That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 4

Hyde Gets the Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2001 on FOX

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  • Eric and Fez throw a party full of girls for Hyde so Hyde can find a girlfriend

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and it made me laugh so hard. Eric/Fez/Hyde plot was very funny when Eric and Fez decide to throw a party full of girls so Hyde can find a girlfriend. Kelso/Bob/Daniel plot was absolutely hilarious when Kelso and Bob were competing to win a van from a radio contest against that character Daniel. That Daniel character made me laugh very hard. It was funny when Daniel made Bob lose the contest by telling Bob that Donna should Daniel's daddy. Hyde talking through all of the girls with unusual problems was absolutely hilarious. It was very funny when Eric was talking to girls to get over his depression with Donna when they broke up. All of Fez's lines were hilarious in this episode and he made me laugh so hard (Fez always makes me laugh). It was hilarious when Jackie keeps asking Kelso if she is a very pretty girl and Daniel would say "Oh My God". It was very funny when Kelso beat Daniel in the radio contest and won the van. It was just absolutely hilarious when the guy asked what is Kelso going to do with the can and Kelso says "I'm gonna do it with Jackie". Hyde finding a girl and asking her out was also very funny. Fez's golden line at the very end of the episode was also funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • 404

    Even though this really didn't feel like I was watching That 70s Show, it was still very good, and there was some funny one liners. "Hand on a Van" is nothing new, but That 70s Show managed to put their own spin on the story line. Kelso vs. a guest character, Daniel was hilarious. Considering how flawless French Stewart was being, I definitely have to commend him for his breakdown in the end.

    Eric pretending to be "broken" because of Donna was also very funny, and us fans become intrigued because it plays a part in Eric & Donna's breakup which is the reason season 4 was so great. The only problem I had with this episode was Donna's random friend, Melissa. Hyde finding someone to love had the potential to be a very great plot. But just the fact that Melissa wasn't mentioned prior to this made this a filler episode. Other than that, we've got a lot of enjoyable and funny one liners from the whole cast. Superb episode.
  • Girls and vans. Whaddaya REALLy wanna let me say?

    When Hyde's all dopey dopey on the dumps, the others decide to give him a party! With girls, none the less! But, he dosne't seem so impressed with any of the girls. He goes outside and gets a crush on Melissa. In the end, he and Melissa hit it out.

    Moving on to the hand in the van contest. Kelso enteres, but a guy named David, who is supposidly the "best hand in van playa ever." Then, they go on and on and on till they're the last people left in line. Then, Jackie comes in, and she was the key to Kelso's win! All he had to do was answere her questions. Ding ding ding! The floor's Kelso!

    But wait! What about the other gorls? Qwll, at least Fez got Rhonda. Isn't that sweet?! anyways, good episode.
  • Kelso gets a new van

    This episode has many entertaining interlocking plots, the main ones being Eric trying to move on by using his hurt over the break-up to get pity girls and Hyde being the reason for the party, Fez’s idea being to find a girl for Hyde to love so that the gang can tease him for once. Both of these plots are very funny, especially Eric’s, but my favourite is one of the minor plots.

    Although Fez and Big Rhonda’s hints at a future relationship was a funny subplot, my favourite is Kelso trying to win the van in a battle of wits against the one man that won every competition that the radio station held since 1972 (remember this is that 70s show so it’s been more like six years as opposed to thirty) and since Kelso has no wits whatsoever, he has to win by Jackie at her most annoying – classic stuff.

    Overall, this is a very funny episode that many fans would enjoy and I would recommend this to anyone that is getting into the 70s fever in the 21st century.
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