That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 4

Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX

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  • Kitty's parents arrive from Arizona, after being told that Kitty has some wonderful news to share with them. Kitty's news isn't what she thought it would be, and throws a damper on the high spirits.

    This episode was so funny, yet so sad at the same time. Poor Kitty thinks that she is pregnant, when, really, she is going through menopause. It was so funny when Eric said that he thinks Red has menopause after looking it up. It was also very funny when Kitty discovers she is not pregnant... After Red sells the car! Then she just started laughing. It was so hilarious. This episode is a series classic, in my opinion. It shows character development, and it was very well written. This episode is yet another great installment. It is That '70s Show at its finest.