That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 23

Grandma's Dead

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 1999 on FOX

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  • This episode was extremely funny

    In general I loved the episode, I find it hilarious. It was so funny seeing Red playing like a little boy with the train! LOL. Other thing that I find funny is the thing that Erics says to his grandmother before she died. "It wouldn't kill you to be nice once in a while" and then she dies!! hahaha. But my favorite scene in this episode is the one at the funeral where each one takes a look at the corpse and think stuff like talking to the grandmother. I loved everything they say. I think this episode is a great example of how funny the show is. I loved it!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik is driving his grandmother home and he tells her that she can be nasty and she ends up dead falls over in the car and he just drives home leaving her in the car and he does not want to tell red when donna sees that she tells him to tell red and kitty and he does and kitty is upset and she jus deals with it by cooking way to much and red just does not show his emotions this was a funny ep i thought and i that is why i gave it a 9
  • You would think Eric would be celebrating that his dad's mother has died, but not when he's guilt-ridden after he has told her it wouldn't kill her to be nicer.

    Grandma Forman has made another one of those visits, where, if you were a member of the Red Forman family, couldn't think the day could go by any slower. Thank goodness, her role in this episode doesn't take that long, as she drops dead on Eric's shoulder as he is driving her home. Eric has to come back with his dead grandmother in the passenger seat. His parents find out quickly, and mourn the death - somewhat. Meanwhile, Eric feels guilty. Why? It's not his fault that his grandmother died, right? Well, apparently, Eric thinks it is. Literally seconds before Grandma Forman died, Eric told her, "You know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice for just one day." Eric never feels the same until the very end of the episode when Red reassures him that he wasn't the cause of his grandmother's death. Me? I don't care. To me, Grandma Forman was very annoying, and I hated her constant insults to Kitty, so I would give this episode a high rating, because it's the end of one of the characters I hated the most in Season 1.
  • Grandma Foreman bites the big one.

    I really liked this episode because it showed a different side of everyone. It was really sad that Grandma died but she was really messed up anyway. I loved how Eric yelled at her, I love how Donna said "What's your grandma doing sleeping in the car?" That was funny Also when Kelso moves her aside to get the 8 track. I also liked when he tells his parents a lie. The saddest part is when they all hug at the end. And when Red sees all his child belongings. Kitty pretending to care about the death was also hysterical. A really funny yet sad episode.
  • I hated her anyway

    Eric Forman's grandmother dies. I'm so glad they decided to kill that annoying old hag. She might have brought some funny moment, but without a doubt, she was the most annoying character on the show. I found the parts funny on how they made fun of her death, it was hilarious.

    The five stages of grief. Yes, they have been going through it as well. I enjoyed seeing how they copped with the whole situation. Very nice. We also get to see a different side of Eric, which was quite OK, but he was really out of character in this episode.

    Overall, excellent episode.
  • Mary Pat Dowhy as the waitress.

    This is my favorite episode of the series. Mary Pat Dowhy (my little, real-life sister) is the highlight of the show as the waitress who serves beer to the boys after they learn of Foreman's grandmother's untimely demise. She gave wisecracking looks to the group and seemed to go along with their antics when they posed as military personel with a bartab. Mary Pat had been a waitress and bartender for years beforehand in New York City but this was her "breakthrough" waitress role. Mary Pat looked remarkable in this role with her comedicly expressive eyes and her very real, very seventies, red hair.
  • A great episode, average 70\'s Show!

    Another great 70\'s show episode! Probably the one I laughed the most at (with an exception of Fun It). Just like every other episode, something unusual happens. Grandma Forman falls over dead on the way home after Eric said \"Would it kill you to be nice?\" Eric spends the time believing it was his fault. Red\'s brother Marty comes to visit and bawls his eyes out Red hides his emocions well until the end. You\'ll see one of the few moments in the series where Red and Eric actually get along. If your a 70\'s Show fan, you have got to see this episode.
  • An OK episode!

    This was one of the episodes i did not like as much as the others. The only thing i liked about this episode was that Erik\'s grandma died right after he said that being nice for one day was not going to kill her. This a pretty funny episode. Although it could have been better. Another great part was when Kelso was looking for something inside Erik\'s car while grandma\'s body was in it, and he didn\'t know she was dead. He even told her to move aside. This was an OK episode although it could have been much better.
  • A very important episode

    Eric's evil grandmother is finally dead! And it may be Eric's fault for telling her to drop dead though not in so many words.

    This was great because the episode managed to be hilarious because you don't feel sorry for the dying character since she was meant to be disliked by the audience and some great scenes actually involve the dead grandmother such as Kelso pushing Grandma Forman out of the way to get something out of the car, not realising she was dead.

    Red's reaction to Eric saying that he'd told Red's mother that if she were to die, nobody would care, was priceless, him actually laughing at Eric.

    This episode was brilliant and Grandma Forman finally got what she deserved.
  • Oh, my gosh, this episode was so funny! And also sort of sad. Kelso and Eric were hilarious in this episode! Red's mother was so mean and evil it was hilarious! One of those episodes that made "That '70s Show" great. And it still is. What a truly great ep

    This episode was great throughout! Kelso, Eric, Red, and Kitty were hilarious in this episode! One of the best episodes of season one. What makes this show so great, is its characters, and it never disappoints. The only disappointment was we never really got to know Eric's grandma. Oh, well.