That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 8

I'm A Boy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2004 on FOX

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    A setting stone in both Eric and Donna & Kelso and Brooke's relationship. Eric starts living the good life when he makes up stories about how he's been "working late," when really, after work he hangs out and plays poker with the guys. He spends most of this episode sleeping in, getting babied by Kitty, and having daytime sex with Donna. It becomes a more serious plot for Eric & Donna, when Donna finds out that Eric was lying, and come in to realization that Eric is regressing at the worst time since she chose him over going away to college. Things are all made up between them in the end, and they finally talk about the wedding! Eric sets a date, the day after Donna's birthday, and eventful occurrence episode that made this episode that much more special. The funny plot would definitely have to be Kelso asking out Brooke, eventful and hilarious. They go on a double date with Jackie & Hyde, which turns out to be a bad idea when Brooke finds out things about Kelso she wishes she wouldn't have heard. "I've been with a lot of woman… a lot… a lot… like A LOT," definitely a hilarious line. Kelso & Brooke's relationship progresses in this episode, because by the end, regardless if they're not the perfect match, they have to do this together. The plot that was just okay, funny in some parts would have to be Red & Fez's plot. Fez gives Red the silent treatment when Red makes Fez drive him around all day. I don't know what to think of Fez becoming "a part of the family." Its okay, I guess. 2 amazing plots, one okay plot, overall a pretty great episode that was definitely eventful.
  • Somewhat funny, but, not the best episode.

    I stilly like this episode, just because it's funny. But, what lowers it is Eric's uncarenss to Donna. It's like new-adge Cosmo and Wanda. But, I don't wanna get into a mini rant. Let me review.

    It was pretty funny, seeing Eric goin fat. And he was such a jerk, going out at night. Oh, and the Red Fez storyiline didn't go well, either.

    But, what makes it up was the complition of Kelso and Brooke. It was cute, as there is nothing in common about these kids, and their undying lover developing. Oh, and Roy saying "I love you" all in confusing manner; PRICELESS!

    Buy, yeah, 7.4 for making Eric a jerk. Overall, funny episode.
  • Red neglects Fez and Eric sleeps in

    Eric regressing is a hilarious plot in this terrific episode, especially the gang coming up with what would happen if Forman was fat, Donna delivering the brownies and Eric instantly forgetting, and of course the no groping in the circle rule revisited.

    Kelso is hilarious in the double date where he manages to say all the wrong things and make things worse as he continues to talk and Hyde egging him on is hilarious, the resolution that neither Brooke nor Kelso know what the hell they’re doing is pretty good, and Fez and Red’s plot was also great, with Fez misinterpreting Red’s rant and assuming he is now excepted as a family member, and all these plots make an awesome episode.
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