That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 10

Ice Shack

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Kelso's van, Kelso is driving with Eric and Donna, and tells them that he lied a little when he said that they were going to his uncle's fabulous cabin; in fact, it's an ice shack. Donna wants him to stop and turn around immediately, but all Eric wants to know is if there will be beer there? Kelso says yes, then lets them in on his master plan; this is his romantic double-date idea for how to get Jackie back. He tells Eric and Donna that he told Jackie that the whole gang was coming, but he didn't invite Hyde and Fez; he intends to copy Eric's lovey-dovey moves and get Jackie back that way. As he's driving he speeds up to beat a light that's about to turn red; Donna tells him to slow down, but he doesn't. He doesn't make the light, and has to stop; Fez pulls the door open and gets in. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Kelso and Jackie dance on the screen.] At the ice shack, Jackie is angry but Kelso tells her that it's beautiful, and will be fun. Donna comments that she's cold, so Eric gives her his coat; Jackie also comments that she's cold and Kelso tells her that he can't do anything about the weather. Fez gives her his coat. Eric, Donna and Jackie go into the ice shack; Kelso tells Fez that he's making him look bad; Fez informs Kelso that he's going to do whatever it takes to win Jackie. In the Forman kitchen, Red tells Kitty that it's nice to come home from work for lunch; Laurie stumbles in wearing her robe. Kitty asks her what her plans are for today, and Laurie says that she has no plans, just watching TV, as usual; she heads out to the living room, and Kitty tells Red that Laurie is going to end up like Aunt Martha, with no direction in life. She asks Red what he's going to do about that, and he says that he's going to eat lunch at the office from now on. At Fotohut, Leo arrives; Hyde says it's been busy, and Leo comments that his "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" coupon is working well. Hyde tells him that it has, especially since he forgot to put "Buy 1" on the coupon. Leo asks Hyde to give him a ride to his friend's house, saying that he can't drive because his license was suspended. He further explains that he dropped it in an glass of soda and it just hung there... suspended; then he drove through a red light and got a ticket. At the ice shack, Kelso comments that ice fishing is cosy; Jackie says that it's smelly and the shack is small. Fez insults Kelso and says that Eric would never bring Donna someplace like this; he then goes further and says that Kelso knows nothing about Jackie at all. Kelso insists that he knows more about Jackie than Eric knows about Donna, and will prove it. Eric warns him that he should walk before he tries to run; Fez suggests that they play The Newlywed Game to find out how well Kelso knows Jackie. [Scene change: Hyde looks down at the camera.] In the car, Hyde drives while Leo sits in the passenger seat holding a large paper bag in his lap. Hyde asks him what's in the bag and Leo tells him that it's illegal drugs. Hyde points out that he's on probation, and can't get caught, so Leo tells him not to get pulled over. Just then, a cruiser flashes its lights and the siren goes off behind them. At the ice shack, Eric and Donna, Jackie and Kelso are playing The Newlywed Game, with Fez asking the questions; he begins by asking Eric what Donna's favorite pizza topping is, and Eric easily answers: pepperoni, which is what Donna had written on her card. Kelso tries to say what Jackie's favorite topping is, but Fez changes the question, asking what Jackie's first words were when she woke up in the hospital after Kelso injured her. Kelso thinks about it and comes up with, "Michael, you idiot!" which is correct, and Jackie is impressed that he remembered. Fez asks Eric what Donna's last name is, then asks Kelso what species of turtle Jackie's distant relatives in the Cook Islands helped save from extinction; Kelso answers correctly: Ladderback. Again, Jackie is impressed. ...Later on, they've switched, and the guys have to write their answers on the cards first; Fez asks Donna what she'd change about herself; she doesn't give the answer that Eric is expecting, which is that she'd change her "huge Wile E. Coyote feet." Donna's upset that he said this, but Eric points out that she said exactly that, just the other day, and that big feet are a good thing; Donna storms out, angry. Fez asks the same thing of Jackie and her answer is that she's just too cute and all the other girls are jealous; Kelso has the same answer. Jackie is happy and hugs him, then goes out after Donna. Kelso realizes that the key to winning Jackie's heart is his brain. Outside the ice shack, Jackie tells Donna that she has feelings for Kelso; Donna is staring at her feet and says that boyfriends are supposed to tell you nice things, and that things are great. Jackie tells Donna that she's not sure if she should be with Kelso or not, and needs a sign. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty wants Red to make Laurie do something; Red tells her that he wants a beer, but there's none left, because Laurie drank it all. In the Forman living room, Red tells Laurie to always save a beer for him, then says that they want her to find direction in her life. Red tells her that he knows she'll marry someone rich; Laurie doubtfully asks if she can have a career if she wants. Red tells her that of course she can, but then starts to doubt that himself and ends up talking himself out of that idea and just giving her five dollars before leaving the room. In the car, the police officer approaches the car; Leo asks, "Is there a problem, Occifer?" The officer tells them that that he's just pulled them over to let them know that their left brake light is out, and they should get it fixed. As the officer is turning to leave, Leo announces loudly that it was a close one, and he was sure the officer would ask about the bag. The officer asks to see the bag; Hyde is in the process of claiming that they've been framed when the officer says that it's only dog food. Leo says that they better get home now and check on his dog. At the ice shack, Jackie is still outside, looking for a sign; Kelso comes out and she tells him not to speak, as she needs a sign. She then tells him to guess a number between 1 and 10; he guesses 7. Her number was 3, but she tells him that it's close enough for her and hugs him. In the Forman kitchen, Laurie comes in and tells Red and Kitty that she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life before, but now she does: she wants to do hair. Kitty asks if she means the musical? Laurie explains that she wants to go to beauty school and shows Kitty an ad in the magazine, pointing out that it's for a ~real~ school. Both of them look at the ad and tell Laurie that it's a great idea; after Laurie leaves the room, they look at each other, and both say, "Meh..." Outside Kelso's van, Eric comments that the van is rocking, so it must mean that Jackie and Kelso are back together; inside the van, Kelso is swaying back and forth (causing the van to sway) chanting "I won and Fez lost!" He and Jackie get out of the van, and comment to the others that the van stinks. Jackie says that this is the sign: God doesn't want them to be together, but Kelso just asks, "Who cares?" Donna comments that her feet don't seem so big now, and tells Eric that the two of them are okay. Jackie tells Fez that she's cold; he says, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a rat's ass!" [End credits: At Leo's apartment, a dog is lying on a pet bed. We hear Leo's voice saying that he's home and he brought food, but the dog doesn't move. Instead, it imagines... it's SuperDog, flying through the air with a cape against a psychedelic background.]