That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 11

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on FOX

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  • Using a proven formula usually helps lead to success for a team of talented writers. That is what was done with this episode. A forumla can often be annoying, especially when done by amatuers. But since this was a writing formula, and not acting, talents

    This episode of that '70s show was actually enjoyable. I know that this season has been one disappointing episode after another. It seems now that he is gone, that Topher Grace really was the glue of the acting team. Due to the fact that this episode was so well written, the acting really had no choice but to be exceptional- even Donna delivered her lines well! Which is the point I would like to start with, Donna. She was put in an awkward situation, for all intents and purposes she is an awkward person and actress- she fit into this writing perfectly. The scenes involving her discussion about Leo liking her were awkward and all the scenes that were suppose to be joyous, were cheesy(another easily executed acting style.)It seems that the writers have been trying to find a post-Eric Donna, but they have been uncomfortable- as we all have been, by what they have chosen. Until now Donna has not been herself, but we know her as the feminist girl friend- or rather a woman who proves her indepence by her codependence. She is truly ahead of her times by reconciling her desires for a home life with her dreams of a future. Moving on, Kitty and Red have been the characters that have really held this season together and in this episode their foil like characteristics truly come out. How many men buy magazines about celebrities and obsess about them, besides commenting on the attractiveness if the celebrity is a woman. Now how many women buy celebrity magazines? This idiosynchrosy of American Culture is displayed so well in this episode as Kitty allows her emotions to be so effected by a celebrity. Whether it is ecstatic joy or melting anger Kitty visits all spectrum's, including that kind of nutty side she got from her mom, of her emotions. In addition Mary Tyler Moore confiding a "trade-secret" or rather brashly scolding Jackie for her disrespect of such a trait as blind ambition, that seems to be part and parcel what writers want to depict of movie personalities. This episode seems to further entrench the series in a post-modern look at those involved in the entertainment industry. Every since Jackie had lost her big chance at the news, she has had to follow the common man path to celebrity- perhaps with no new show in prospect the creators are commenting on what hollywood will do to you, if your popularity wanes. As hip hop culture begins continues to take over mainstream america we will see more and more show's like Everybody Hates Chris and Boondocks arise. In addition we will slowly watch shows like That '70s Show and Will and Grace fade a way. Each show was an icon of their era but to remain respected they now will make way for a new era. A younger generation is moving into the demograph of who creates these edgey new shows- and I think it is for the better.
  • Leo hits on Donna and brownies help save Jackie's job

    Jackie's new job being improved with the help of Kitty's brownies is a very funny plot, as is Leo having a crush on Donna, and the progress of both storylines is very entertaining, whether its Leo coming to the conclusion that Donna is racist and in to Randy, so going after a new girl instead, who happens to be Donna, or Jackie coming clean, and honesty has no place in show business, which of course is true now more than ever.

    This isn't the best that 70s show has to offer, but it's funny nonetheless, even if the show is starting to wind down in quality.
  • Good episode but just something ain't right.......

    ......this show is great and all and I love it but its just not the same without Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher. First of all Eric Forman was the main character and you just can't have a good comedy without Micheal Kelso. He brought it all together.
    Episode was funny cuz of Tommy Chong's character Leo. But unfunny cuz of Randy. All in all its a great and well played episode and I'll be watchin' again and again untill its inevitable cancellation due this year. And I hope this show will pull a Family Guy and come back due too Request by fans *wink*
  • 811

    Although I did get a few laughs from this episode, I'm not a big fan on recycled plots, and that is what we had here. Remember in season four? "Leo Loves Kitty"? You might as well just have called this episode "Leo Loves Donna" Pretty much the same thing happened, Leo acted like well Leo as he liked Kitty or Donna. Sure it was funny in places, but it's all been seen before, to be honest, and That 70s Show is capable to do new things.

    Mary Tyler Moore got some redemption here, she was pretty funny but the plot line was weak. Kitty's brownies? Really? Nothing was really going on in this episode, not a lot of things anyways, it just made this episode forgettable in some ways. Oh, the thing I wont forget is that god awful montage of Leo & Donna, why did people find that funny?

    Hyde & Fez did absolutely nothing but stand around, people who are supposed to be the main characters, yet Mary Tyler Moore probably got more lines. Just an episode with potential, which obviously failed.