That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1999 on FOX

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  • Amazing episode...

    died of laughter !
  • Halloween Review #10


    The gang, looking for something fun to do on Halloween, revisits their old grammar school, where they find their permanent records. Looking through them, they find out some interesting things about each other. Fez discovers trick or treating. Meanwhile, we see the flashback of Kitty and Red having their Ha lloween Party back in 1957. This Halloween episode of "That 70s Show" was so freakin' hilarious. A lot of parts in this episode definitely made me laugh so hard. Fez discovering trick-or-treating in the very beginning of the episode was so hilarious. I laughed so hard when Fez (in his Batman costume) went trick-or-treating, got an apple, and then said "An apple?... where is my candy you son of a b**ch" :D LOL couldn't stop laughing. It was cool to see the flashback of Red and Kitty having their Halloween Party back in 1957. Everyone looking at their permanent records throughout this entire episode was so funny. I also laughed at the ending of the episode. Overall, a hilarious Halloween episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10

  • best Halloween

    in this episode is a halloween episode of that 70's show. First we learn that Fez never heard of trick or treat and does for the first. It was so funny when the door open and Fez was dress as Batman and he said an apple were's my free piece of candy you son of a b##ch LMAO. then we learn about Kitty and Red's first halloween in the house. then the gang go to they old elemarty school and i think Hyde burn it down and we learn that a lot of secerts of the gang but they got nothing on Fez.
  • Fez discovers trick-or-treating, but the big story is the gang goes to their old elementary school and find their permanent records.

    This was a great Halloween episode. Fez goes for a little trick-or-treating, excited because he has found out that it's a simple thing to do: Dress up, go door-to-door, ring the doorbell, say "trick or treat!" and get free candy. But then he gets pissed when the people at the home he goes trick-or-treating at gives him an apple: "An apple? Where is my candy you son of a 'female dog'!?" Meanwhile, Red and Kitty relive their 1957 Halloween that changed Red's opinion of Halloween forever: Kitty found out she was pregnant with Laurie. And his response: "Oh, crap." Back to the gang, after Fez's short trick-or-treating session, they go to the old elementary school in which most went to school at, and find their permanent records. Because of this, they find a lot more stuff out about each other. For example, Kelso had to repeat the first grade, and is a whole year older than Eric, Hyde, and Fez. He's 18! He could of been buying them beer! So Hyde is pissed at Kelso. And Eric admits to doing something bad secretly that Hyde got accused of doing, giving him the "bad-boy" attitude from there on out. Donna had a hard time keeping her clothes on. Jackie's middle name is Buela. So the whole gang gets pissed off at each other, but all get over it apparently by the next episode. All-in-all, this was a great episode, and deserves a high rating.
  • That faitful halloween Red has made... to name, the day he created his catchphrase.

    Well, this show was pretty cool, for the fact, that I got to see Fez as BATMAN! It's pretty sweet. THe only problem I really had in this episode was that the haunted school seems cliched. But, that didn't stop, because they turned it intresting by adding permanate records! And, from each of the 5 (Fez came at the first season) we learned:

    Eric stole that girl's project
    Hyde was blamed for it
    Donna had a hard time keeping her shirt on
    Kelso is actually 18
    and, finally
    Jackie's middle name! (Beulah!)

    Eventuraly, they burn it, and we learned something from Fez as well!
    He has AIDS!

    Anyways, the other part didn't seem cliched. It tells way back in the 60s. Or 50s. Whatev. How Red was Kelso in his time, how Laurie was notified in Kitty, and how Red made up his catchphrase.

    It was a good episode, and should be directed that way.
  • Great... great episode.

    I loved this episode so much! Very funny! It's a Halloween episode, back to the seventies! And the fifties! It was really funny, and quite, how do I put it? Well, it was really... it was really... it was really revealing. I really, really, liked it a lot. It revealed a lot about Eric, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, Jackie, and Fez. It also revealed a little about Red and Kitty when they found out that Kitty was pregnant with Laurie in the year of 1957. It shows how Red used to be a huge party animal, it also shows how 'dumbass' had began.

  • Beulah!

