That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 23

Holy Crap!

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2000 on FOX

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  • Red, Eric, and Laurie decide to stop going to church, while Kelso and Fez grow beards together.

    Red has already stopped going to church secretly, but this Sunday, Kitty has to go work at the hospital, and can't make it to church, so Eric and Laurie have to "get to church" on their own. Eric originally wants to go to church, or at least intends on listening to his parents and go to church, but Laurie talks him out of it, and ditches him to go make out with some guy, apparently in a parking lot or alley or something. They try to hide it when they get back home, but it doesn't help when Laurie's all dirty from having dirty outdoor, on-the-street sex and when Bob talks to Kitty before she talks to the kids about not being at church that morning. Kitty then decides that the kids are growing old enough to decide whether they want to go to church or not, thinking they'll make the right decision of going, but they don't. So they make Pastor Dave come to their home for a night full of fun activities and lessons on the Bible, etc. Things go wrong with Laurie though, when she hits on Dave, and other things like she has three 6's in a game of poker. Dave leaves. Meanwhile, Donna has to help Jackie try to resist from Kelso, especially now that he and Fez are growing beards. Nothing big, they're all shaved and gone by the next episode.
  • I like this episode very much.

    Here is a summary from the season DVD for this episode (Holy Crap!)-

    "When Red, Eric, and Laurie decide to quit going to church, Kitty has no choice but to bring the church home to them, and Kelso and Fez try growing beards."

    I liked this episode. It was absolutely hilarious, and it got really religious (not really :P) in a few parts. It was focused mainly on Kitty, and I like that, Kitty does not get many episodes to herself, Debra Jo Rupp deserves that much, I think. She made this episode pretty good.... I liked it, I already said that :O.

  • The stairway to heaven...

    This episode is full of laughs & is a classic That 70's Show episode! The plot developed amazingly, Eric & Laurie not wanting to go to church turned in to the Formans not entering heaven & going to hell, that is one of favorite fantasies, while their about to enter & the angel explains why they can't. "Down you go!" That was my favorite scene of the episode. Pastor Dave is introduced! He made such a good first impression! I like how Laurie was hitting on him the whole time. The B plot was just okay, Kelso grows a beard & Jackie can't keep her hands off him, sounds familiar, but just okay. Overall, a superb & classic episode.
  • Hilarious.

    Holy Crap is a great episode of That '70s Show. The scenes where Pastor Dave was at the Foreman's house was so so funny. Especially when Laurie was coming on to him. And then she laid down a 666 while they played cards. So funny. And when Pastor Dave was talking about Jesus being a rebel like Fonzie. I was laughing. Eric, Laurie, and Hyde were all so funny in this episode. And watching Leo and Pastor Dave's song at the end was funnt too. The whole episode was just so hilarious. It's exactly why I watch That 70s Show.
  • Pastor Dave is introduced

    I bet the youth minister regrets setting foot in the Forman residence after all his lessons backfire such as Eric and Hyde's visions of God (Klapton) and religious poker including Laurie winning with the cards 666.

    Kitty telling the kids that it was their choice to go to church but forcing them to anyway was cery amusing as is Red's anger at God and Eric when he gets red dragged into church aswell.

    Leo stating that church is almost a religious experience and taking the "free money" were classic Leo scenes and were a great contribution to the episode.

    All in all, this episode must be watched by all true fans of this brilliant show.