That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 24

Hyde Moves In

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 1999 on FOX

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  • Hyde Moves In

    "Hyde Moves In" was one of those momentous episodes of the series in which every line and scene made you laugh or giggle in some way. For me at least, the laugh was nonstop here. All the characters shined here and we just saw some golden writing here.

    We got a fantastic cold opening that set the rest of the episode in motion in which everyone decides to go skinny dipping. Then we've actually got some emotion with Hyde and his mom stepping out on him. Loved the setup for this considering we knew he's always had problems at home, and we saw it more than ever in "Career Day."

    We got some heartfelt scenes between Hyde & Eric. A hilarious yet still emotional scene between Red & Hyde. Jackie & Kelso's story line just added to that hilarity. The scene when Kelso sees Jackie's face was priceless. Memorable scene to say the least. Overall, a truly perfect episode of That 70s Show, and that's hard to come by!
  • Poor Hyde

    Without many, how do you support someone who is not even aprt of your family? Answer: Kitty forces you to. I really like the diea of Eric and Hyde being 'brothers' in this episode. It was definitely one of the best storylines in That '70s Show history. I just pity how Hyde's mother could treat him that way. It's a very sad situation. This story has a moral and a very good one at that. I wished it had more focus on other characters though. It was too Hyde-centric and Forma family centric. Although the Kelso and Jackie story was hilarious aswell.

    Overall, great episode.
  • This episode is about Hyde moving in with the Formans after his mom abandons him and has the greatest Red moment ever.

    This episode has alot in common with a Happy Days episode "Fonzie Moves In" (Where the Fonz moves in with the Cunninghams), but it's awesome anyway. You feel so bad for Hyde, when his own mom leaves him...without any food or money...So she can have an affair with a trucker! This takes bad parenting to a capital "B". Also, Red letting Hyde move in with him, in the form of an angry, profainty-laced tirade!Awesome Red moment ever (before Red turns into a sociopatic, anger-ridden bully to everyone except his wife). All in all, a great second to last episode of the first season. :)
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik and the gang are driving and they decide to skinny dip and he does thing is that erik and the gang lose ther all ther cloths and they go to hydes to hide that there all naked and they find out that hides parents are gone well his mother went away to be with some trucker and so so hyde is alone and then he and erik start to hangout and erik gets his partnes to let him stay with them and the moment that red has is hilrious and very funny
  • Hyde's mother takes off with a trucker, and when Eric and his mother see the environment that Hyde is left to stay in, they beg Red to let Hyde move in.

    All the torture Hyde's mom has given him has now come to an end! She left him! And the gang first realizes this after the go skinny dipping. Someone stole their clothes, and Hyde says they can wear some of the old clothes at his empty house. At first, Hyde explains his mom is just out of town, but no one, especially Eric, is fooled. As a good friend, Eric confirms that Hyde's mom has left, and brings him food. Then he invites him to spend some nights at his own house to get dinner regularly. Then he explains to his parents that Hyde's mother left him - something Hyde didn't want Forman to do. Red's against it at first, but then he and Kitty take a trip to Hyde's home. A home that looks like a tornado hit it. Red's still defiant against letting Hyde move in, but with some sweet talk from Kitty, he changes his mind, and Hyde finally has a proper home with edible food!
  • This is one of the best, best episodes of That 70's Show. In fact, this is one of the best episodes of all TV shows ever! It sure sets out a fine example for the rest of the TV shows out there.

    I love this episode so much. If the characters weren't so naturally entertaining and the jokes so funny, I would have cried. The scenes where Kitty and Red went over to visit Hyde and invited him to move in with them were really touching. Red, despite his weird, bad tamper, is indeed the sweetest man alive like Kitty says. I really like him now more than ever. Eric has taught me a real lesson of what true friendships really are. He genuinely cares about Hyde and even lets him eat his chocolates! The smile on his face when he dumps his chocolates on Hyde's face was simply saying, "You are my friend, Hyde." Awesome episode!
  • Two great speeches and a half hour of laughs

    Hyde's mother abandons him so he becomes an "orphan" as Laurie often mentions in the series and you would think that the episode would be a bit of a downer but it definitely was not, with hilarious scenes such as Skinny dipping, Fez's tatoo and the two hilarious speeches made by Red and Kelso respectively, Kelso being horrified by Jackie's face but then coming to the conclusion that she's only ugly for the time being - a great apology, Red angrily telling Hyde to move in with many bleeped words - a sweet offer.

    This episode is funny throughout and is very pivotal since it marksthe first episode where Hyde starts living with the Formans.
  • Kelso and Red make this episode.

    When Jackie becomes sick and is seen the first time without makeup by Kelso, he automatically freaks out. When he is attempting to make amends, he goes for what he thinks is a sweet apology but ends up being hilariously shallow with his "outer beauty is forever even though you're ugly now" speech.

    The other side of the coin sees Hyde struggling to live without his unreliable mother and Eric and Kitty trying to convince Red to take him in. Red begrudgedly accepts, but not without a sling of bleeped curses towards hyde to get his *BLEEP* ass in the *BLEEPBLEEP* car. Kitty would continue this tradition 4 seasons later with equal hilarity.

    Overall, a great episode that really help set the tone for the series.
  • Skinny Dipping, Dancing Tattoo discovery and Ugly Jackie. Hilarity ensues.....

    The gang is bored and decides to go skinny dipping. When their clothes get stolen, they decide to go to Hyde's house to get some clothes, but not before Fez reveals his tattoo and his Fezticle while they are riding naked in the Vista Cruiser. Eric borrows Hyde's Cannibis Soup T-shirt, which we see Hyde wearing in the wrestling episode. Midge starts to host her "woman warrior" meetings and Bob gets a shine on for one of the members. This is one of the rare episodes where Red actually calls Fez "Fez". When the Foremans learn that Hyde's mother abandoned him, they move him into their home, after much bleeped cussing from Red. In an Exorcist spoof, Kelso sees Jackie without makeup and "eel" and he freaks out.

    This one has an awesome 360 with Eric, Kelso, Fez and Donna, who is totally baked and knocks Eric out. It's pretty cool because Eric is using a View-Master and is viewing a Scooby Doo reel.
    Definitely a 10 episode!
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