That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 11

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Red comes in and asks Kitty why she's making brownies and if they're for breakfast? He tells him that it would be too much sugar and gives him a bowl of cereal instead. Jackie and Donna come in; Jackie tells Kitty that she needs to borrow her curling iron since Donna's is ruined because Bob used it to make curly fries. Hyde tells Jackie to use his. Kitty tells Jackie that Christine St. George is wonderful, but Jackie says that she's the devil. Donna comments about a story about a dog that Christine did on the air last week, saying that it was funny, and Jackie tells them that the rumor is that Christine had the dog neutered. Kitty suggests that Jackie should bring some sweets to Christine, and remembers when she had an awful boss, she used to do that, and then he ended up weighing 300 pounds, but he loved the candy. She then gives Jackie some brownies to give to Christine; Red suggests that if Jackie wants to impress Christine, she should just do her job. Jackie says that she'll try anything because Christine is a bitch; Donna wonders why there's a double standard and it's okay for a man to act like that but if a woman does, then she's a bitch. [Scene change: Jackie and Donna do the Bump.] At the TV Station, in the office, Christine asks Jackie how she's enjoying her time; Jackie gives Christine her messages, then tells her that she's also made coffee and sharpened all the pencils. Christine goes into her office, then comes out again and calls Jackie a complete moron, as Jackie has sharpened the specially embossed pencil that Jane Pauley gave her and ruined it. She asks how Jackie would feel if she broke something of hers, then picks up a coffee mug off the desk and breaks it. Jackie tells Christine that it was her own mug that she's just broken, and it was from Ted Koppel. Christine yells at Jackie that if she screws up one more time, she's fired, then goes into her office. She comes back out and very sweetly tells everyone to do a super good show. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Jackie twirls around and looks up at the camera.] At the TV Station, in the office, Christine asks why there's no orange juice; Jackie immediately says she'll stock it up, but Christine tells her that the question was, "Why is it empty?" Jackie offers her a brownie, which Christine initially refuses as Jackie's leftovers, but Jackie convinces her to try one, and Christine likes it. Jackie gives Christine the schedule; Christine tells her that she's done a good job, and Jackie is shocked to be receiving praise. Jackie also tells Christine that she's canceled the appearance with the boy who fell down the well, which Christine is happy about. She apologizes for yelling at Jackie earlier; Jackie tells her it's no problem. [Scene change: Donna's face in a close up shot.] At Grooves, Randy is wearing headphones; Donna asks what he's listening to, and he tells her that he's not listening to anything, he's just wearing the headphones because Hyde makes fun of his poofy hair, and he's just using them to hold his hair down. Donna makes a comment on an album, then poofs Randy's hair and leaves. Hyde comes out and tells Randy to help the girl sitting on the couch, then laughs and says, "Oh, wait, that's you!" Hyde tries to open the cash register and asks who put two sandwiches in there; Leo says it was him, adding that he's been scatter-brained recently. Hyde comments that he's noticed and asks if Leo's sober; Leo says no, he's an Aquarius, but explains his confusion by saying that he's got a crush on someone, but it's been a long time since he's wooed a lady. [Scene change: Jackie jumps up and blows kisses as the camera.] In the Forman kitchen, Jackie tells Kitty that her brownies really worked; that Christine was initially yelling, but after having a brownie, she liked Jackie. Red doesn't believe it, but Kitty is excited that Christine liked the brownies. Jackie asks for some more to take to work tomorrow; Kitty comments that she just put Red's dinner in the oven, but then takes it out so that she can make brownies. [Scene change: Randy peers into the camera.] At Grooves, the guys are giving Leo advice on how to pick up a woman; Hyde says that he should be funny; Fez suggests saying, "Do you come here often?" and then if the woman says no, Leo should grab her ass, since she won't be coming back. Randy tells him to pretend that they're all foxy ladies and try to pick one of them up; Leo literally picks up Hyde. Hyde tells Leo to put him down, so Leo tells him that he's dumb and lazy. The guys tell Leo to try it out on the woman, thinking that he's going to approach an middle-aged woman in the store. Leo walks towards her, but passes her by. He goes up to Donna and asks, "Come here often?" then turns and gives the guys the thumbs up. [Scene change: Leo's face in a close up shot.] In the Forman living room, Red and Kitty are watching What's Up, Wisconsin? on TV; Christine introduces