That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 8

Good Company

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on FOX



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    • Randy: I'm heading out, but I think I know what Donna needs for her birthday: (points at Fez) thicker curtains (points at Jackie) and a restraining order.

    • Hyde: Oh, my God. Fez just banged an old...s mobile in the driveway with his bike.

    • Randy: Donna, for your birthday, I'm taking you on a journey. "Where", you ask? To a Journey concert. "Why", you ask? 'Cause I saw you have a poster of them in your room. "What was I doing in your room", you ask? Hey, stop asking questions, we're going to see Journey.

    • Kitty: Okay, Fez. If you really see me as your mother, then you need to do what any good son would do in this situation. Lie to me.

    • Randy: Seriously, Donna is a cool girl. I think we should get her something cool.
      Fez: Why? Because you wanna have sex with her?
      Randy: No, I'd do the same thing for you if it were your birthday.
      Fez: So, you wanna have sex with me?
      Randy: Yeah Fez, I wanna have sex with you.
      Fez: I'd rather have a sweater. And it's August 4th.

    • Fez: Say what you want, but Mrs. Sullivan is so much more passionate than the girls your age. You kids just lay there. Mrs. Sullivan, she... she moves, she shakes, she makes noises.
      Hyde: Are you sure she wasn't having a stroke?

    • Marsha: Kitty Forman?
      Kitty: Marsha Sullivan! How are you? And how is that husband of yours?
      Marsha: Great! He lost 3,000 pounds! When I took his Mercedes in the divorce.
      Kitty: Oh, you divorced. What a shame! And they said fourth time's a charm.

    • Fez: Well, another day, another romp with Mrs. Sullivan. Actually, it was three romps but who's counting? It was four.

    • Bob: Marsha, it's me, Bob Pinciotti.
      (she laughs uncomfortably)
      Bob: I asked you out last month... I thought you were moving to Costa Rica?

    • Jackie: Happy birthday. I got you a diary. I noticed you needed a new one when I was reading your old one.
      Donna: You read my diary?
      Jackie: I didn't say that.
      Donna: You just said that.
      Jackie: Oh, you don't know what I said!

    • Fez: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to not have sex with Mrs. Sullivan on her washing machine.
      Kitty: You have fun at the movies!

  • Notes

    • While other episodes of this season had been originally aired on Wednesdays, this episode marks the beginning of a new time slot for That 70s Show, with episodes being aired on Thursdays.

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