That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 1

Going To California

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2002 on FOX

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  • whoa I did not see that happening

    After Donna and Kelso leave to good old California Eric starts to miss Donna so he ran a way to go find her and Red said no but he did it anyway then Hyde grows a beard and it makes him look older and kind of weird then in Califoria Kelso gets a hot new girlfriend and Donna finds Eric and they fall in love again and Kelso learns that his Girlfriend doesn't want to have sex so the 3 go back to point place and the guys get busted and Kelso said man nothing happen then we learn a juicy parth we learn that Jackie and Hyde are a couple now WHOA i did not see that coming
  • Eric finally decides to do something useful during his summertime by going to California to rescue Donna back; Hyde and Jackie hook up.

    The end of season four resulted in an upset Donna, recently getting broken up with by Casey Kelso, running away to California with Michael Kelso. It isn't for months until Kitty gets a call at home from Donna, who wants to talk to Eric. Kitty tries to tell Eric that while he is on the toilet, trying to gain concentration...

    When Eric finds out what Kitty was trying to tell him, he becomes frustrated and tries to recall Donna himself using the number Kitty wrote down for him on a note, which is stolen by his father, Red. The restless Eric steals the number from his own father's pocket and attempts calling Donna, but can't.

    Well, it's his fault., if you ask me. Kitty exclaimed a quote before the opening credits where she said, "Sleeps 'till noon, stays in the bathroom until supper, what kind of summer is that!?!" I agree 100% with this. He could at least take Donna's phone calls and talk to her regularly to a point to where she feels comfortable on coming home herself, rather than Eric getting into trouble by getting on a plane to California without his parents' permission.

    So after first asking his parents if he can go to California to save Donna, which obviously, they say "no" to, Hyde and Jackie, who are secretly a couple now, buy a plane ticket for Eric to take and go to California with. While Hyde promises to keep it a secret, he and Jackie get into trouble. Kitty catches them making out in her own kitchen, and tells them, "You kids switch partners more than square dancers!" referring to the fact that the group has had so many different relationships together.

    As a cover up story, Jackie blows Eric's cover and tells Kitty about California. Which is stupid. That's something I always hated about Jackie. She thought she was funny, she thought she was smart, she thought she was worth getting your attention - but she's not any of that. She was probably one of my least favorite characters on the show, if not, my number one least favorite.

    So back to Eric saving Donna - he arrives on a beach in California - "coincidentally" the same beach as Donna and Kelso are on. (I also wondered why Eric seemed to know where exactly Donna was.) So anyway, Donna sees Eric and is very happy. They leave and go home back to Point Place, Wisconsin later that night after Kelso gets back from a carnival with a hot girl (played by Jessica Simpson) who he was trying to get to do sex with the whole time there, but learned she was a virgin. (We know that's a lie in real life)

    Hyde gives Eric the sign as if he's safe and his parents didn't know a thing. But obviously he gets in trouble with Red and Kitty - though Kitty obviously thought Eric had done the most romantic thing she had ever heard. But this is the beginning of the end for Eric Forman. Red has it in for him for this season and he better know it.

    The episode was pretty good, in my opinion, and even though I am a guy, I guess it was honestly romantic what Eric did - it sucks that he's going to be treated bad during Seasons 5-6.
  • What a surprise!

    Surprise! Hyde & Jackie are together, get ready for a revelation of Jackie & Hyde shippers. Anyways my favorite part of the episode is when Eric & Donna are running towards each other, I hate Donna's new hair style, she looks like a hippie. Anyways I also like the part when Anette cools off, it's so dramatic. And Jackie sucks for ratting out Eric to his parents. Also I like the part when they are holding each other in the van, that is one of the most important moments in Eric & Donna history. This was a great season premiere! :)
  • What happened to Donna and Kelso?

    This episode is perfect in so many different ways. I know Jessica Simpson gets a lot of crap, but she is hilarious and as art imitates real life she plays stupid better than anyone. Eric is hilarious as always in this episode and when he goes to get Donna in California it is very cute and funny. But my absolute favorite part of this episode is the relationship between Hyde and Jackie, I had been waiting since season one for this and it finally happened and it is great, when Kitty sees them and Jackie tells on Eric it is so funny. all in all a great episode.
  • A lot can change in a couple of months...

