That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 11

I Can See For Miles

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, in Hyde's room, Donna comes in and tells the guys that she's found the perfect place for her and Eric to get married; Mt. Hump, then suggests that she and Eric go and check it out tomorrow. The Vista Cruiser is in the shop, but they can take Bob's car, even though they don't really want to because of his embarrassing bumper stickers. Jackie comes in and asks why they're all in Hyde's room, then comments on how grey and dirty it is, like a prison cell, and tells Hyde that she wants to make it pretty, but he tells her no. Kelso comes in and asks Eric if he can borrow his G.I. Joe doll; when Eric says no, Kelso holds up the melted doll and says that he thought that Eric would say yes, because what's Kelso's is Eric's and what's Eric's is Kelso's. Then he adds that what's Donna's is his too, holding up a melted Barbie as well.

[Scene change: Kelso jumps towards the screen; Jackie twirls around.]

At the library, Kelso helps Brooke with checking the books. She comments on how helpful he's being, and he tells her that it's the police motto. She's impressed with his positive changes and offers to let him come to the doctor's office with her for her appointment.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Eric jumps up and does karate moves.]

In the Forman driveway, Eric is sadly looking at his melted G.I. Joe doll; Donna comes over with a picnic basket for her outing with Eric to Mt. Hump. Bob comes over and asks when they'll be back with the car, but when he finds out that they're scouting out wedding locations and that they don't intend to get married in a church, he tells them that they can't use the car. Donna suggests that they take Kelso's van, which is parked in the driveway, and when Eric hesitates, she reminds him that what's Kelso's is Eric's, and that he should do it for G.I. Joe.

[Scene change: Eric and Donna dance across the screen.]

In the Forman livingroom, Bob comes in and gives Red a present - a pair of shoes. Red is shocked, commenting that it's an odd present for one man to give another. Bob tells him that he just saw them and thought that they'd look good with Red's tan pants, which horrifies Red even more, because the last thing he wants is Bob thinking about his pants.

[Scene change: Hyde and Jackie dancing.]

In the Forman basement, Hyde and Fez come in from outside. Jackie is waiting for them, and tells Hyde that she's been waiting for him, and starts to pull him towards his room. She tells Fez to come too; when they get to Hyde's room, it's completely redecorated in pink, with candles, twinkle lights and "Love Is..." posters. Hyde says that he feels sick just looking at it and tells Jackie to put it back to the way that it was before. She's angry that he doesn't appreciate what she's done for him.

[Scene change: Fez dancing.]

In the Forman driveway, Fez tells Kelso about Hyde's reaction to his redecorated room; Kelso isn't interested, because his van is missing, and he decides that it's been stolen. He tells Fez that Brooke is going to kill him if he doesn't take her to the doctor's appointment, and tries to find the hide-a-key to the Toyota, but Red catches him, and won't let him take the car.

[Scene change: Red looms towards the camera, Kitty dances.]

In the Forman livingroom, Red tells Kitty that shoes are just an inappropriate gift. Kitty points out that a man gave him shoes in the military, but Red says that he got a gun too, so it was okay. Kitty tells him that he just doesn't know how to be a good friend and that's why he doesn't have any friends. Red says that Charlie is his friend, even though they haven't seen each other since the end of the Korean War.

[Scene change: Hyde peering into the camera.]

The scene switches between Red in the livingroom and Hyde's room. Both are suspicious of the new things. Red looks at the shoes; Hyde smells a candle. Red touches the shoes; Hyde rubs a pillow against his face. Red puts on the shoes; Hyde crawls into bed. Both are happy.

At Mt. Hump, Donna and Eric arrive and look over the edge of the mountain. Donna thinks it's a perfect place for a wedding; Eric points out that there are panties in the grass, but Donna just says that they can let Fez loose to clean it up since he collects panties. They sit down to admire the view and behind them, the van begins rolling toward the edge of the mountain, but they don't notice. It crashes down the side of the mountain.

[Scene change: Kelso blows a kiss at the camera.]

In front of the library, Brooke is waiting for Kelso, who is late. He finally shows up riding a bicycle and explains to Brooke that he lost the van, but it's not his fault. She yells at him that it is he's irresponsible, but it's her fault for trusting him.

In the Forman livingroom, Red is wearing his new shoes and feeling good. Kitty comes in with a box of Christmas cards to prove that he has no friends, but Red tells her that it's not necessary because he's keeping the shoes. Hyde comes in and Kitty tells him that she loves his newly redecorated room, and then Red makes fun of him because Hyde let his girlfriend redecorate it. Hyde then makes fun of Red's shoes, suggesting that Red should get Bob a gift too, like a necklace or sexy lingerie. Red starts having doubts about the shoes again.

[Scene change: Eric and Donna do the twist.]

In the Forman basement, in the circle, Eric tells the guys about Kelso's van going over the side of the mountain, with Donna backing up his story. Hyde talks about how comfortable his new goose down quilt is, then decides that he misses it and runs off for another nap. Eric, Donna and Fez hear a scream from his room and run to see if he's okay.

In Hyde's room, the twinkle lights and candles are gone; it's back to the dirty grey room that it was before.

[Scene change: Donna jumps towards the camera.]

In the Forman basement, Kelso is going through Brooke's address book. She comes in and he tells her that he made appointments for her with all of her doctors. She tells him that she doesn't want him doing anything because he's irresponsible. Eric comes in and asks if he can borrow Kelso's van. When Kelso says no, Eric tells him that he thought that he was going to say yes, then shows him the steering wheel, explaining what happened and apologizing. Brooke is furious, calling Eric an irresponsible twitchy little man. Kelso is happy that he's no longer the irresponsible one.

[Scene change: Eric jumps up and plays air-guitar.]

In the Forman driveway, Red is throwing the shoes into the garbage; Kitty tries to stop him. Bob comes over and asks what he's doing; Red explains that he just can't accept shoes as a gift because it's weird. Bob understands and confesses to Red that he bought the shoes for himself but they didn't fit right so he tried to pawn them off on Red. Kitty is appalled by the way that they're acting, saying that friends don't act this way, but both Bob and Red are laughing about the whole incident.

[Scene change: Jackie reaches out towards the camera.]

In Hyde's room, Jackie comes in; Hyde asks her why she took everything down and tells her to put it back. She tells him that she will, but first he has to admit that he loved it, and he reluctantly does.

In the Forman driveway, Donna decides that she and Eric need a new place to get married, because "You are cordially invited to Mt. Hump" just doesn't sound good. Brooke comes by and asks where Kelso is; just then, he drives up in a small red sports car. He tells them that he got a great deal on it at the police auction because some guy was stabbed in it. Brooke suggests that it's a little impractical, but Kelso disagrees, saying that it's small, just like a baby.

[End credits: In the Forman basement, Fez is sitting alone and playing with the melted G.I. Joe and Barbie, acting out a romantic scene. He then brings a third doll into it - another female, and is about to have them act out a sex scene when Kitty walks in. She hastily shouts that she didn't see anything and runs back out.]