That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Hyde's Father

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hyde meets up with his actual father in a bar and Donna is disgusted with Eric after finding some dirty magazines under his bed.

    The four guys go to a local bar and Hyde sees his father working there. It's the first time they actually contact with each other in I believe eight years, according to what Hyde says. At first, Hyde is pissed because his dad admits he's been back in Point Place for over a year, and not just that, the fact that his dad left in the first place years and years ago. But then he spends some quality time with his fun dad and decides to move in with him. This is now the third time this series that Hyde has either moved out, or threatened to move out, and second time in the first three episodes of the season. Kind of too much, especially for just one person. But unlike the other two times, Hyde actually goes through with it, and moves in with his father before even saying good-bye to Kitty so he doesn't have to deal with all of the crying, etc. Meanwhile, Donna finds some dirty magazines under Eric's bed while they are making out, and leaves. Is Donna enough? Does Eric still have to rely on sexy magazines, too, to give him pleasure? These are questions Donna asks out loud to Eric and to herself. Finally, after Eric apologizes, she also agrees that even though it's disgusting, she agrees that it's okay and normal if a guy Eric's age looks at those magazines, even if they have a girlfriend. It's been determined for quite awhile now, but me and Eric'll say it again: Donna's the greatest girlfriend ever. Well, one of the best you could have, I suppose.
  • Hyde finds his long-lost father.

    While at a local bar, the guys talk to the bartender, and Hyde thinks that he looks pretty familiar. And, he realizes that it is his long - lost father. Kitty thinks that they should bond as a family, as a father and son. Then, Bud (who is Hyde's father) says that he wants Hyde to move into his house with him. Red won't say it, but, he does not want Hyde to leave. But, Hyde decides that he has caused the Forman family enough trouble, and he tells his father that he will move in with him. Donna finds dirty magazines under Eric''s bed.

  • Hyde finds his father at a local bar.

    This was an amazing episode, his father has now filled a hole in Hyde that he didn't have before! I love how they introduce each other, at a bar! I also like the B plot way better though, Donna finds dirty magazines under Eric's bed. I love the part when Eric is speaking to the magazine, it's insane! "You dirty, filthy, dirty, dirty, dirty boy!" Also the cheerleader at the end. "Are you sure this is okay" This shows that Eric has gone completely insane. I also like the part when Hyde fantasizes about "making memories" with his father, priceless! :D
  • Not My Favorite Storyline at all. Hyde goes to a bar with his friends and finds his "Dad" bartending at it. Hyde spends the episode being mad at his dad, meanwhile Donna finds dirty magazines under Eric's bed. She gets mad at him and he must explain it...

    The Hyde part was super boring and I don't reallt like this episode, but the eric and donna part was hilarious. Hyde did a bad job of handling this situation. He should have checked to see if it really was his father instead of asuming. I mean how did his "dad" know who Hyde was?
  • Hyde finds his father

    While sneaking into a bar with Fake IDs one night, the gang run into Hyde’s father, a very important part in Steven Hyde’s life.

    Leo thing that Red was Hyde’s dad was great, but not as funny as when he sat down uninvited and started eating their food. Everybody’s opinions on what Hyde could do were very good, especially Red predicting that Kitty’s plan to bring an alcoholic over for drinks wouldn’t work.

    Eric’s dirty magazines were also hilarious, Kelso stating that he was juggling two girlfriends, getting a little action on the side and still looked at the magazines and Eric’s imagination getting the worst of him.

    Overall, this episode isn’t one of the best from season three but it definitely wasn’t the worst.
  • A very good episode.

    I like this episode a lot. Fez was my favorite part in this episode. Seeing him try to date Jackie was very funny. I love the part where Fez is wearing an interesting suit, and Jackie says that suit would be more appealing to cheap women, and Laurie comes downstairs and says Fez is looking good. Hilarious.

    Anyway, Hyde meets his father...even though later on, that's actually his stepfather, and his real father is a much bigger surprise, but that's a whole other story. Anyways, Hyde is mad at his dad for not keeping in touch with him. And Hyde starts to bond with him more. I recommend this episode to someone who has just started watching That '70s Show, and wants a good laugh.
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