That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 8

Good Company

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • Fez meets a beautiful romantic women and they begin dating. Donna, Jackie, and Hyde are grossed out when they find out how old she is! The women is around Kitty's age and Kitty disapproves of Fez and Marsha's romance because she does not like Marsha

    I liked this episode. I thought it was one of the funnier episodes this season. Even awful Randy was funny. I do not like the fact that Donna has feelings for Randy. I did not like the way Fez treated Kitty after she told him to stop dating her. He should not have told Kitty, she was not his mother. She may not be his mother, but she treated Fez as a son and Fez finally sees that by the end of the episode, which made me happy. I love the Fez/Kitty interaction. It was also Donna's birthday, and Randy, hyde, Jackie, and fez think of things to give her. I thought it was funny when they gave her the t-shirt about Lake Michigan.
  • Donna gets another year older.

    Donna's birthday is pretty funny in this episode, with Jackie reading her diary, Fez finding new ways to spy on her, Donna's collection of "lousy" t-shirts and Bob's helpful gifts of coupons for Bob time. As for Donna getting closer to Randy, the idea isn't that entertaining so far, but doesn't take away from the storyline.

    Fez dating an older lady is a very funny plot as well, with great moments between mother and foreigner and some hilarious descriptions from Fez.

    Overall, the episode is pretty good, and has some hilarious moments, such as comparing Kitty to a landmine, and the compromise of Fez lying to Kitty.
  • 808

    I cannot believe how awful and unfunny this show has gotten. That '70s Show was one of the best sitcoms on television when it started out, now here we are eight years later, and we have this sad attempt of an "episode." Remember when Kitty was funny? Now she's just an exaggerated shell of what she once was. It's like we get it, you drink a lot. Or with Red, it's like we get it, you were in the army. All the characters have been exaggerated, and what's up with Donna talking down on Eric now? It's just sad to see what this show has become.

    The plots were awful, and not funny at all. Since when has Kitty thought of Fez as a son? Starting with this episode? Kitty & Fez have hardly had any interaction over the past eight years, why now? Danny Masterson is honestly the only person that is holding this show together. Just a terrible episode, that would make you want to throw your remote at the television screen.
  • a fine example that they might still have something

    this episode was not only by far the funniest of the season thus far, but it also proved how much fez really means to kitty. i think it was well written, and well executed. the only part i still don't like, and i think i speak for everybody is. . .randy.
  • Well...

    This episode not was as funny as I thought that it will be, and I think that it could been a little more better, Fez gets in trouble after he tells Kitty that she is not his mother, and Kitty begins to feel depressed for that, while Jackie wants to find the perfect gift for Donna in her birthday, and finds a diary that tells that Donna has a crush on Randy, and that makes Jackie to buy her a new diary. But anyway, the episode make me laugh a little at first, but it turn a little less boring as it go on, well it could have been worse. It was good.