That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 11

I Can See For Miles

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2004 on FOX

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    All the plots were enjoyable and funny in this episode, with an enjoyable flow of the editing and transitioning. A good interaction with most of the characters, it's good to see that this show hasn't forgotten to be funny. In this episode, Brooke starts to rust Michael more so she agrees to let him take her to her doctor's appointment. Meanwhile Eric & Donna scout for places to have their wedding. They steal Kelso's van since Kelso is always taking things without permission. They end up going to Mt. Hump, which is a hilarious running gag throughout the episode. Hyde is angry at Jackie when she redecorates his room, and turns it to a girl room. Red feels uncomfortable when Bob gives him shoes as a present. The two plots with Hyde & Red intertwine and become similar as the episode develops. Hyde & Red both end up liking the things they got, even though they're not supposed to. A great Jackie/Hyde plot in my opinion. Jackie takes the decorations down after Hyde yells at her, now he wants them back so he has to admit that he loves the room. Red finds out that Bob was just trying to screw him over by giving him the shoes, which makes him more comfortable with accepting the shoes. Eric & Donna end up totaling Kelso's van. Brooke loses trust in Michael when he picks her up with a bike. All is resolved when Brooke finds out it was Eric's fault. Goodbye Kelso's second van. You will be missed. Kelso ends up getting a convertible in the end. A hilarious episode, I recall laughing in every scene. Great episode.
  • Red: What the heck is wrong with you, Bob? Shoes are an inappropriate gift to give a man!

    The scene that juxtaposes Hyde in his bedroom and Red with his shoes is is hilarious. The song and their reactions are so great that scene makes this whole episode. Then at the end when Bob reveals that he gave the shoes to Red just to be messing with him and then Hyde reveals that he loves his room and feels like Laura Ingels. That part of the episode is classic. On the other side, Donna and Eric at Mount Hump were really funny as well and when he destroys Kelso's van just as he needs it. An overall funny episode.
  • Eric and Donna go to Mt Hump.

    Kelso doesn’t seem to have much luck with vans. Once every three seasons, his van is either destroyed or sunk, never to be seen again, so in this episode, Kelso breaks the pattern and buys a convertible that a guy got stabbed in. This plot was very funny, payback really being a b!tch and quite exaggerated at that.

    Bob getting Red shoes is also fantastic, the ending where Bob actually is Red’s friend just trying to screw him, being very amusing, along with Hyde liking his girly room, and Fez playing with melted dolls. I’m really enjoying the hilarity of Brooke’s pregnancy, because no matter how hard he tries, Kelso always manages to screw it up somehow. This is yet another great episode from a terrific show.