That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 17

Happy Jack

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2004 on FOX

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  • Donna catches Eric "taking care business" in her bathroom and she becomes horrified and Eric gets embarrassed

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and it's one of Season 6's best episode. It was hilarious when Donna caught Eric "taking care of business" in her bathroom and she becomes horrified while Eric becomes embarrassed. It was very funny when Eric and Donna can't look at each other eye to eye because of the incident that happened. The subplot was funny was well when Kelso who wants to be referred as "Mike" is becoming more mature ever since he got a job in the police academy and Hyde and Fez try to find a way to make Kelso the same dumb person that he was in the earlier episodes. Kelso may be less dumb in more mature in the later episodes but he still brings the laughs in this show. It was hilarious when Eric and Donna talk to each other about the incident and Eric has a picture of Jackie's mom which was part of the "taking care of business" thing Eric was doing. It was very funny when Kitty and Red feel awkward after hearing about Eric doing that incident. Kelso showing some dumbness towards the end of the episode was funny. James Avery (who had the role of Uncle Phil in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") made a good guest star in this episode as Office Kennedy (Kelso's boss). Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • happy jack

    This episode definitely did have a controversial topic, they handed it well especially with steering away from using the "M" word. A fun episode that didn't do much with development but it's hilarity made up for it. Eric is caught masturbating after looking at some family photos. Donna walks in on him, and now that's what everyone is talking about. Eric, completely embarrassed, manages to make things worse when he reveals who turned him on: Pam. The thing I liked about this plot is the Donna & Eric confrontations. Eric going to everyone for advice on what to do was kind of boring. Meanwhile Hyde & Fez visit Kelso at police academy. He is completely transformed along with a mustache. When Kelso throws out Hyde & Fez's stash, they get revenge by making him look like Hitler by messing up his mustache. This was a funny plot.

    Both plots were very funny, and in the end we find out that Donna masturbates too! Hilarious installment to this season, that connects with Donna's celibacy vow before the marriage. Good episode.
  • Eric gets caught with his pants down

    That 70s Show always manages to tackle any issue but this one is certainly the most detailed they’ve done in the series with Donna witnessing Eric masturbating and even figuring out who triggered it, with hilarious lines from Red, the gang and even Kitty. This plot is hilarious and that isn’t the only entertaining storyline in this episode.

    Kelso becoming way too serious and adult in the police force only for Hyde and Fez to dial him down a notch by shaving his moustache is brilliant, and their reactions to the toilet flushing are priceless. Overall, both these plots are terrific, especially Eric’s and this episode has a lot of memorable moments.
  • Very funny!

    Donna catches Eric in her bathroom...lets just say not going to the bathroom.

    Poor Eric gets teased by his friends and family, and Donna can't even look him in the eye. Funniest part is when Red and Kitty are having "the talk" with him and Red keeps calling him an animal,etc.

    Fez's advice to Eric was great, "Just tell her you were checking for ticks."

    Somehow, Eric manages to make things worse when Donna finds out "what set him off at her house."

    Didn't like how Donna didn't say I love you at the end...but all is forgiven due to the great ending scene with the candle, etc.

    The side story is Kelso, at the police academy. He starts going by "Mike", and he grew a mustache.

    When Hyde and Fez come to visit, and Kelso plays the responsible adult cop by flushing Hyde's "baggie" down the toilet, literally, Hyde and Fez seek sweet revenge.
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