That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 23

Hyde's Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2002 on FOX
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Hyde's Birthday
Kitty plans a surprise birthday party for Hyde's 18th birthday. She recruits Jackie and Fez as decorators because of their feminine creativity (much to Donna's annoyance). Eric, Donna, and Kelso decide to steal a street sign for Hyde's present. But Hyde doesn't want to celebrate because he thinks this means he'll have to move out of the Formans' house.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Crowd wants to throw Hyde a party. He isnt trhrilled because in his family, turning 18 means the beggining of the end. Eric, Donna, and Kelso try to find the perfect gift for him. In the end, Red explains to us what it means to be a man.moreless

    "Hyde's Birthday" was an amazing episode imo.

    All the story lines were just hilarious. 20+ minutes of non stop laughter, topped off with the whole throwing the rabbit up the tree story. this is just good writing. Plotwise, this episode gives the audience a break from the emotional dramas. Instead of moving the plot forward, it focuses on the characters and this is always a winning formula. Especially with the kind of characters this show has built.

    another memorable performance by Ashton Kutcher. The character of Kelso will remain in comedy history for the ages and this episode is one of the finest examples why.moreless
  • Aw, starts with the cow, ends with the donky bashing at a party. Yay!

    This episode didn't have any flaws, I will say. But, I don't like giving out tens. So, this is near perfect. Can't find any flaws. Well.. except for that disterbing hug from Kelso. Ugh.

    This episode starts off as a Family Guy episode: run into one storyline, get into another. Hyde and Eric run over a cow, and they're worrie about the DMV, getting this. But, instead, they treat for Hyde's birthday.

    So, we have a bit of problems here:

    Jackie is working with Fez (how Jackie-liked)

    Donna, Eric, and Kelso troes stealing a sign, ending with Donna's brastrap off (haa)

    And Hyde really is being emo, saying he dosen't want a party.

    So, it comes, and Hyde isn't there. And Red gives him the man talk, saying about you MUST go or else. I liked it, because of the meaning, but I am gonna be sorry for Eric when he turns 18 (or not. Spoilers!)

    So, in conclution, Hyde's party ending with good greatings, and his own love annd affecton. Such a sweet episode.moreless
  • Hyde becomes a man.

    This episode is very special because Red & Hyde have a man to man talk after her turns 18, when he needs to go to his surprise party. This is one of my favorite episodes of the season, The gang go through a load of adventures to get the High St. Sign & all you had to get it was at the flea market, I love how Fez & Jackie had to work together & then when Jackie was about to slap him & Fez hold her hand to sop he from it, amazingly well. Everyone did a great job for the episode before the 100th episode.moreless
  • Hyde turns 18

    This episode is fantastic, with Kitty trying to do the same thing she did for Eric in the first season by throwing Hyde a surprise party he didn't want, with hilarious plots surrounding the birthday.

    Jackie and Fez being the feminine touches for the party planning is hilarious, even funnier the plot of Donna, Kelso and Eric getting a stolen gift, a street sign for Hyde, with one of my favourite scenes in the whole series with Kelso talking to Red about taking his saw to get a rabbit that Eric threw up in a tree aswell as another classic Kelso scene with a firecracker.

    Red's speech to Hyde and Leo's confusion about surprise parties are terrific additions to a hilarious episode that explores Hyde's character quite well.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (1977) by Styx;
      I'm Eighteen (1971) by Alice Cooper;
      You Needed Me (1978) by Anne Murray.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jackie: Hyde we need you to settle an argument. I'm sure you know by now that we're throwing you a party.
      Hyde: What party?
      Fez: Okay. I'm sure you know by now, that we're throwing you a party.

    • Kitty: Now, I made this for you. See, it says Steven on the front because I heard that having your name on your clothes is cool. Plus, if anybody finds it, they can return it to you.
      Hyde: So, I won't be able to lose it.... Great!

    • Red: Steven, you're eighteen now. It's time to start being a man. And the first rule to being a man is, you're gonna spend your life doing crap you don't want to do.

    • Red: What happened to those cupcakes? Bob, there were dozen cupcakes there.
      Bob: I'm sorry, Red. They're like vitamins to me.

    • Kelso: The base of the sign's all cracked, so all we have to do is shaft this fire cracker in there and blamo... the sign comes down.
      Eric: Well, it could actually work, if the base were made of pudding!
      Kelso: If the base were made of pudding, Eric, we could just pull the sign right out.

    • Hyde: Why're you baking so many cupcakes?
      Kitty: I had four dozen eggs; they were going to go bad.

    • Eric: Ok, now what would Hyde want? Something stolen.
      Donna: Stolen's good. But you know what's better? Stolen and dirty. So, what's a good gift for Hyde that's stolen and dirty?
      Kelso: Someone else's pig! No. no, wait.... I got it. I got it. A street sign. We'll steal it, so it would be stolen and it's dirty, so it would be dirty.

    • Kitty: Now I need two helpers with keen, feminine sensibility to help decorate. Jackie... and Fez.
      Fez: Yay! (clapping his hands)
      Donna: What the hell? I'm feminine. I should kick her ass for that.

    • Red: Hey screw-head, why is the DMV sending you a letter?
      Hyde (thinking Red is talking about Eric): Hehe... screw-head. (he hits Eric's butt) Hey screw-head.
      Eric: No, no, no... you're screw-head. I'm just called boy.

    • Kelso: See, I need it.... to borrow your saw because... I need to chop down a tree. Because... there's something stuck in it. An animal. A rabbit. There's a rabbit stuck in a tree. And I want to return that rabbit to the wild so it can lay its eggs.

    • Fez: One question, Jackie... is this a party for Hyde, or a bunch of whores in a whore house?

    • Red: You lied.
      Kitty: No, no... I said "Would I lie?" It was very tricky. I was like Houdini, but with words.

    • Hyde: If there's a war, I can get drafted.
      Leo: If there's a war, I'll see you in Canada!

    • Eric: Oh my God, it's about the cow. Did I say cow? Because what I meant was cow... nt... down. Count-down to better driving.
      Hyde: I think what Eric's trying to say is... he hit a cow.
      Eric: Well, I.. I had the right of way!

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