That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 4

Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX

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  • Betty White and Tom Poston guest star in this episode as Kitty's parents


    Part 2 of this "That 70s' Show" episode was funny yet has some emotions between the characters. The plot with Hyde trying to talk to Kelso about him and Jackie being together was well developed and funny in some parts. The plot with Kitty's parents (guest stars Betty White and Tom Poston) from Arizona visiting so they can hear the big news from Kitty is also good. Kitty announces that she IS NOT pregnant and that she actually has menopause. Betty White and Tom Poston's part in this episode was definitely making me laugh in this episode. With those guest starring in this episode, they surely brought in a lot of laughs with Betty White being the mother who yells and Tom Poston being the father who just drinks. Betty White yelling was definitely the best part of this episode. The flashbacks with Hyde always punching Kelso is also funny. Jackie talking to Kelso was pretty good as well. Donna also making Hyde and Kelso shake hands by yelling was funny. The very end of the episode with Donna yelling at Eric to give her the cookie thanks to Betty White teaching Donna about yelling was funny. I also loved the Red/Kitty moment towards the end of the episode. Good development between the characters, hilarious guest stars, and an amazing storyline. Overall, Part 2 of this episode was excellent which made this an excellent 2-Part "That 70s Show" episode. 10/10

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    I was never a fan of the Hyde and Jackie pairing, so it was hard not to root for Kelso to "win" here, but it was not just that, Ashton Kutcher was absolutely hilarious in this episode and you really saw what an asset he was to this show here. You also had the debut of Betty White and Tom Poston, two comedy legends, as Kitty's parents, and they certainly provided some great moments on the show. That 70's Show brought in some big names, but I never really considered it stuntcasting, not until season 8 at the very least.
  • Kitty discovers she has menopause...

    I really like this episode because first of all, Kelso tries to settle the score with Hyde, and they have the "Ow My Eye" flashbacks again. What I don't like is that Kelso always loses, I just wanted Kelso to punch Hyde in the face. I liked Kitty's parents, they were so funny. BURT! I love that then Donna does it. Also when Kitty & her mother have "the talk" of menopause. I couldn't hold my sides! Also I love how Hyde let Kelso punch him but my favorite part is when Jackie & Kelso talk about the past. Talk about closure!
  • Kelso finds out!

    Well, there are a lot of classic moments in this episode, especially Kelso’s eye injuries and Kitty’s parents aswell as some solid plot developments like Kelso reluctantly forgiving Hyde and Kitty having menopause, aswell as the incredibly shocking revelation that Red Forman sold his beloved Corvette.

    Eric and Red not knowing what menopause is and looking it up in the World Book is terrific as is Kelso’s problem with doors and Fez and Donna interrupting Hyde’s apology, and this episode manages to have some incredibly hilarious moments out of a some serious storylines, and this is definitely a memorable episode.
  • Kitty's parents arrive from Arizona, after being told that Kitty has some wonderful news to share with them. Kitty's news isn't what she thought it would be, and throws a damper on the high spirits.

    This episode was so funny, yet so sad at the same time. Poor Kitty thinks that she is pregnant, when, really, she is going through menopause. It was so funny when Eric said that he thinks Red has menopause after looking it up. It was also very funny when Kitty discovers she is not pregnant... After Red sells the car! Then she just started laughing. It was so hilarious. This episode is a series classic, in my opinion. It shows character development, and it was very well written. This episode is yet another great installment. It is That '70s Show at its finest.