    An amazing episode, this episode is completely flawless, I like how in this episode, the gang talks about the past, and Fez discovers trick or treating! I like the B plot, the 50's fit in to the 70's! I like how everyone disputes at the end, like Kelso not buying the gang beer, Jackie bringing up how Hyde kissed Donna last ear, then revealing that Fez was a better kisser than Kelso. Kelso running for his life & Fez saving her. This episode was full with antics & I love that about this episode. A very special great Halloween episode! :)
  • Permanent records say a lot of embarressing things.

    They reveal many things with consequences. It starts with Hyde reading out that Donna kept taking off her clothes in kindergarden which Donna said was a phase and Eric replied sarcasticly "glad that phase is over". Next, Kelso read that Hyde was gonna be the smartest man in his cell block. This was because Hyde destroyed some girls diorama of the 4 food groups, leading Eric to reveal he actually destroyed the diorama. After Jackie insults Hyde, he reveals Jackies middle name is Buela. Then Kelso reads out that he used to dress as Superman to school, which made Eric realise that Kelso is a year older then them all and he could have bought them Beer. Then Jackie reveals Hyde kissed Donna and Donna retaliates by saying Jackie commented that Fez was a better kisser than Kelso. Everyone realises the permenant Records are tearing them apart, so they bury them and decide to pretend that the night never happenned (except for the bit about Kelso buying them beer) leading Hyde to say "Buela" and have Jackie beat him up. Great episode
  • Permanent Records say a lot, lets see what it says about the gang.

    A lot of things were revealed in this episode, such as Kelso repeated a grade cos he killed the class bunny, Donna had trouble keeping her clothes on, kelso came into school as superman and Jackies middle name was Beulah. What kind of name is Beaulah? Al;so, Eric found out Hyde kissed Donna, and Kelso was tolded that jackie liked Fez's kisses better than Kelsos. This was the first episode of that 70s show that i have ever seen, and to be honest, it was hilarious. I would watch this episode again, and again, and again, and again! Cos i luv it!
  • The permanant records told alot about the characters that we didn't know.

    The went through one by one, and told something about each person that the other and the audience didn't know. I thought it was a pretty clever episode. I also think the majority of the episodes of this show are good, and the actors are really great together. I think when they laugh at stuff the others do, that was great, because that's what someone would mostly likely do in real life. This episode was in a burned out school house on Halloween, and besides revealing information about the characters, it was also a pretty funny episode. Kelso's age, Jackie's middle name, ect. It was a pretty clever way to get all that information about them in just one episode.
  • Permenant records

    We find out a few very interesting things about this gang onh this Halloween night. Weird middle names, destructive acts of violence, failing grades! True frights! And a legacy begins!

    Red: He's an ass and he's dumb so that makes him a...A dumb ass! Hehehe...I had to giggle there. Come on, that was funny!
  • The gang goes to their old burned down elementary school and finds their permenant records..

    i loved this episode because it was soo funny. Even the beginning was funny. I loved how Fez has never gone trick or treating and how he doesnt believe that you get free candy for just saying trick-or-treat and then he goes and he gets an apple. I just loved every minute of this episode especially when Hyde tells everyone Jackies middle name..

    (after she beats him up)
    Hyde: Jackies middle name is... BEULAH!

    well i just loved this episode all together so i suggest you watch it!
  • Great early episode. We learn a little more about everyone (except Fez)

    This episode was hilarious. Hyde, Eric, Kelso, Donna and Jackie turn against each other after finding their permanent records at the site of a burned down school and learn more about themselves. However unrealistic finding their untouched permanent records may be, the chemistry between all six actors works really well and makes this episode a classic. In a subplot, Red learns the error of his ways when he finds out Kitty is pregnant on Halloween 1957.

    \"Trick or treat? An apple? Where\'s my candy you son of a b-tch? - Fez, trick or treating as Batman
  • The horror of...the permanent records!

    There are way too many great scenes in this episode to list and it really has some brilliant humour.

    Fez discovering Halloween and trick-or-treating was hilarious but that was only the beginning.

    There are so many great revelations such as Kelso being 18 and could have been buying the gang beer all this time and Jackie's middle name... it's Beulah! There are a few other revelations that some of the gang didn't know about such as Fez being a better kisser and Hyde kissing Donna.

    The ending was brilliant and really shows what the show is capable of. This episode was a great Halloween one with many great lines.