bob... as high as kites! Ha! It was just so funny. I loved it when Red, Kitty, Midge, and Bob had their own little circle with each other. That was just really funny, I loved that. Season two got off to a great start with this episode for sure. Peter Cotton Tail.... Oh, Red, you crazy, crazy, crazy old man. :P HiP, HiP, hip... it sort of loses its meaning.... Haha, that was Kurtwood Smith at his absolute funniest. Great episode. PERFECT episode.

  • The Forman's have a garage sale, and Hyde contributes his "special brownies." Fez makes a pass at Jackie, infuriating Kelso and giving Jackie the best kiss she's ever had.

    i personally think this is the best episode in the whole second season. its hilarious when the adults have some of the brow nies and when red sells the car. i think this is an original episode cause i think its one of the only episodes where at least one of the 'kids' are not in a 360 circle, or smoke scene. (what ever its called) and i also liked this episode because i thought the part with fez recapping what he did with jackie was soooooo funny! well that is all i have to say right now. (and i only said that cause i needed 100 words. lol.) :]
  • The Foremans have a garage sale; Hyde bakes his "special" brownies.

    This episode was the perfect season opener. It was another great installment to this amazing series. I really liked when the Foremans and the Pinciottis get high. It was very funny. This episode is a series classic, in my opinion. It was just so perfect. Red was especially funny in this episode. The performances were amazing. Especially Debra Jo Rupp, when Kitty is high and finds the fact that the car is gone is hilarious. This episode is perfect. It is the reason I watch this show. This was a perfect installment to the second season and a great episode to watch.
  • To help with finances, the Formans have a garage sale. Hyde, wanting to help out as well, makes his special brownies to sell at the baked goods table, even though Eric warns him not to; the brownies fall into the wrong hands. Red sells Eric's Car.

    This episode was funny. I think it was one of the best episodes of the show. What could be funnier then Red stoned? The part with Kitty hearing someone knocking on the door, but she thinks it's her heart beating was also funny. The whole episode was hilarious. I think this is one of the many classic episodes of the series.
  • Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its way...

    This is a great start to season 2, which is where the show really starts to kick off.

    Red high, Hyde's special brownies, Fez believing that he couldn't have avoided getting hit by Kelso after making out with Jackie, Jackie not realising it was Fez kissing her, Red selling Eric's car, the 360 of the high parents, Hyde and Eric lecturing Red... there are no moments I didn't enjoy.

    Red being high would have to be the highlight of the episode but that is definitely not what made this episode the success it was... there are a variety of laughs in all plots and this was a brilliant start to the second season, with Red "high as a kite".
  • This episode was so funny.

    This episode was so funny I laughed all through it. I mean Red getting high that was hilarious. Where did they come up with that idea. Anyone who does not think this episode is funny is on something. Every cast member has a funny part. And it isn't that dirty it has no depantsing. Unfortunately. Kelso always makes me laugh he is about as knowledgable as a poop throwing naked baboon. And anyone who doesn't agree with that is really on something. You should give it to the gang. They should get kitty high and get her to buy them a corvette.
  • This is my favorite That \'70s Show episode, which rocks the house. The first season is still the best, but this episode is the best! Seeing Red and Kitty high is just so hilarious. Seeing this episode just makes me sad that Topher and Ashton aren't on th

    The second season premiere...When it starts getting great! Episodes like this are the reasons why I watch this show! Every cast member shines in this episode. Kurtwood Smith (Red) especially is funny in this episode. I just miss the fact that Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher won\'t be on the show anymore. Anyway, if you haven\'t seen this episode, watch it!
  • Hyde bakes. Red gets baked. Hilarity ensues......

    This is one of the best episodes ever! The Foremans are having a garage sale and everyone must participate. Hyde says he wants to help, but shoots down each of Kitty's suggestions until she mentions that he could bake brownies.
    So he bakes regular brownies for the straight folks, AKA losers, and "Special" brownies for those who are not nor have ever had any association with the Point Place Police Department.

    The 360 in this episode is a real "twist". Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge eat a tray of Special brownies that Hyde forgot to remove from the oven, leaving them all baked and groovifying in the garage.
  • Red gets stoned, what more could you ask for?

    An all time classic 70's show sees the gang participating in a garage sale. Hyde is asked to make some brownies, which for him is just another opportunity to push some baggie contents onto the unsuspecting townsfolk.

    Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge end up eating a plate of "Special brownies" and the end result is the famous 'parents in a circle' scene complete with many hilarious one liners ('Hip, hip, hip I can see my own mouth' and 'well I was hoppin' down the ol' bunny trail' are ones that come to mind).

    There's also a subplot with Fez giving Jackie the 'best kiss of her life' in front of Kelso at the movies, but Red's 'Cruise the Vistas' eclipses it.

    All in all, a very famous and hilarious episode that will go down as an all time favorite when the series ends and the shows are only seen in syndication.