That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2000 on FOX

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  • The guys go on a deer hunting trip while the girls are playing poker back at home

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and it really made me laugh so hard all the way. Red, Bob, Eric, Hyde, Fez, and Kelso go on a deer hunting trip while Kitty, Midge, Donna, Jackie, and Laurie play poker back at the house. Both of the plots were hilarious but I have to say that I like the deer hunting plot a little more. It was very funny when Eric didn't want to go on a deer hunting trip with Red and Eric said "Red doesn't like me" and then Kitty says "Eric, that is it not true... and that's no excuse" (haha hilarious). Kelso wanting to catch the deer and the everyone making the joke that Kelso would've killed Fez instead of the deer was very funny. It was absolutely hilarious when Fez killed a bird and then when the guys were discussing on the trip, Fez said that it was a scarecrow. Everyone's expression after Fez said that it was a scarecrow that they ate was hilarious especially when they said "Fez, you could put on some curse on us". Red and Eric's bonding on the deer hunting trip was nice and pretty funny. It was funny when Laurie cheated on poker so Kitty can have fun since Kitty doesn't know how to play poker. Overall, this was a hilarious episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • All of the guys go hunting while the girls stay home and play poker.

    Kitty wants Red and Eric to spend some time together, so she encourages Red to take Eric hunting. Of course, a real That '70s Show adventure isn't the same unless you have the whole gang there! So Bob, Kelso, Hyde, and Fez tag along and all have their own adventures. Everybody tries to prevent Kelso from getting a hold of a shotgun. (If you haven't figured it out from even just a season of this show, Kelso + shotgun = trouble) Fez goes "hunting" and catches some crows. He shares them with Kelso, Hyde, and Bob at Bob's cabin while Red and Eric go hunting on their own. Trouble starts when Eric misses a deer that accordingly was right by them, and has to listen to Red yell at him. Eric insists Red should of taken the shot, which I agree with him. Finally, when Eric can't take it anymore, he confesses that he didn't shoot the deer because he didn't want it to die. So then he shows off his shooting skills by shooting something I can't quite remember what was, but he successfully hits it and impresses Red for once. So all-in-all, the trip was pretty good. Meanwhile back at home, Kitty, Midge, Donna, Jackie, and Laurie play poker. Secretly, I think, Kitty enjoys having Laurie and her spending some quality time with her at home, especially when she cheats for her so she can win [some money!] Even Midge suspects that Laurie's cheating, so she calls the games off, leaves, and takes Donna and Jackie with her.
  • Great, just great........

    This episode was very special. Eric tells Red how he really feels about him and all of his parenting methods, and how he thinks he got to be so strict and just plain mean.

    The guys go hunting at the Pinciotti cabin and have some fun together, well, fun would be exaggerating. Everyone is stressed, and they all try to catch a very special deer (it's a huge buck). The girls spend a night together, playing poker, and they all start to fight. In the end of the hunting trip, Red shoots the big deer.

    This episode is very special. It was gooooooooood.

  • Eric tells Red how he really feels about him.

    I like how Red & Eric bond in this episode, it was so sad to hear that Frank died, that made me upset. anyways I like the beginning when Fez only caught the peasant with the whistle & a stick & it turns out to be a crow. I also like how Kitty, Donna, Jackie, Midge & Kitty play poker, another picture frame, they all turn to dogs! Anyways I like how Laurie cheated to help her mom win but at the end she just wanted her cut of the prize, the money! It was really nice of Red to say that Eric might be alright after he told him his answer. A very good hunting episode.
  • Eric and Red bond over hunting

    All of the plots in this episode were hilarious from Kelso and his gun to Fez feeding the gang what turns out to be crows to the girls' poker game.

    There are two bonding moments in this episode, the main one being Red and Eric bonding after Erimisses a set shot and points out that Red has been yelling at him his whole life. The other bonding moment was with Kitty and Laurie where Laurie cheats for her mother and says that it was only because she didn't like seeing her unhappy but then quickly reverts to her old self and takes Kitty's winnings.

    Each part of this episode was done so well and managed to be hilarious non-stop.