Jackie on-air and allows Jackie to describe what she's wearing for the viewers. Kitty is excited that she knows someone who is on TV, and Red comments that it really is an idiot-box. Christine mentions the brownies that Jackie brought her at work, and says that they're so wonderful, you don't even need milk with them. Kitty is ecstatic, saying that this is the highest compliment that a brownie can get. Christine asks Jackie where she got the brownies, and Jackie says that she made them herself from an old family recipe. Kitty is horrified, and calls Jackie a lying little midget. [Scene change: Donna's face in a close up shot.] In the Forman basement, Donna tells the gang that she can't believe that Leo likes her; Fez comments that she's leading Leo on with tight jeans and a big chest; Randy says that there's a good chance that he'll just forget the whole thing, the same way that he forgot the '60s. Hyde points out that the whole thing is hilarious for them; Randy agrees and imagines what Donna and Leo would be like together... while "Lovin' You (1974) by Minnie Ripperton plays, we see a montage of scenes: Donna and Leo at Grooves, feeding each other french fries, then Leo takes one and lights it up; Donna and Leo are decorating a Christmas tree and Donna hands Leo a candy cane... which he lights up; in a hospital, Donna is giving birth to a baby who has Leo's hair and glasses, Leo holds the baby and smiles... Donna tells the guys that she has to talk to Leo because she's not having any "Leo-baby." [Scene change: Kitty sits and swings her legs as Red walks across the screen.] In the Forman kitchen, Jackie tells Kitty that she needs more brownies; Kitty suggests that Jackie pre-heat the oven and then stick her head in it because she's a liar. Jackie starts crying and says that she'll lose her job if she doesn't have more brownies for Christine, and asks Kitty what she was supposed to say when Christine asked where she got them. Kitty informs Jackie that she should have told the truth, and she won't let Jackie take the credit for her brownies. Jackie offers to introduce Kitty to Christine if she'll make the brownies, and Kitty agrees. [Scene change: Jackie kisses the camera.] At Grooves, Donna asks Hyde where Leo is; Hyde's not sure, but tells her that Leo's scheduled to work, so he's either on his way in or on his way to San Francisco for a Dead concert. Leo comes in carrying a box of chocolates and a red heart card. Donna tells him that he didn't have to do that, but he tells her it's not for her, it's his lunch. Donna tries to explain to Leo that she can't be his girlfriend; he wants to know if it's because he's black, and when Donna points out that he's not black, he agrees that that's not it; it's because she likes Randy, so it's best if they stop seeing each other, because he can't date a racist. Donna is surprised that Leo was the one to "break up" with her; Hyde asks her how it went and she tells him what Leo said about her liking Randy. Hyde comments that Leo is never right about anything... except this. Donna denies it, but Hyde points out that she's always in the record store, giggling at everything that Randy says, and the two of them are like a bad Carpenters' song. Donna admits that she likes Randy, but warns him not to tell anyone. Fez comes in and asks if Leo is going to be okay; Leo says yeah, he's got his eye on someone, then walks over to Donna and asks if she comes there often? [Scene change: Fez, Hyde and Randy dance towards the camera.] At the TV Station, Christine is on-air, telling the viewers what will be on the next show. She finishes; Jackie tells her that it was a great show, and introduces Kitty to Christine. Kitty comments that Christine looks taller in person; Jackie offers some brownies and Christine suggests that they could make the brownies on the show tomorrow. Kitty comments that being on a cooking segment is her dream come true, then adds, "for you" to Jackie. Jackie admits to Christine that she didn't bake the brownies, but Kitty did. Christine asks who "Kitty" is; she then asks to talk to Jackie privately and tells her that she's just shown herself to be sweet and honest, and that she'll get nowhere in show business that way. Jackie claims that she's tough and that people always tell her what a bitch she is; Christine says that she'd better be right, then tells her to get the crazy lady off her set. Kitty is sitting in Christine's chair, pretending that she's on TV, talking about a potato chip that looks like Henry Kissinger; Christine also tells Jackie to see if she can find that potato chip as it sounds fascinating. [End credits: In the Forman living room Red and Kitty are watching TV; Christine St. George announces that there's a correction from yesterday's show. Kitty is excited, and asks Red if he has the machine set up to tape; he says yes, and they listen as Christine says that the brownies were made by Kitty Forshack... she then corrects the name to "Forman... Cathy Forman."]
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