That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 7

Hot Dog (a.k.a. The Gifts)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2002 on FOX

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  • Red buys a dog for menapausal Kitty to lift up her spirits. Meanwhile, Eric buys an engagement ring for Donna but everyone tells him that he is being stupid and will make a huge mistake


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". The story was definitely well-developed. We get some great character development between Eric and Donna towards the end of the episode. There were so many humor all the way that just made me laugh very hard. It's definitely one of the best Season 5 episodes I've seen. Red buys a dog for menapausal Kitty to lift up her spirits. The dog is making Kitty very happy but Red can't take having a dog in the house. Meanwhile, Eric wanted to buy something that showed he loves Donna and there was nothing else that says that besides an engagement ring. Eric shows everyone the engagement ring that Eric bought for Donna but they're all saying how stupid and crazy Eric is being and even made him wear the "stupid helmet". There were many funny parts in this episode such as Kitty being happy with her dog, Bob telling Red that he should've bought Kitty a banjo to make her happy, The very beginning of the episode when the dog barked at Red and then Red said "Yep, he's got menapausal too", the dog peeing on Red's chair, and many more. The very end with Eric telling Donna about the engagement ring was very nice as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" that made me laugh very hard. 10/10

  • Promise Ring, Part III

    Schotzie comes in to the family! I really like this episode because it's very special for Donna & Eric, they have a secret engagement! I also like the B plot with Jackie & Hyde! Then she lowers her standards... Also I like how Schotzie makes Kitty happy, my favorite part is when they're in the circle. I also really like how eats 3 cans of food, that was so hilarious, he has the munchies. It's so sweet how Donna agreed & Fenton was so funny in this episode. Also I like how Bob completely reject the "long-term commitment" A very awesome & special episode!
  • A pet is welcomed into the Forman residence

    Well, yet another temporary step forward in the Eric/Donna relationship proves that while intentions may be romantic, that doesn’t make them any less stupid. Speaking of stupid, Bob had a lot of great moments in this episode and the whole dog plot is terrific, with Red showing that it isn’t only humans that tick him off.

    Hyde and Jackie both lowering their standards to be with each other is a great playoff between the characters as it’s true of both of them. This episode is very funny, and quite important in the episodes continuing throughout season five, aswell as bringing back the stupid helmet just to reinforce how unlikely Eric’s plan will work, the candy bar not exactly being an equal substitute.
  • Helloooooooooo Shotzie!!

    I love Shotzie. And I love Kitty. So this is a wonderful episode. It was so cute when Red gave Kitty a puppy to take care of now that her kids are all grown. And I loved how he kept getting into Red's chair. And then peeing in the chair. And how he became a part of the circle and then got the munchies! I love Shotzie!

    And the scenes on the water tower between Eric and Donna were so sweet! Obviously there is a great love between them! Getting engaged is stupid in high school, (and the stupid helmet was very necessary) but a nice plot point.

    I also liked the Jackie and Hyde interaction. She tried to get him to buy her things. He tried to get her into his conspiracy theories... and in the end, they settled for a burger with a shiny wrapper. I wish they had stayed together!
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