That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 24

Going Mobile

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 2004 on FOX

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  • Eric begins to have second thoughts about marrying Donna so he leaves town to sort things out

    I thought this was a very funny and interesting episode of "That 70s Show". In the previous episode "My Wife", Donna rents a trailer so she and Eric can live in the trailer together... well, she showed the trailer to Red and Kitty in the beginning of the episode. It was absolutely hilarious when Donna was showing Red and Kitty the trailer that she and Eric are living in together and Red is disappointed in Eric... probably the funniest part in this episode. Eric has been having second thoughts about marrying Donna after he thinks that he is holding her back and is going to ruin her future so he leaves town to sort things out. It is Eric and Donna's biggest day of their lives which is their wedding day but Eric never showed up to the wedding at all. Everyone goes back to the Formans' home to see if Eric will come home but Eric never showed up and Eric is very disappointed. Kelso's plot when he made a bad first impression for Brooke's mother was very good and it was good that Kelso let Brooke take care of the baby in Chicago with her mother and that Kelso will visit the baby anytime since he is in the police academy. Overall, a very funny but also very interesting episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • This should of been the season finale.

    This should of been the season finale because this was pretty much the whole climax. The big day of Eric & Donna's wedding. The whole season was pretty much tension building up to the wedding & now this is only the second to the last episode of Season 6. That's kind of poor. Also it could of been the season finale because Kelso makes the choice for Brooke to have her baby in Chicago. Which ended the whole Brooke/Kelso tension in the season. I also liked when Donna was showing the Formans the trailer & Red is disappointed in Eric, that was my favorite part.
  • Cockroach always wins!

    Donna and Eric’s wedding day arrives and in true 70s Show fashion, there’s suspense in both characters having doubts and which one will show up to get married. Eric not showing up because he was trying to be selfless in giving Donna what she’s always wanted for her life, but at the same time being selfish for the possibility of Donna leaving him in a few years is quite complex and of course manages to be funny aswell.

    Cockroach Foot Nuclear is a hilarious game where Fez never learns and some other great moments are Bob’s speech, Jackie’s advice to Donna and Kelso’s feud with Brooke’s mum, another plot that closes a window as Kelso is selfless for once.

    Two serious plots about sacrifice can only be made hilarious by the writers of That 70s Show.
  • I agree with another reviewer says, this is the beginning to the end.... Jeez, how could the writers do this? Separate Donna and Eric? That is not cool, folks!

    I have always thought Donna and Eric are perfect for each other. I mean, they are so similar! What in the world are the writers and producers thinking? Are they trying to ruin the show? Well, they did do an awfully good job at it, and this episode is definitely their very first success. I can still tolerate a few espiodes after this heart-breaking one because Jackie and Hyde stay together for quite a while. I like them a lot, too. They make a cute couple. Well, as most of us know, they two break up later, too. That is another terrible move that the producers made. After they break up, I really, really don\'t want to watch this show again.
  • This is the beginning of the end.

    This is the episode that doesn't have a wedding; after being in love with each other for the entire series, Eric and Donna are finally getting married. But somewhere along the line, things go wrong, and Donna completely changes her dreams, going from someone who wants to travel the world to someone who wants to live in a trailer home.

    That's bad enough, but even worse is the fact that Eric doesn't show up for the wedding. He just leaves Donna standing there, waiting for him. This is just so far away from what these two characters should be doing. Both of them are acting completely out of character, and it's as if the writers didn't even know who they were writing about. I guess they had to do this, since they still wanted a teen-aged show... but this was really the beginning of the end. The following two seasons just weren't up to the level that the first six seasons were, and the downhill slide started here.
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