That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 3

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2004 on FOX

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  • Kelso gets a haircut!

    The aftermath of Kelso's baby being delivered. Kelso now has a haircut & now that he is a father he has a new perspective on girls, Kelso is always getting in to crazy stuff. The father had a right to punch Kelso in the face. Kelso's stupidity triumphs once again! The whole thing with Eric continuing his year off doing nothing drives me crazy! Ugh, makes me want to punch him in the face, although a great prank. Through the whole episode I was wondering what was a muff, I looked it up & that is gross but hilarious! While Jackie wants Hyde to call her dad, her giddiness is hilarious, An okay episode.
  • Great episode indeed.

    This episode was the first episode I watched of "That 70's Show" and it's what got me hooked. I first watched it and went, "Who are these people?!" But after watching a little more closely I was able to tell the connections and what not between the characters. It was a funny episode, mostly the parts with the muff/ler and the end, where Michael (Ashton Kutcher) went to the girl's dad, and said, "Hello, sir. I'm here to pick up Kimberly. And I figure if I am upfront with you about my intentions, we can all feel good about our date. Now, I'm about to do things of a s**ual nature with your daughter. And even though she does those things (with everyone)... I have a new respect for the father-daughter relationship... now that I have a daughter... out of wedlock... I'm no longer with the mother. Don't worry. So, I figure with your permission, I can proceed to pleasure her time and time again... What do you say?"

    It was so funny. Great episode, and it made a great first impression on me. 10/10
  • Red gets a muff/ler shop.

    Kelso is hilarious in this episode as he tries to be more respectful to the fathers of the chicks he's trying to nail. Kelso being a father is likely to affect the show a lot, and it's great that they make fun of his development in the episode, along with plenty of other classic lines.

    The "muff" debacle in the episode as well as Red buying the shop was a very good plot as well, and Kitty's ignorance was quite funny.

    Hyde not knowing whether to call his dad was a good subplot and shows the complication of the father/illegitimate son relationship, comparing well with Kelso's father/illegitimate daughter development.

    Overall, the episode is very funny, and has some very memorable moments all around.