That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 18

Hey Hey What Can I Do (a.k.a. Job Fair)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2003 on FOX

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  • Man, Kitty sucks!

    I like this episode because Donna & Eric are still fighting to have their wedding. By getting a job! Since Red left him for dead. Anyways I love how people are interviewing Eric & he has to slaughter animals, that's hilarious, also when Donna objectifies herself as Hot Donna at the job fair is also laughable, "Who knew in this small town" Anyways I hate Kitty in this episode because just when things are going perfect, Kitty ruins it by making sure Eric doesn't get a job. I also like how Hyde gets a job at the hotel, where he works for a long time so, Good for you Hyde!
  • Career Changes everywhere

    Job searches are hilarious in this episode, whether it’s Eric trying to apply to a career where he doesn’t slaughter animals, Hyde trying to convince Jackie not to convince him to get a job, Hot Donna signing autographs, Red interviewing applicants, Kelso’s choice to become a cop, Kitty stopping Eric from getting a job or Fez, well, just trying to make out on a field trip.

    This episode has some terrific moments, like Kelso trying to be charming, his fantasy of life as a cop, the depressing life of Hyde’s new boss, and Eric finally standing up to Red, the one time he wasn’t responsible for screwing him over. This episode is a great example of just what makes this show funny.
  • Eric's parents are sooooo mean!

    I like Jackie a lot in this episode. She looks prettier than usual. The combination of her and Hyde is so awesome! They make a perfect couple. I love that line "He (refers to Hyde) isn't afraid of true live." Haha! Eric's parents are so mean, I gotta say. They make him go through so much for nothing! They should pay for his college anyway. As for his marraige, who are they to decide? As long as Eric's happy, they should be happy for him, too. Kelso's kinda boring in this episode, however. The best part is when he has an idea, he looks like he is having a stroke. Ha!