That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 20

Gimme Shelter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on FOX
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Gimme Shelter
When Eric realizes he is the only loser with no future in the group, he goes looking for a job, only to find he isn't very good at many things. Kelso and Fez look for an apartment for the two to live together in, and Jackie arranges a dinner party to celebrate her high school graduation.moreless

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  • Jackie graduates high school.

    This was another great installment because it fits in to Eric realizes his whole year off was a waste & he tries looking for a job, that's always pleasant, leaving of from the last episode from the idea of Kelso & Fez getting an apartment together, Fenton returns! I missed his funny puns. Anyways Eric making Donna cripple storyline is quite hilarious, her seeming like she is understanding is hilarious. While Jackie is graduating & wants to have a dinner party in her celebration & in the end they have an unexpected party for Jackie, It seems like Eric needs to get a different calling. A great episode.moreless
  • Kelso and Fez move in and Eric picks a job

    This episode is a great one, the oddly humorous character of Fenton returning to once again have an argument with Fez and stop them getting the apartment. The plot was very funny, especially Red screwing with them in the end.

    Eric's chiropractic career was doomed from the start and was very funny, especially after he practically breaks Donna's neck, and the end was great for this one when Eric decides once and for all to become a buttwiper, or possibly a teacher.

    All in all, the episode has Kelso and Fez moving in together, Eric choosing a job, and on top of it all someone gets hurt, so the episode is destined to be a funny one.moreless

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    • Fenton: Oh. It's you.
      Fez: Fenton!
      Fenton: I'd shake your hand but I'm afraid I'd catch some kind of third world herpes.
      Fez: Well, that's fine, because I wouldn't let you touch me with a ten-foot pole.
      Fenton: Well I wouldn't touch you with a twenty-foot pole.
      Fez (shouting): You don't even have a twenty-foot pole!
      Fenton (shouting): Maybe I'll go buy one just so I can't touch you with it!

    • Hyde: Jackie, a dinner party? Can't we do something fun like drive up to the border and throw stuff at Canadians? I mean they never fight back because they're Canadian.

    • Kelso: All right, every chick patient that you have, you have to tell her the problem is your tailbone. That way, you get to grab around on her butt.
      Eric: Kelso, I'm doing this 'cause I want to help people. A handful of ass is just a perk.

    • Eric: I have wasted an entire year doing absolutely nothing.
      Red: Hey, how about a job stating the obvious, 'cause you're getting really good at that.

    • Red: You know, it's just not fair. I mean, you sleep late, watch TV all day. The job offers should be rolling in.

    • Hyde: Even Fez has a job now. What is it again man, uh, shower girl? Makeup lady?
      Fez: Shampoo boy!
      Hyde: Hey I was close.

    • Eric: Wait a second. Does this mean I'm the loser of the group now?
      Kelso: You are the one that's still living with his mommy.
      Eric: Man you're still living with your mommy.
      Kelso: Not for long. Me and Fez are looking for apartments. Then the only time I'll see my mom, is when she's doing my laundry, cooking my meals, taking me to the dentist.

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