    A pretty good start to season five, Going To California proves to have quite a lot of developments in all the characters, whether it’s Red getting too old to punish (which doesn’t last long), Hyde and his beard, Kelso moving on, Jackie saying badass, Eric older and wiser and Fez, well, some things never change.

    This was a funny start to the fifth season but the Hyde-Jackie relationship never really stuck to me, but has many hilarious moments throughout the show. Overall, there has been better season premieres of the show but it is definitely not the worst of them.
  • What a cute/funny epp.

    This more more of a romantic epp over a funny one but it was good! I loved Jessica Simpson as Annette, she was pretty funny. I also liked the humor they were able to fit in. Eric and Donna are totally meant for each other. And of course Kelso was funny!
  • The Best Episode!!!!!

    This episode is definitely one of my favorites. Watching Eric and Donna run towards each other in slow motion on the beach is so funny. They reenact the famous scene from the movie "10," but they put a like twist on it. Kelso tackles Donna, just making the scene a classic.
  • Wow! Jessica Simpson can NOT act!

    Besides Jessica Simpson sucking it up in this episode this was a great episode.

    I especially love Jackie and Hyde getting together. I always wished that they would stay together. They were so cute! I loved how she sold out Eric to Kitty in order to cover her own ass and it just makes Hyde like her more. So funny!

    I also love the sweetness between Eric and Donna as she says she misses him in California and then all of a sudden he appears and says he loves her! Don't we all want that moment at some point in our lives?
  • i absolutely love this episode!!!

    i loved this episode soo much ... i never would have thought that jackie and hyde would wind up together but they are totally my favorite couple !!! i hope that they wind up getting married !!! i hated the jackie/kelso couple !!! i dont know why i just hated the was they were together ... kelos is soo dumb and i cant stand him ... i love the episoed where he wants to cut down the tree and let the bunny go and lay its eggs in the woods ... wow dumb ... yeahh anyways sorry about rambeling on i had to have at least 100 words ... well im done ... bye ...
  • The most meaninful episode. Eric goes to California to rescue Donna, Jackie and Hyde do a little more than sit around over the summer.

    Kitty recieves a call from Donna in California, Kitty goes to get Eric but he refuses to leave the bathroom because he\'s in the bathroom having \" fun \". Hyde and the gang get Eric tickets to California and tell Eric that they will cover for him. Kelso has met a beautiful blonde, Annette ( Jessica Simpson ), and what a suprise, she\'s a virgin. Donna is alone in California and follows Kelso and Annette around, bothering them. Hyde and Jackie are now making out and fooling around. Donna sees Eric and runs across the beach and Kelso tackles Donna and \" wins \" Eric. Eric and Donna begin to makeout. Back in the Forman kitchen, Kitty walks into the kitchen and sees Hyde and Jackie making out, so Jackie blurts out that Eric went to California. Kelso gets lead into thinking him and Annette are about to have sex, but really, the wet and dirty thing she wanted to do was make sandcastles. Once everyone got back to point place, Eric and Donna were both in trouble by their parents. Oh, and Hyde now has a beard!!!!!!
  • OH Jeez wat a good season opener!

    Wow, who would of expected half the things that happened this episode.

    Eric and Donna get back together and hundreds of people in the world screamed "FINALLY!" Aww but it was sweet

    Kelso gets a new blonde girlfriend aka Jessica Simpson!

    The ENORMOUS news though is that Jackie and Hyde made out. Which was like WHAT???? Since everyone thinks they hate eachother.

    WHAT AN EPISODE, it was great!!!
  • The most shocking season opener ever!

    Eric decides to go to California to see Donna against his parents wishes, and does so, re-igniting their relationship.

    But the major shocker of this episode is the moment when Jackie and Hyde are alone in the room, and start FRENCHING! Even though they had teased J&H relationship afew seasons beforehand, it was still a big shocker.

    Also, the episode guest stars Jessica Simpson as Kelso's love interest, and plays the stereotypical dumb blonde well enough, but forgettable.

    They get back, only to find out that they were ratted on and Red and Kitty are pissed.

    Oh, and Hyde gets a beard!!!

    Good opener with a big shocker.
  • very well written!!

    Ok peoples!! This is when all the hot stuff starts! Notice when Hyde and Jackie make out!

    Overall really hot episode!! I seem to be saying this about most episodes when Hyde pashes someone, who unfortunately isn't me!! But oh well!

    This episode is really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it...especially the pashing!!! He He Ha Ha!!