That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 20

Holy Craps!

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • (Jackie has just asked Caroline if Fez is a good kisser)
      Donna: She's only asking because when she kissed him, he did this thing with his tongue.

      Fez kissed Jackie in the second season episode Garage Sale. Jackie described the "thing with his tongue" by saying it was like he was rolling his Rs when he speaks... but in her mouth.

  • Quotes

    • Jackie: You guys are such a cute couple!
      Donna: I know. I really like Caroline.
      Jackie: Me too. She's nice!
      Hyde: For a psycho.
      Fez: Hyde! Take that back!
      Hyde: (pretends he's blowing up a balloon and then letting the air out to make a hissing sound) Ssss-psycho.

    • Kitty: Okay, now, I have work assignments for everyone. Red, you're selling raffle tickets.
      Red: I'm your man.
      Kitty: And don't yell at the customers.
      Red: I'm ...kind of your man.
      Kitty: And smile.
      Red: You need another man.

    • Caroline: So, what does Cosmo say about me? I'm a Gemini.
      Donna: Uhh, let's see. Okay. The twins - two people trapped in one body. So you're like... split personality.
      Caroline: If you ever say that again, I'll kill you! (Donna and Jackie stare at her) I'm just kidding! You guys, I'm psycho, remember? Woo hoo!
      Donna: Wow, that was, uh, that was really good. I almost wet myself.

    • (at the bingo table)
      Hyde: Besides, what old lady wants Rock'em, Sock'em Robots, or Pop Rocks, or super balls?
      Kelso: Yeah! Yeah, if you give the elderly Pop Rocks, they could get all foamy and stroke out!

    • Donna: Who ate the last donut?
      Eric: (quietly) I did.
      Donna: Son of a bitch!
      Eric: You ate the first eleven!
      Donna: Oh, shut up!
      Eric: No, I won't! I weigh 80 pounds! Look at you... you know why I'm bald? My body is eating its own hair!

    • Caroline: I just want to say that you will never be as happy as you were with me! Ever. And until you realize that, I'll be seeing you. And by 'I'll be seeing you' I mean that I'll be watching you. But you won't know it, except I just told you, so you do know it. Anyway, this isn't over!

    • (trying to break up with Caroline)
      Fez: Umm...because...Donna and I are in love!!
      Caroline: WHAT?!
      Donna: Oh my GOD!!
      Jackie: Eeeewwww!!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Pastor Dave: You kids buy a raffle ticket? Third prize is a rock 'n roll record. John Denver's Greatest Hits. He fills up your senses!

      Pastor Dave once again fails when trying to be cool with the gang; John Denver was a folk/country singer, not rock 'n roll. Pastor Dave, when he says, "he fills up your senses" is alluding to the John Denver song Annie's Song, which begins, "You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest..."

    • (Red is at the craps table, and winning)
      Kitty: Hey, Diamond Jim, come here.

      Kitty calls Red "Diamond Jim", referring to the American financier, Diamond Jim Brady (1856 - 1917), who made his fortune as a salesman for a railroad company. He lived life to the fullest, enjoying food, women, jewels (especially diamonds) and gambling.

    • Red: Eric, if your mother wants you and Archie and Jughead here to help her, then you're going to help her.
      Hyde: (to Kelso) You're Jughead.
      Kelso: You're Jughead!

      Red refers to Hyde and Kelso as Archie and Jughead, alluding to the comic book characters from the popular Archie series that began in the early 40s. Archie was the well-meaning, average looking redheaded one; Jughead was the odd-looking, not quite-so-bright food obsessed one.

    • Caroline: Bazooka Joe wanted to see time fly, so Zena threw a clock out the window.

      Bazooka Joe was a character in a comic strip; Zena was his girlfriend. The comic strip came wrapped around Bazooka bubble gum, made by the TOPPS Company.

    • Hyde: Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

      This was the advertising slogan for Peter Paul chocolate bars Almond Joy and Mounds.

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