That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 7

I Love Cake

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1999 on FOX

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  • idiot

    FUCK YUOU, pudgebyrd722! IT'S NOT AVERAGE!
  • Very funny episode of "That 70s Show"

    I thought that this was a very funny episode of "That 70s Show". It definitely had a lot of laugh out loud moments. It was funny when Donna told Eric "I love you" and then Eric responds "I love cake" (which is the title of this episode). Bob sleeping on Red's car in the beginning of the episode was very funny. It was very funny when Kelso put on the leather jacket and then the others would make jokes about the jacket. All of Fez's lines in this episode made me laugh so hard especially when Fez said "I love cake... do not have sex with cake". Everyone's expression after Eric told them that he told Donna "I love you..... man" was absolutely hilarious. Red trying to tell Midge to take Bob back home was very funny. Eric acting freaked out after Donna told him "I love you" was also funny. It was very funny when Kelso got angry and took off his leather jacket and said that the next time someone laughs that he would beat them up. Red doing that stunt with the tree on top of him to make it look he got hurt just so Bob can get back in the house was very funny. Bob and Midge worked things out and they said that they will live in the same house but see other people. The very end was also funny when Kitty was about to clean the bathtub (the mess that Bob made) and then Red tells Kitty that it is too dirty and then Red tells Eric to clean the bathtub. Overall, a very funny episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • Eric finds himself in deep water when Donna tells him she loves him, and he responds by declaring his love for cake.

    Eric is in trouble when Donna tells him "I love you." and a shocked Eric can't find any other words to respond to it by other than, "I love cake." So Eric spends the whole episode trying to take advice from other members of the gang of what to do and how to respond to Donna. He tries saying it once, but after a staring contest with Donna, he flakes out, punches her lightly in the shoulder, and adds, "!" After new advice, he tells her "I love you" in every sentence, which freaks Donna out even more. The third time, or fourth time, I guess, is the charm, when he responds to another "I love you." from Donna, by, "I love you, too." He doesn't mess than one up, and the whole episode in the end isn't a waste. But it definately wasn't one of the best episodes. It was just..ehh, average.
  • "I love you, Eric." "I love... cake."

    This episode was just such a classic. It was absolutely perfect. It answered (almost) every question that they left us from Vanstock (they forgot to let us know what ever happened to Bob and Midge's daughter, TINA Pinciotti, I guess they forgot all about her. Stupid writers.).

    When Donna says that she loves Eric (for the first time ever), he doesn't know what to say, so he says he loves cake instead. Then, he panics, and Hyde tells him what to do. Next time he and Donna are in the Vista Cruiser, he tells her that he loves her, and then, he gets nervous and punches her on the shoulder and adds a "man" to the declaration of love.

  • "I love you... man!"

    This episode was absolutely terrific! Eric's response to "I love you" was hilarious, the second one was better, I like how Donna's reaction to the response affects Eric, the best part is when Donna pretends like she doesn't care but she really does. The B plot was also terrific, Midge & Bob are going through marital problems so Midge kicks him out now he has to live with Red & Red helps out for a change & Midge is stupider than ever, the C plot didn't have much development but Kelso dressing up like the Fonz is worth watching. A great episode.
  • Series Classic

    The episode was really great.

    Donna says i love you to Eric and he responds I love cake.
    So Eric asks help from the guys and Hyde says to say I Love You back and when he does, Donna doesnt respond so after he says I love you he says man and punches Donna in the shoulder.

    Midge kicks Bob out of the house so he stays with the Formans. Red and Kitty get annoyed so Red tries to get him back into the house.

    Jackie makes-over Kelso. When he comes out he wears a jacket that he thinks makes kim look like Marlon Brando But everyone else thinks he looks like the Fonz.

    I think Donna and Eric a a perfect couple. And i think this thing with Bob and Midge is annoying. I think Jackie and Michael arent good together. They arent bagay.
  • Eric's response is terrific!

    Kelso and the jacket has got to be the funniest part of this episode with everyone thinking it makes him look more like the Fonz than Marlon Brando and the conclusion where Hyde can pull it off is brilliant.

    Red's hilarious trap to get Bob back in the house is a great plot as is Kitty being horrified to face the bath cleaning.

    Red and Donna finally saying I love you was a pivotal part in the series though not before Eric says something that you really shouldn't reply to those particular three words with either "I love...cake" or "I love".

    Overall, the episode is very funny and a great addition to the series.
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